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5 Reasons A Team Needs to Sign Michael $chlact, Even Minus Dollar Sign

When it comes to Rangers vs. Giants, my loyalties are a little complicated.  This, you know about me.

I am not exactly looking forward to today’s game.  Who do I root for?  Then again, my two teams in one place?  My ears and eyes on one game?  That’s magic.

Now seems like a fitting time to make a player pitch (no pun intended.  Seriously.)  I don’t think any General Managers read this blog but hey, you never know.  And if any do stumble across it, it can’t hurt to give them a little wake-up call about the missing link on their team.  Two words:

Michael Schlact.

Why you (the GM’s) might ask?

5 Reasons You Should Sign Him:

5.  Picture him standing next to me.  Just picture it.  That’s 6″7 versus 5″1.

4.  He’d provide your team with a giant positive PR hurricane.  He runs Inspirational Quotes/Friendly Ball Player Reponses 101 over on Twitter.

3.  He’s also the funniest guy since the creation of micro-blogging.  “You know why KE$HA is cool? Cause she has a dollar sign in her name. That’s what I need. Michael $chlact.”

2.  It is so 2000’s to judge a pitcher on his shoulder/elbow surgery.  It’s hip and cool and 2011 to realize plenty of them come back from that.  (Being hip and cool is obviously a convincing factor for General Managers.)

1.  He is 110% committed to any team who will give him a chance.  Even if you don’t know it yet, you need him around.  And while you’re at it, follow him on Twitter at @Michael_Schlact.

By the way… I just realized that Opening Day is this month.  Wow.   Wow referring to the fact that it is and that I just noticed it.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  There are so many things that crack me up about CJ Wilson’s blog header.  Particularly the “2008, a whole new year” and the “how to pitch to Guerrero thing”.  I guess he does need to pitch to Guerrero now.  But he didn’t last year.  I am a teen and all, but baseball moves too fast for my brain.

CJ Wilson blog header.PNG

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30 Reasons I, Usually a Giants Fan, am Rooting for the Rangers in the World Series

I am confirming the rumors circulated by TMZ for the past few days.  I am indeed rooting for the Rangers in the World Series.  Normally, they’re my AL team and the Giants are my NL team and there’s not a problem, but since they are now matched up, I’ve had to choose.  And while I have loyalties with both, I’ve realized I am really rooting for the Rangers.  Because my orange and black co-conspirators may have a hard time understanding why, I’ve come up with 30 reasons. 


dry erase board.jpg

30.  Elvis Andrus has a hair related superstition going, but his hair still looks good.

29.  “It’s Time” is easier and quicker to say than “It’s Magic Inside”.

28.  In contrast to Halloween colors, no one will think I’m celebrating a holiday if I wear blue and red.

27.  I like saying y’all.

:: Diamond Girl thinks, Did I really commit to writing 30 of these?  Is it too late to go and edit the title to 20 or better yet, 15?::

26.  CJ Wilson is the best dressed MLB player and he has the best hair in MLB to boot.

25.  Ron Washington gets so into it and he gives good postgame interviews.

24.  Fans of other teams who are taking sides are all siding with the Giants and you know me, I dig the underdog.

23.  Bengie is in Arlington.  I love Bengie, duh, I love the Rangers.

24.  And okay, yes, J.D. has something to do with it too.

23.  Their closer does not have hideous facial hair.

22.  And for that matter, neither does their bullpen.

21.  And Ian Kinsler has a nice haircut.

20.  But my choices are not as influenced by hair as I may be leading you to believe.

19.  Because I love Nolan Ryan too.  And he has hardly any hair at all.  So there.  ::Diamond Girl nods proudly to herself.::

18.  I hate the term “good backstory” being used about baseball players, but if anyone has one, Josh Hamilton does.  And it ain’t rodeo clown related.

17.  And yes, I have moments where I feel like a traitor.  And yes, it has something to do with the betrayed look my family has taken to giving me.  (Kidding.  They are all very sweet about it.  And my father and sister are rooting for the Rangers too.)

16.  And okay, yes, J.D. has something to do with it too.

15.  The name, as I have stated in previous posts, makes me think of Aragorn and by extension, Lord of the Rings.  I will never root against anyone or anything that makes me think of Aragorn and by extension, Lord of the Rings.

14.  Neftali Feliz is a beautiful name.  I like names that are fun to say and pretty to write.  But that does not make me an un-serious fan.

13.  Everything is a first in Arlington right now.  How awesome and incredible is that to watch?  It’s not like they’re facing the Yankees (yes, I know that’s impossible since they’re both in the AL, I’m just using the example) but the Giants were in a World Series just eight years ago.  Seems like nothing compared to what them Texans have gone through.

12.  They’re a gorgeously strong team.  Coming out of the weak AL West, where they would have only needed to be a few games over .500 to make the playoffs, they beat the Rays and the Yanks which is no small feat.

11.  It can never be said too many times:  the antlers rule.

10.  And so does the claw.  New easiest way to make a San Franciscan angry is to give them the claw.

9.  And okay, yes, J.D. has something to do with it too.

8.  The giant smiles on Josh Hamilton’s face when the team is doing well should be enough to convert anyone.

7.  And who can root against Vladdy?  (Answer:  No one.)

6.  Because they sprayed ginger ale on Hamilton and CJ.  I love that.  I adore that.  That joins the list of Things that Rule.

5.  The Rangers are in the spotlight.  Can’t ignore something like that, now can we?

4.  Boy gets drafted.  Nobody likes boy.  Boy goes to Japanese league.  Everyone likes boy.  Boy goes to Texas Rangers and pitches incredibly.  Boy goes to World Series.  Boy is named Colby Lewis. 

3.  Formerly bankrupt people always come out on top.  Kind of.  Sort of.  Well, in this case.  They have almost come out on top.

2.  And okay, yes, J.D. has something to do with it too.

1.  ‘Cause It’s Time.  And y’all can’t argue with that.



It's Time.JPG


Who is now a Ranger fan?

Diamond Girl


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