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Players Report to Start Working on Their Tans Day is Here!

Happy Generosity Day (don’t give chocolates, give kindness!  It’s the truest show of love.)  I’m being trendy and skipping Valentine’s Day.  But I love you all anyway. 

More importantly!  It’s also Players Report to Work on Their Tans for a Month Day. 


Doesn’t the look on that guy’s face remind you of Pat Burrell, ever so slightly?

Seemingly, I am not the only person excited about this.  “The leisurely pace of spring training has been replaced by frenzy,” is how The San Jose Mercury News puts it.  This is all so weird for me as a pre-Championship-Era fan because even just last year the Giants were in the Relative Unknown category of the world and are now in the Semi-Superstar category.  The truth is that Spring Training games don’t start for a month and the regular season is 162 games, no matter what, so I think that may be its own frenzy killer.  It’s amazing to have so many Giants fans everywhere, but we’ll see how the Giants do under a spotlight.  It’ll be a season to remember, that’s for sure.

I think the Grammy’s filled up everyone’s lame TV quota and the good stuff all starts today at www.sfdiamondgirl.mlblogs.com.  And, you know, on the CW at 8/7 C.

It’s time, beautiful people.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Has anyone else been getting these ads in Pandora and YouTube?  I’m not much for “Together, We’re Giant” but it’s still pretty great to see Giants ads everywhere.

Together We're Giant Pandora.png


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