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There Are Many Reasons I Do Not Like Cincinnati.

There are many reasons I do not like Cincinnati.  One of the things is that I always forget about them, when I’m trying to list all the teams.  I also (embarrassing confession here) confused them with the Twins for more years than I care to remember.

The foremost reason, though?  Their weekend sweep of the Gigantes, culminating in a dismal 9-0 victory in which someone actually struggled as much as Zito did.  I mean, not one person.  The whole offense.  It was a game that made you wonder why on earth Sabean thought Beltran was enough.  Kind of, Why not Pujols and A-Rod and Reyes and Braun and Ethier while you’re at it? feeling.

Maybe it didn’t make you wonder that.  But trades have infected just about every moment of my awake time and I have started to dream about them at a startling rate as well.  The upshot of all of this end-of-July craziness is that my quintessential Rockie, Ubaldo, is in Cleveland and my quintessential Dodger, Rafael Furcal, is in St. Louis.  And that the Giants- other than Zito and our offense saviors 0’fers since being traded- are in a nice spot.  Sure, this upcoming series against Arizona is scaring my hair into being curly again, but the fact is the Giants took one of the premiere hitters off the trade market and are legitimately poised to defend that- ahem, is this a total jinx?- championship.  Same on the Rangers side, actually.  Their brilliant bullpen bolstering will make them a real serious force to be reckoned with, I think.  I’m happy with how this trade deadline has played out.

Weirdness?  Tomorrow is August.  Dog Days.   

This season is going by in a heartbeat.  I know Sabean better than to think this is the team we’re going to have down the stretch but… who knows.  This could be the team we’re going to have down the stretch.  I better settle into spelling Keppinger’s name.

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