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Yawning Pitchers and People Who Say the NL West is the New AL East

I shouldn’t be feeling this optimistic after a series loss to Arizona.  But I am.  Partially, probably, because the Dodgers lost last night to San Diego, which is even worse than losing to Arizona.  So that’s good.  And I maintain that I think the Giants are doing a lot of things right at the moment.  Sure, they got no-hit into the seventh last night and the pitching staff is kind of yawning and saying, Is this over yet? but none of that changes the fact that they’ve held onto a four game lead with the Dodgers coming in tomorrow night.  The Dodgers can’t take a division lead no matter what happens this weekend, remember?

Vogey is this close to taking a nap right there in the dugout.  Man after my own heart.

The Chosen One is facing Tim Lincecum tomorrow, as well, in a funny turn of events.  He sadly does not bear a great resemblance (read: no resemblance at all) to the Best Chosen One Ever – Luke Skywalker, of course – but he was supposed to bring balance to The Force and stuff when he came to LA, so it should be interesting to see what he does, facing the opponent in this pennant.  I think I promised not to use “interesting” in relation to Tim Lincecum again, so just intuit how I feel about him, okay?

Okay, maybe a teensy resemblance.

Lastly, to people who are saying the NL West is the new AL East… you’re probably the same people who say pink is the new black every season.  No.  Just no.  Pink will never replace black and the NL West will be never the AL East.  Particularly not with the Giants as the Red Sox.  I mean, to add insult to injury.  Couldn’t we at least be the Yankees?  Couldn’t a sensible color like blue be the new black?

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Since there seems to have been a rash of on-field fights across Major League Baseball, now seems like a good moment to break out the, “Peace out!  And check out my ump-themed tote!” photo.

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Xavier Nady and I Could Not Agree More

So first Xavier Nady cleared the bases with a three-run double and led the Giants to a victory against Chicago the very day he was brought up and then he said this:  “I grew up more liking SF. Probably went to A’s games more because they were cheaper tickets.”  (Quote courtesy of the Chronicle’s John Shea.)  I don’t know what “they were cheaper tickets” means, but no matter what, he’s basically my new favorite person because that is the story of my life.  Although his first name still makes me choke a little when I say it out loud, I am rooting for him to have the greatest September in recent memory.

Another person who is going to have a fabulous September is Tim Lincecum, at least according to himself.


He totally reads my blog, because I said as much yesterday.  And it’s not an obvious point or anything, so coincidence is out of the question.  I’m flattered and all but a little footnote thanking me for my original thoughts might have been nice.  Additionally, while he’s taking advice from me, he could work on the hair and the unfortunate fashion sense but, really, if he wants to just pitch fantastically, that’s also okay, I can live with that too.

By the way, while I was writing that, I kind of had an epiphany.  My hair is shorter than Tim Lincecum’s.  That may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is to me.  Give me a moment to let it sink in.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  The Padres are 9-1 in their last ten.  Maybe Jed Hoyer took pity on them and snuck back to San Diego to be their good luck charm for a while.  It was really a situation of killing two birds with one stone because by leaving the Cubbies, he gave the Giants a golden chance.  Isn’t Jed just the best?

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Hair and Toothpaste and Chicago

If you follow me on Twitter, are friends with me on Facebook or stalk me in a red Mini Cooper or whatever, you know I’ve had an interesting 24 hours.  I chopped off my ponytail and went all pixie and then I spiked it up in a thousand directions and now am sorely tempted to put toothpaste in it to get the spikes to stick and then maybe streak it pink.  (Mom and Dad, if you’re reading this: I am completely kidding.)

The pixie, in a slightly more proper state.

I missed the Giants game because it was at a ridiculous time and also, I was in the hair salon.  Chopping that much hair takes a long time, guys.  From what I hear, though, it wasn’t pretty.   Madison Bumgarner wasn’t having the whole Chicago thing at all and San Francisco lost by a final of 6-4.  Yeah, not pretty.  Still, they finish the month of August a round 4.0 games in front of the Dodgers and September means – you guessed it – September call-ups!  Also, It’s September Inside and Maybe Not Outside, but that’s beside the point.  September call-ups are actually one of my favorite parts of the season and not just because they signify Starbucks starts selling pumpkin lattes.  Okay, maybe a little bit because of that.  But mostly, especially when the team is making a playoff run, it’s a lot of fun to see things mixed up a bit.  Six new players will be joining the team tomorrow as the Giants play another unreasonably timed game in Chicago tomorrow.

10am on a Saturday?  Get outta here.  If I do manage to wake up, it’s Lincecum pitching, so it should be interesting.  I hate describing Lincecum starts as “interesting”, but the alternatives are even worse, if slightly more colorful.  Anyhows, I’m just pretending that this August is like That August We Are Not Going to Talk About and Lincecum is going to snap out of it in, oh, two hours and fifty-three minutes.  (When September starts, in case you’re feeling slow or my attempt at humor is falling flat.)

I have to go.  My hair is short and the toothpaste is waiting.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  The Cubs gave away lip balm at today’s game.  Why on earth am I not a Cubs fan?  Alternately, why don’t the Giants do awesome giveaways like that?  Because I’m not all the tempted to become a Cubs fan seeing as, y’know, they’re cursed and stuff.



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The Dodgers Blockbuster Is Like… Blockbuster

I took a lot of photos of my blood orange San Pellegrino and it was absolutely delicious and then I Instagramed the photos and it tasted even better, because Instagram is weird like that, but the point is: none of that helped.  Sadly, I am actually writing today to recall any advice I may have given yesterday.  And I don’t even have any new advice.  (Which is kind of pathetic.)  Why?  Because I’ve come to a realization.  A disappointing realization, but a realization all the same.  Here it is:

Nothing helps with the stress of ohmygodTimLincecumispitching.

I will give you a moment to recover from the mind = blown thing.

Ready?  Okay.  Yeah.  I was pretty shocked too.  I’ve gotten pretty good, over the years, at eating pickles and painting my nails and making frappuccino cupcakes and all that stuff that relieves the stress of the Giants being… stressful, for lack of a better word.  I thought the San Pellegrino was going to help.  But it didn’t.  And if the best drink on earth (other than black coffee, of course) can’t help then absolutely nothing can.

We will just have to suffer.  And bite our nails.  And not have excuses to make cupcakes based on Starbucks drinks, which is probably the saddest part of all.

Still, the obvious brilliance of the Dodgers blockbuster deal is turning out a bit like Blockbuster the movie store, ‘member that?  Didn’t turn out so well.  I mean, yes, A-Gon hit the ball a billion miles in his first at-bat, but then Josh Beckett kindly gave it right back, allowing a homer to the first batter he faced in his first start in Dodger Blue.  As of this moment, the Dodgers are losing 1-0 to the Rockies (I laughed uncontrollably at the writing of that) and the Giants are still two games up on ‘em.  Heading to Minute Maid Park.  Things don’t look so dismal after all.

Diamond Girl

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Things That Help With the Stress of OhMyGodTimLincecumIsPitching

This is one my helpful posts, don’t you love this?  This one being Things That Help With the Stress of OhMyGodTimLincecumIsPitching.  And yes, as the Giants website helpfully reminds us, he has a 3.10 ERA since the All Star Break, but still, I am nervousnervousnervous.  Also, blame the four game series, because if them Braves win, we’ll split it.  Which is kind of an abomination, if you ask me.

Anyway!  Back to things that help with the stress.


Just one thing, actually.  Aranciata Rossa.  Blood orange San Pellegrino.  I have a six-pack of these lovelies in my refrigerator and it’s a 5:00 EPSN game, so go figure.  This will be a good evening.   (Assuming, of course, TimLincecumdoesnotmeltlikeanicecreamconeinthesun.)

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Yes, I promise to reacquaint myself with the spacebar before I write my next post.

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