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Awkward Moments and Vicious Cycles Galore

In other news, I have just now come to the realization that the Giants won’t play another game (okay, yes, I’m slow) until next March.  And I am sad.  And, okay, yes, that probably has something to do with the Rangers losing today.   Some days I hate baseball a lot more than I like it.

And then I watch highlights like this one- Favorite. Baseball. Moment. Of. All. Time- and like it all over again.

Vicious cycle, people.  Vicious cycle.

Diamond Girl

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Me and My Antlers and Theo Epstein and His Cursed Teams

Okay, so!  Are my antlers good luck or are my antlers really, truly good luck?

Why is my head MIA, you ask?  Well, partially, because all my purple eyeshadow has gone missing (believe me, I have some suspects on this) and partially because I’m having a Bad Hair Day with capitals.  You should thank me, really.

It’s not that the Rangers weren’t doing well before I put them on in the beginning of the 11th (hey, did you see Cruz’s throw to home plate?  That is like my definition of “well”.)  It’s just that they weren’t doing well enough to win the game and be done with it.

Which is why I took my antlers off their display perch on my dresser and stuck them on my head.  The rest is history.  Which is to say, the Rangers broke it open and proved walking Beltre to get to Napoli was a bad idea, not to mention that Nelson Cruz likes to hit three runs blasts and he did just that.  It was lovely.

The game was also lovely because a) Michael Young shaved the lame beard and b) he got his first RBI of this postseason.  He also did a fab twirl at first base, fielding a throw from Beltre which made me all gooey and Young-lovey for a good half hour.   (And did I mention how much better he looks with short hair?)

What was not lovely about this game?  The rain.  The tons and tons and tons of rain.  I mean, I love rain, but everything is contextual, you know?  And in this context, the rain was horrible.

This series has gotten a lot harder for me since it moved to Detroit, because, as y’all probably know, I have a bit of a Detroit pride thing going on.  So FOX’s beautiful shots/feel-good stories about the city made me feel for the Tigers.  But once the game started, I put aside all Superbowl-ad-inspired allegiances and tried to focus on my Rangers.

Then came Rick Porcello.

He is just too much fun to watch pitch and I am sure I cannot be alone in saying he is my favorite Tiger.  He is really darn good and I love him.  Once again, my allegiances were tested and once again I prevailed and kept on rooting for Texas.  But this is not as easy as it looks, alright?

And yeah, cranberry bagels rock.  As do the playoffs.  Good night, now.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Apparently Theo Epstein digs cursed teams.  No accounting for taste, I guess.

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5 Things I Am Loving About the Playoffs

For whatever reason, the playoffs bring out the non-verbal barbarian in me, so…

5.  This.  Antlers.

4.  This.  Beltre.

3.  This.  Brauny.

2.  This.  Verlander.

1.  This.  Granderson.

Diamond Girl

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The Verdict, So Far

My accidental blogging vacation (read:  I was sleeping all weekend and forgot to write anything) is over and the playoffs and their pumpkin/cinnamon/cranberry scent are gaining steam.  And yes, making me hungry.   All things considered, it’s going pretty well, from my perspective.  As it stands:

Milwaukee leads series again Arizona, 2-0

Verdict:  Very good!  Awesome!  Fantastic!  And other words of a blissfully affirmative nature. 

Philadelphia is tied with St. Louis, 1-1

Verdict:  Well, whoever wins this, can get crushed by the Crew in the NLCS.  Ideally, that would be the Phillies.  (Picture: Braun going 3-3 with 3 homers against Cliffy.)

Tampa Bay and Texas are tied, 1-1

Verdict:  Texas has momentum now.  It’s only going to get better from here on out.  Repeat that 100 times and then come back to me, okay?

Detroit and New York are tied, 1-1

Verdict:  Good.  Because this is a good matchup and one that makes me question my loyalties for (nearly) every waking moment.  So a tie means more good games.  And more indecisiveness on my part.  Decide for yourself if that part is good.  Jorge Posada’s triple- by which he proved my belief that age only matters if you’re wine or cheese or something- certainly helped the Yankees cause in my eyes.  Doesn’t he just rule?

Overall verdict:

I would give this whole thing so far four and a half stars, except for the bizarre start times.  I am sorely tempted to write Bud Selig a new post-it, demanding that he change the start times so I don’t continually miss the beginnings of games, but I am trying to spare y’all.  You’re welcome.

Diamond Girl

p.s  I still love u, Ryan Braun.  And if Kirk Gibson picks on you and claims you didn’t tag third again, I will totally fistfight him.

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My Favorite Game of the Year? You May Be Surprised.

I figure now that the season is over I should probably make some attempt to be a cultured person, so I went to a museum exhibit this afternoon.  And while paintings of frozen Dutch rivers are absolutely lovely, I spent a good part of the exhibit replaying the season in my head and trying to choose my favorite game.

It feels like an impossible thing to do, because along the way, games are wonderful for a huge number of reasons.  Sometimes it’s simply that it’s an important one or that it’s one that I got to go to or one where the Giants just did really well.  But one did keep standing out in my mind and saying, Pick me!  Pick me!  (Yes, baseball games do talk in my head.  Not weird at all, right?)

So I’ve picked that one.  It probably wasn’t that important and dramatic in the scheme of things, but it’s one that I’ll never forget all the same.  Let’s flashback to it, July 2nd, 2011 at Tigers Stadium.

It’s Giants vs. Tigers, Zito (2-1) vs. Max Scherzer (9-4).  Detroit is 1.5 games out of first place and San Francisco is in first place, 3 round games ahead of Arizona.  Yesterday, they beat the Tigers in heart attack fashion for the first game of the series by a final of 4-3, with Wilson throwing a world class tantrum after blowing the save.

So it began.  The Giants scored five runs in the first inning on B-Craw and Panda homers and things moved along nicely from there, blowout style.  But Michigan weather had other plans.  A massive thunderstorm hit in the third, suddenly and with a stunning amount of rain.  We all worried that game would not restart and all those runs would go to waste, but then the sky turned orange and I, for one, knew that boded well.

After nearly three hours, once all the fans had presumably gone home and gotten toasty with hot chocolate or whatever, the umps announced the game was back on.  We all raised our eyebrows and un-muted our televisions.

And then the fun started.

The first pitch following the rain delay was hit grandly into the stands by Miguel Tejada for a grand freakin’ slam.

Zito stayed in his zone by listening to lame rappers (hey, whatever works) and came back to pitch after all that time and gave the team six scoreless innings, over 80 pitches.

The runs party did not stop there and the game eventually ended at 12:36 local time with a final score of 15-3, Giants winning.  It was one of those crazy games that just reaffirms your adoration of baseball and that the game will do what it will do.  And, you know, I live for rain.  So if my team can pull off 15 runs in the rain, that makes me love them a little more.  If that’s even possible.

Diamond Girl

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