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Forty Minute Podcasts and the Joe Nathan Fan Club President! (Hint: It’s Not Me.)

For today, I am just going to hand off this this gold nugget of an interview from ESPN Dallas, with Rangers general manager Jon Daniels.  It’s forty minutes long, so they go more in depth than is usually possible in a radio interview and it also means that you need to go devote forty minutes of your life to it (time well spent, trust me) so I should probably let you go.

But first… I snorted noisily when I heard him say they were committed- again!- to Neftali starting and Joe Nathan being the closer.  My sister, sitting nearby, inquired as to the noisy snorting.  When I told her, I also added a choice, Who even likes Joe Nathan?!  (Sorry, Joe.  I’m sure you’re a wonderful guy.  I was just annoyed at the moment.)

Anyhow, a few minutes later, I got an email with this screen grab from aforementioned sister.

She has appointed herself president of the Official Joe Nathan Fan Club, too.

Don’t I possess a fabulous sister?

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Go listen.  Seriously.  Or I will track you down and feed you cupcakes until you die.

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The Case Against Prince

I, like many others, have a soft spot for Prince Fielder.  Aside from his fabulous hitting skills, he comes across like a great big teddy bear and the kind of guy you would most definitely want on your poison– I mean, team of choice.

Which is why I would rather not make a case against Prince.  But with all this talk of a five thousand year deal, with $20 million plus per year, I feel the need to make this case.

First of all, in general, we all know to avoid deals like that at all costs.  But if someone comes up who really seems like they might bring balance to the Force, then it is occasionally okay to put out one of those massive contracts.

But to me, Prince Fielder just doesn’t seem like the kind of guy you want for all that time.  He’s an amazing ballplayer at this point but I think there’s definitely doubt as to how well his body type can hold up over a long period of time and when we’re talking eight to ten years, that’s something that should factor in, in a big way.

For the Rangers in particular, I don’t think Prince makes sense.  They’re already sitting on empty pockets, pretty much, and although Mitch Moreland has his doubters, I think he could make a perfectly sound first baseman and I think signing Josh Hamilton, injury-prone-ness and all, to a multi-year deal makes much more sense for me.

I wish Prince made sense with the Rangers, to me, because how fun would that be?  But I don’t think he does.  Texas does things big, we know that, but I still believe the emphasis should be (and is) on player development and scouting.  Darvish was a potential triumph, in that sense.  Although he is a semi-veteran and obviously cost loads of money, it also could symbolize success for the Rangers in their Japan scouting missions.    In essence, it goes along with what they’re trying to do, the system they’re trying to set up.

Prince Fielder?  Not so much.

Besides, I doubt he’d look that good in a cowboy hat.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Battle of the Bowties!  Brauny and Dave Robertson at the BBWAA dinner a couple nights ago.  I’m saying Robertson wins this fashion faceoff because Ryan’s velvet suit is a little too greasy Vito Corleone for my taste, but what do you all think?


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Revealing the Real Reason Behind Sabean’s Splurges

I am now going to say something I don’t think I’ve been able to say all offseason.  So this is, like, history.  Ready?  Okay.  Here ‘tis:

There is lots to talk about!

I know, completely gasp-worthy.

But with the arbitration deadline looming, Spring Training sneaking closer and today being Official Obsess About Yu Darvish Day (that is, Darvish Signing Deadline Day) it’s actually true.

It would also probably explain why I am in a very smiley mood right this second.  People have actually quit talking about some madness they call “49ers” and are discussing our darling Giants.

Among a lot of people I have never heard of, some guy named Pablo Sandoval settled a three year extension with SF coming out to three years for $17.15 million as well as Nate Schierholtz and $1.3 million, Santiago Casilla at $2.2 million and Melky Cabrera at $6 million.

There was a study a while back that I am having no luck finding (probably because, yes, half the internet is blacked out and pretending to be censored) about how people spend more in the first few months of the year because they’re depressed by the cold weather and therefore reaching for their wallets for some impulse buys.

Let me tell you, we are having some seriously depressing weather in the Bay Area right now.  Blue Monday was two days ago.  It’s no wonder Sabes wants to do some retail therapy.

While he’s at it?  He should, for pity’s sake, give Timmy what he wants.

Okay, fine.  Just kidding.  (Not about Timmy, about the other stuff.)  I know he needed to sign these people.  And aside from Casilla who I am no way shape or form sold on, I’m pretty good with all of the deals.  There is, of course, the fact that the 2012 squad is liable to look a good deal like the 2011 squad, Andres Torres look-alike and possible act-alike (that is, Angel Pagan) in CF and all but it… could be worse than 2011, I suppose.

On the bright side, maybe the Diamondbacks will be terrible!

(Yes, I am being depressing.  I know.  Blame the weather, yo.)

As for Darvish, Jon Daniels announced that the Rangers and Yu have made a deal for six years, worth $60 million, and although JD basically looked like death warmed over (blame the late night negotiations, not the weather for that one) I was seriously stoked.  For one, that’s a lot of boxes of pasta/BMWs Darvish can buy, right there.  And also, I mean, there’s the little fact that the Rangers have a fabulous new pitcher for their rotation.  Which is kind of good news.  To brighten up the depressingness.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  In case you were left at the edge of your seat from my last post, I will put you out of your misery now and inform you that I am indeed boycotting the Golden Globes for the next hundred years.  Definitely.  Probably.  Maybe.  We’ll see, actually.  No matter what, Howard Shore is still God and still should have won.

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I Just Left This Phone Message for Jon Daniels

Please leave a message after the beep.  (Beep.)

Uh, Mr. Daniels?  It’s me, Diamond Girl.  I’m back.  You may remember me from our you-are-the-Dreamy-Team-GM-no-forget-you-aren’t-okay-you-are-again days.  Yeah.  Those. 

Anyway, today I’m calling to talk to you about something else entirely.  First of all, when you saw my name on the caller ID, why didn’t you pick up?

Second of all (and this one is less important but still), is Nolan Ryan real rich or is Nolan Ryan real rich?  If you or Nolan find that a rude question or whatever, no need to answer, but 51 million is just, well, a lot of money.  Or maybe it isn’t and my perception is warped because the Giants are so seriously (and mysteriously) low-income at the moment.  It’s probably that.

Still, I can’t lie, Jon.  I mean, Mr. Daniels.  I am a little skeptical of Yu.  I mean, Yu and you.  His ERA (an average of 1.72 over the past five years) made me stop and stare- yep, à la Justin Timberlake- but then I get all suspicious and have to say (puts on ESPN commentator voice here), Can he succeed in the US?  Can the Rangers gain the upper hand in the AL West or is it the Angels for-eh-vah and always?

Basically, I just wanted to check in.  In Rangers Management We Trust and all that so if you are feeling good about this, then I can too.  But if you have reservations?  I am always here to talk things out.  My psychology degree is indefinitely pending, but I’m pretty good all the same.  And hey, it might be helpful to both of us.  Seeing as I could use a little talking out about Yu too.

Call me back, m’kay?  And have a Merry/Happy Whatever-Holiday.  I collect Christmas tree ornaments, by the way.  In case you need gift ideas for moi.  Just throwing it out there.



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The Truth You Haven’t Been Hearing About CJ and the Rangers

You’ve probably been hearing that the Rangers don’t-have-enough-money-think-they’re-good-without-CJ-just-aren’t-interested.  But the truth is something quite different and, in fact, quite peculiar.  It has to do with an iPhone app and a long-forgotten interview clip with Wilson himself.  What is it?  Read on.

(And yes), it took a whole bunch of super sleuthing on my part to find it out.  I’m channeling my inner James Bond rather well these days, huh?)

Do you remember way back when the media couldn’t get enough of the Rangers playing Words With Friends in the clubhouse?  And they interviewed CJ over and over (and over) about his genius intelligence and absolute brilliance at the game?  Yeah.  And in one of those interviews that I remember distinctly but can’t really (at all) find.  [Update:  thanks to the wonderful @cat4d1 on Twitter, we have the clip!  You can watch it here.]  CJ says: “He [Jon Daniels] was really frustrated that I beat him the first time, so… we’ll see.  Hopefully it doesn’t, you know, complicate the contract negotiations next year.”  We all laughed.  It was funny.  It was a joke.  Or so we thought.

But then he became a free agent and there were the Rangers and JD; distinctly, well, chilly about him.

At which point I leapt to my feet and stuttered excitedly, “It was the… it was the… the… game!  Words With Friends!”  And while everyone around me was completely puzzled, I was and still am confident that I have hit the jackpot.

I can’t decide if I suspect it was CJ or Daniels who made the mega-move, but someone here is a sore loser and I am inclined to suspect CJ.  Either way, this just goes to show that GMs and players should keep their distance or else be prepared for the consequences.

Or, at least, play Hanging With Friends by the same creators because it is seriously a lot more fun.

This is, of course, the scoop you come to my blog for.  You’re welcome

007 (Diamond Girl)

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