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A Plea For the Innocent Praying/Fighting/Nacho-Eating Fans

(Below is featured a rant that came to me while watching the 2011 playoffs, which I saved up for a rainy day, which turned out to be today, because I had too much to say about Josh Hamilton at the time and no room for this.)

Televised sports feature many things that leave watching fans grinding their teeth.  Wacky trivia, bad graphics and incorrect maps are just the start of it.

But you know the thing that I can’t stand?

When they show random fans in the stands.  To liven up dull moments or whatever.  You know what I’m talking about.  Sometimes it’s a wide shot and it just pans over a section, but sometimes they zoom in on someone in particular.  And the broadcasters talk (make fun) of that person for something upwards of a minute.

And does the person ever know?

Well, maybe.  If someone they know happens to be watching and decides to let them know.  Or if it’s a particularly remarkable spot and it makes the news (rare).

Which is to say that I would guess that a good percentage of the time, the person never knows.

Now aside from the “Hello, that is creepy!” factor- which, let’s face it a major one, but we can leave that aside for now- is that fair?  No, it is not.  Is that nice?  No, it is not.  I don’t know if, when we all buy tickets, we consent to that, but if so, it should probably more prominent on the purchase form.  And if not, I can’t find laws to back this up, but I might venture that’s kinda-sorta-really illegal. 

Either way, am I really the only who feels a wee bit guilty about laughing at unsuspecting fans who just can’t eat nachos neatly?  Or the endless women with Dracula fingernails who appear to be praying but might actually just be cold in the ninth inning?

Then there is the fact that aforementioned women get, well, a little boring after a few games.  No offense, ladies.  But we’ve seen those shots 100,000+ times.

If someone is on the big screen at the game, at least they have the (small) advantage of knowing they’re being featured and can rearrange their expressions accordingly.  But with the TV cameras, we are all truly helpless.

Which is to say, TV networks, that you should really get a little more creative and a little more friendly to your fans while you’re at it.

Please and thank you.  And a $10 tip, just between you and me, because I’m nice like that.

Diamond Girl


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