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Something Semi-Important and Semi-Barry Zito Related Happens

Looking back I realized I’ve been blogging pretty steadily this offseason, despite the absence of Important and Barry Zito Related Things happening.  But something semi-important and semi-Barry Zito related happened yesterday, so I need to chronicle it.  (Maybe the semi should be in bold?)

I went down to Santa Cruz with my family yesterday because the day between storms in late December is obviously the perfect day to go the beach.  Duh.  And it’s also the perfect time to test out my intrepid explorer persona by going in the water.   This is California and everything but the water was cold.

Anyway.  We were watching the sun set at Westcliff Beach and there were lots of surfers.  Which inevitably led to a conversation about the whole “surfer chicks love surfer guys. . . . Hot chicks don’t dig ballplayers” theory.  And by the time the sun had set we had all reached the conclusion that the statement is false.  Take note, Zito!


The surfer guys.  None of whom had sandy blonde hair and super white smiles, for the record.  What has the surfer guy come to?


And the sunset was very beautiful

And there’s only one full month of complete offseason left.  January is going to fly by and then catchers and pitchers report to camp.  We can last that long, right?  I mean, as long as a few more Important and Barry Zito Related Things happen I can totally last.

Diamond Girl

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