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Why I Am Stoked About the Dodgers

I am stoked about the Dodgers!  Which is weird, seeing as me + Dodgers = extremely bad match.

But this news that Torre may be making an attempt at buying the Dodgers?   That is more than enough to be stoked about.  Fantastic news, my friends.

I mean, it means we won’t get to see him every five seconds doing interviews during postseason rain delays as a rep for MLB (which was completely fun) but it does mean that we may have a very villainous, loathe-worthy Dodger owner in the foreseeable future!

Loathing McCourt doesn’t feel right, because even hardcore Dodger fans mostly loathe him.  Not an arguing piece.


Absolutely dripping with Dodger blue terribleness.

In addition to which, it would make the rivalry more fun again and all that because we’d actually (hopefully) have a driven organization to compete against.  Assuming we are actually competing.  Which, with Baer the Evil Usurper in charge, is vaguely doubtful.

Speaking of which… has the offseason gotten eerily quiet lately or has the offseason gotten eerily quiet lately?  Sabean has either pricked his finger on a spindle and fallen asleep for 100 years (that is, until Spring Training) or Baer has a knife to his back and is all, “Do not make any moves, my young Padawan!”

Yes, I think Baer totally speaks Star Wars talk.

And no, I do not know if Sabes is actually younger than Baer, so the “young Padawan” thing is probably a little weird.

Yes, I could just Google it and be Creepy Stalker Diamond Girl and find both their birthdates, but you wouldn’t want to make me do that and keep me from the delicious coffee ice cream I am about to eat, now would you?

I thought not.

Diamond Girl


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Premiere of My Very First Video!

I like making videos.  It’s sort of a quirk of mine.  How did I convince The Family to let me get a fish?  A video, of course (Chariots of Fire soundtrack in the background, no less).   Less than 24 hours later, me and my blue betta were bonding.  They’re effective.

So with all the buzz about Larry Baer and his offseason plans, ticket prices hike etc., what did I do?  Yep, I made a video.

Without further ado, I present to you, SF Diamond Girl’s very first video, premiering right here on your computer.  Not on the side of a Ralph Lauren building, unfortunately, but it was the best I could do.  Send it around to your friends- well, if you dig it- and subscribe to my brand new YouTube channel.

Yeah, I’ve gotten all multimedia on you fast.  Enjoy, peeps.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  There’s a picture of Pujols dreaming of cupcakes, in it.  If you weren’t already convinced to watch it.  Which you obviously were.

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How Many Movie References Can I Squeeze Into One Post? Or a Letter to Aubrey Huff

While I was feeding my fish this morning, I started thinking about Aubrey Huff.  And as the day progressed (and the rain came down, down, down), I couldn’t shake it.

Oh, Aubrey.

(He’s two faced, no doubt.  Like Harvey Dent except, yeah, way, way less creepy.)

Suffice to say: we’ve seen two different Huffs and have no idea who we’ll see in 2012.  Can he be trusted?

(I was all ready to hire James Bond to find out for me, but there are so many of them.  Connery or Brosnan?!)

Then again, if we knew, it wouldn’t be baseball, right?  So I just need to sit tight and bite my nails and think of some incentives for Aubrey.  Because as Freakenomics so aptly states, incentives are the key to everything and anything on Planet Earth.

Actually, let’s start with a threat, not an incentive:

Forget what I said about Melky bringing balance to the Force.  That’s going to fall to you.  If you don’t deliver, Darth Vader will take over and that would be… bad.   Or something.

The weight of the world (Giants) is on your shoulders.  No pressure.

Or maybe just, clean up yo act, kid.  That might work too.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  I don’t usually do “happy dances”, but when the news came out that Pat the Bat is all but retired, I totally did one.  Sorry, Burrell-ites.  Sort of.

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In Which I Go All J-Sanch and Predict a Sweep

The photo puts me in a ridiculously good mood.  I am going to go all J-Sanch now and say we are so going to sweep Philly.

Whether that has more to do with the above photo, these brilliant little interviews with Jon Daniels (I wasn’t imagaining the Jed-Jon rivalry!) and Ryan Braun (it’s true!  They asked him to be on The Bachelor!) on MLB Intentional Talk or the Giants real-live baseball skills, you can decide for yourself.

But I certainly am confident.  And confidence is key.  Even Willy Wonka knows that.

And now that I’ve given you enough video links to keep you going until the livestream of batting practice at 4:45 (who came up with that?  Sorry, but it’s way past boring.) I’ll just leave you with one message: may the force be with you.  And Jeremy.  And the World Series trophy.

Diamond Girl


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