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Beware the Ides of March and of October

If you’re looking for someone to innumerate all the reasons that long-haired hippie needs to be traded rightthisverymoment, I cannot oblige.  There have been mutterings in Giants-fandom-land for a few days now, but it got really noisy this evening and the calls for firings and releases and trades began to surface in earnest.  Tonight was an ugly game.  No two ways about that.  Key players – ones who we were looking at to carry us through the postseason – have not performed.  Seeing your team go down 8-3 in the championship series is a terrible feeling.

But.  Let’s step back for a moment.

I think we were all a little, “Beware the ides of March!” this spring.  I heard more than a few of you saying this was going to be a bad season to make the Astros seem all peachy (okay, maybe not that, but still).  I certainly did not see the Giants going to the NLCS.  This makes them the second best team in the National League, technically, and probably third best in the Majors, assuming they’re better than the Yankees at the moment.  (Dear Lord, please say yes, please say yes.)

They’re not playing like that right now.  And them being as successful as they have been doesn’t mean this offseason couldn’t include a good deal of overhaul and even if it doesn’t, we’re free to throw out whatever we want.  But they have been successful.  Very successful.

And you know what?  If tomorrow is the Giants last game of 2012, I hope it’s a good one and I hope we have a good time watching it.  There will always be another baseball season.  This one, I know, has surpassed my expectations and hopes for it.  That said… let’s do this, Barry Zito.  Let’s do this.

Also, pro tip, for any of you who happen to be fabulously wealthy Cardinals fans who come to the game decked out in suits.  You plan ahead, right?  You know you’re coming to the game?  So why on earth would you wear a brown suit when you know you’re going to be sporting all the red gear?  Don’t, people.  Don’t.

In tonight’s Joe Buck scoop, Jack White’s Blunderbuss is available for download online!  Unlike most albums, you know, which you have to go pick up to listen to on your turntable.

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Closer-By-Committee is Like Dinner-By-Committee

Whew, that felt like an actual baseball game!  It doesn’t feel like we’ve had one of those in a while, in both a positive and negative way.  Going back to the last game of the Mets series, the finals have been:  1-9, 16-4, 11-6, 8-3 and 2-8.  Lots and lots of crooked numbers.  That’s why yesterday’s game was kind of a welcome surprise, because although Buster Posey pretty much blew it open and never looked back in the first with a three-run homer, it was still a final of 4-2.  And can I just say again, How hot is Buster Posey?  It’s a little bit ridiculous at this point.  Ridiculous in the completely elated sense of the word.  Ridiculously wonderful.

Barry Zito also had a huge game, in a completely different way.  He’s been struggling lately and I think a lot of people (myself included, mostly) had a bad feeling coming into that start.  He proved us all wrong by throwing out a quality start, 6 2/3 innings, allowing two runs.  He put himself back into the win column and in the middle of August, that’s pretty huge for Zito, who’s never finished with a winning record as a Giant, if memory serves me right.

The last person who super-über came through is my very favorite Jeremy Affeldt who has to have put himself in the closer conversation big time, if he wasn’t there already.  He has only three saves this year but quietly, he’s looked very, very good.  With Casilla struggling on the field and battling a blister issue off the field, the closer-by-committee is the word of the moment.  (This seems to be Bruce Bochy’s favorite thing ever.  Not sure why.  It’s a little like picking-what-we-should-have-for-dinner by committee.  And I don’t know about you guys, but in my family, that doesn’t really ever at all work.)  Romo’s been mostly fantabulous as well, but he can be fantabulous in the 8th, right?  Javier Lopez can work his magic at other handpicked moments.  Having a closer goes a long way, in my opinion.  Just like executive dinner-making decisions go a long way.  Pasta caprese every night.  Also, Jeremy Affeldt every save situation.


We have two more games in St. Louis now because of this devilry called a four game series, so get used to the extremely hot weather from afar.  Ryan Vogelsong is taking the mound and Buster Posey is taking the everything-else.  It’s going to be good.

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10 Reasons I Hate the Terrible Twos

I am not talking the nastiness that children take on at that age.  I am talking the terrible twos as in the hideousness we call a two game series, because we have two of them coming up in San Francisco.  Why, why, why?  Before I head off to watch a Little League game and miss the beginning of this one, I offer you 10 Reasons I Hate the Terrible Twos:

10.  The series can tie.  I’m not a terribly completive person… okay fine.  I kindasorta am.  The thought of tying a series is somewhat nauseating to me.

9.   Just when I start to get used to a team being in town (because it does take me a little while) and figure out all the new guys in the lineup, boom.  They’re on a plane to Tahiti.  Or Kansas.  Or something.

8.  If Carlos Beltran misses one game due to a “barking knee” – whatever the heck that means or boy, am I glad we did not sign the guy with the barking knee because I like to sleep and I live within fifteen miles of San Francisco so I might, you know, hear it at night – that means he may only play one game here.  Granted, slightly circumstantial reason, but still.

7.  It’s not the baseball way, guys.  Shall I play the nostalgia card?  Oh yes, I shall.

6.  The factual inaccuracies on my blog skyrocket.  Observe:  I blog about Game 3 and hit “Publish” before I have time to remember, right, there is no game 3.  Readers snicker at me and promptly stop being readers of this blog.   I go to my lawyers because I want to sue MLB for all of this, but my lawyers tell me my case is weak.  Crushed, I go get a job at a fast food restaurant and spend the rest of my life opening frozen French fry packages.  All because of two game series.

5.  A fairy dies every time there is a two game series.  Seriously.  (Not seriously seriously.  Just seriously.)

4.  On the contrary, an angel gets its wings every time MLB contemplates a two game series, but decides against it.  Incentives, incentives.

3.  No, really, it’s not the baseball way.  Nostalgia is an important tool.  Martin Lindstrom agrees with me.  Or maybe I agree with Martin Lindstrom.  I mean, which came first: the egg or the chicken?

2.  We don’t get to really know how we match up against them September-hot Rockies and them defending World Champs.  Granted, at the end of the two game set, I may be thankful for that.  But since we try to be optimistic over here, I am just going to assume the opposite.  ‘K?  ‘K.

1.  My fish gives me the suspicious eyebrow every time I update him on the Giants and there’s a two game series in the future.  I might be projecting or something, seeing as fish don’t really have eyebrows, but I still think MLB should take this under consideration.


Diamond Girl

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Belated Celebration Time!

So according to Wikipedia this is old news (as in, it happened on December 21st) but I only just heard it about it, so I’m celebrating now.  Better late than never, right?

Here’s the news:  Eugenio Velez is now a St. Louis Cardinal!

Confetti, please?


Now you know I can’t stand the Cardinals, especially after That Game That I Do Not Mention in last season’s World Series, but I reckon they’re a little higher on the list of Teams I Loathe than the Dodgers, so this is a step in the right direction.

I know that many (most?) Giants fans are not that… fond, shall we say, of Velez, but I am and I’m excited that he has another opportunity.  And I will defend him til the day I die about the whole dropped-ball-rain-thing.  If you are anti-Velez and feel in the mood to annoy yourself, you can read that post here.

Anyhow, however you feel about Eugenio, you’ve got to admit that Cardinal Red should suit his complexion rather nicely.  Better than blue or orange.  Progress, people.  Progress.

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A Peculiar Kind of Bandwagon

This World Series wasn’t exactly the most popular, going in.   People came up with a whole lot of reasons that they didn’t want to watch and not that many reasons they did.  I danced randomly in the street and wore my antlers around town but that didn’t really convince anyone.  (Hmm, I wonder why.)

Then came Game 6 and all its magic and craziness and bam, Game 7 got the highest ratings in almost 10 years.  And suddenly this was a series for the ages and baseball is an awesome game and really, why weren’t we all watching before?

*straightens fedora and says, I was watching before*

(Incidentally, why does this blog make me look like such a hipster all the time?)

No, really, what I’m trying to say is that I’m really glad that game brought baseball back to the forefront, in a way, and at the same time I hope the doubters will take this as a li’l sign, if you will.  The World Series is a great time and yep, history will be made.  Enjoy it, don’t let everything else get in the way and don’t just start watching when things get really famous.

Baseball is an awesome game.  But not just sometimes.  Always.  Game 6 didn’t prove anything, it only kind of righted people’s minds and for that I am glad.  Let’s all just watch the World Series next year and cut the cackle, as they say in Tintin.  (Can I also just take this moment, then, to promo the Tintin movie which is coming out in December?  I haven’t been this excited about a new film since Takers.  Or something.)

Diamond Girl

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