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Heath Bell Is Raising Goats in Peru Now?

After all this time, waivers still make my head spin.

As far as I can tell, the Padres wanted to send over Heath Bell to the Giants but the league wasn’t into that idea, so they’ve sent him to raise goats in Peru instead.

Sorry, the possibility of photo shopping that one was too good to pass up.

Or something.

There is the distinct possibility that my brain is a little shaken and jumbled due to the volume of earthquakes (three in twelve hours in the Bay Area, people) and I misunderstood the stories I read.  So don’t quote me on that.

In other news, the Padres are still killing the Giants.  San Francisco has actually started to display some potential for getting runners across home plate (!) but at the same time the pitching has started letting in seven runs, so they are still losing.  ::takes long, deep breath::

Beltran is off the disabled list, which is good news and I hope to see some flashes of brilliance from him.  I am a little skeptical of the plan to have Schierholtz play through a foot fracture and more than a little worried about the number 5 spot (Runzler starting?  Again?  Really?) but we shall see how it will play out.

The Dog Days are nearing an end and I am ready for the stretch run.  I mean, ready-ish.  Having Bell in the bullpen would make a little ready-er.

Diamond Girl

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The Perks of Being a Loser, Including Our Resident Smart Ballplayer Who Actually Reads Political Memoirs

For the record, I am not really calling the Giants losers after one game like that.  I am just so in love with the title of Emma Watson’s newest project, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” that I had to use it.

Don’t get me wrong.  I hate when the Giants lose and have no offense.  But it does have perks!  It all puts me into neurotic girl-fan mode and I, well, bake.  A lot.  The product of today’s loss?  The awesomest pecan rolls ever.  If I do say so myself.  My family does not mind the loss at all.  Except for The Brother, who does not like pecan rolls (how can you not like pecan rolls?  No idea.) and asks me ever so earnestly to please make chocolate cake next time.  I said yes.  So he’s probably rooting for another loss soon.

These are the pecan rolls in their beautiful uncooked state.

Am I trying to get all our minds off that game?  Yes, I am.  But it has to be discussed some time and there’s no time like the present.  Let’s do this!

Timmy faced Clayton by some loveliness of the schedule that pitted the aces against each other.  It was a great pitching game, with the Dodgers getting 3 hits and 1 run and the Giants getting 3 hits and, ahem, no runs.  Which tallies- if you’re not real good with math- for a 1-0 final score, LA winning.

As depressing as the train of 0’fers is, it really was a stellar pitcher they were facing and San Francisco took two out of three from the series.  I won’t repeat the stale saying that if you win but don’t sweep every series in the season you’d have a pretty great final win-loss record, but… if you win but don’t sweep every series in the season you’d have a pretty great final win-loss record.  It’s true.

And Chris Stewart got two hits, which makes me irrationally smiley.  He is our resident Smart Ballplayer here, who spends his copious amounts of downtime reading historical fiction and political memoirs and “whatever piques his interest”.  I wasn’t aware that anyone actually reads that stuff – remember when they call political memoirs “the black hole of publishing” in The Ghost?  So I was impressed with him.  And then that arm.  That arm.  I am in love with that arm.  I also saw him in Fresno in April and I’ve kind of had an affinity for him ever since.  He also has stated that his favorite football teams are the Dallas Cowboys.  Think that means he likes the Rangers too, but is afraid to say it?  I will have to explore this further.  So his hits were definitely a perk.  As much I like Eli, I am kind of hoping Chris wins the backup job when Buster comes back.  Just thinking about the distant future here.

So, see?  There are perks to losing a game here and there.  The Brewers are coming to town on Friday which I am alternately very excited/not excited at all about.  Ryan seems to be alive and kicking and healthy(ish), which is, of course, News That Makes Me Totally Stoked.

Now if only Pablo heal up nice and fast and Jeff Keppinger (I so needed Google to get the name right) would display some wonderful skills with the bat, my nerves would calm down not to mention we’d have way fewer dishes to do to, following my baking sprees.

Sorry, I refuse to say Happy Hump Day.  But Happy Wednesday!

Diamond Girl

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It Never Rains But It Pours and A Special Happy Birthday

I’ve had a great time in Detroit.  I mean, vicariously.  Through the Giants.  I love their hyper-emotive pitchers.

And their torrential rain storms and orange skies that follow kind of rule too.

(Photo from @hankschulman, which is basically to say I am not responsible for the quality.)

We have a lot to talk about so let’s jump right in…

I called that offensive explosion, didn’t I?  I actually said there probably wouldn’t be one.  But that meant that the thought crossed my mind when everyone else was just talking about them having no offense.  So I kinda-sorta called it.  15 runs, in all.  And six shutout innings from Zito after pitching on (short) three days rest and (long) three hour rain delay rest.  I can’t say I agree with his rapper choices (Mac Miller?  Really?) but hey, if it works for him.

Today was depressing with a capital D.  There was the whole hitting with RISP and the whole Pitchers Are Supposed to Throw Strikes thing, too.  Then again, this was a happy day- win or loss- because it signals the end of Interleague Play and the Giants taking two out of three left Detroit only half a game back in their division, which is good.  My money and heart are still on the Tigers to win the Central.  San Francisco finishes the roadtrip with a winning record and a lead in the West.  What more can a girl ask for?  (I mean, aside from hitting with RISP and strikes and maybe some D&G sunglasses.)

Today was also All Star Sunday.  I am appropriately indignant about several players (where is Elvis?  I mean, really?  Not on the roster?) because that seems to be a mandatory thing about being a baseball fan, but overall fine with the rosters.  Ryan’s the starting left fielder and he always promises to put on a good show, the Yankees cleaned up and I am in denial that someone I’ve never heard of beat out Joe Mauer, so all is well in the world. 

We also have a special birthday to celebrate- aside from, you know, the country’s birthday tomorrow- and that is the 44th of GM Extraordinaire #5, Brian Cashman!   Incidentally, Brian Sabean’s was on July 1st, but I was unaware.  So happy belated to him as well.  I think I need to make a calendar of GM birthdays.  This is unscientific, but they seem to mostly be born in December.  This is weird.  I need to investigate.  Catch y’all later.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  I know I am way too deep in Little League mode when I paste a smile on my face and say “Nice catch, Tiger” after Ryan Raburn’s catch.  I needed to remind myself that this is not LL and being nice to the opposing team is not necessary.   But that got me thinking that it’s actually a nice gesture they ingrain in the kids, like high fiving the opposing team afterwards, win or lose.  The fact that they mutilate that into high fiving their own teammates on the field afterwards at the Major League level has also struck me as strange.  Selig, are you listening?  Forget about the protecting the catcher rule change.  We need a rule change right here.

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