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Why Zack Greinke Needs a Coffee Maker, The Giants Need to Borrow Busch Stadium and Boromir Needs to Talk To Me

So that was a pretty marvelous road trip.  We’ve all heard about those teams that do well at home but are morbidly bad when they go on the road.  Zack Greinke famously offered up bad hotel coffee as his reason for allowing billions of runs on the road.  The Giants might offer up, oh, a ballpark that is permanently socked in with fog and has walls that stretch all the way to Southern California as their reason for not being able to really ever (never) score runs at home.  Greinke needs to just bring his own coffee maker.  The Giants solution is probably not so simple.  Global warming might help.  I’m not an Inconvenient Truth expert, but that’s not a short-term solution.  It’s going to get warmer before it gets colder and stuff, right?

Suggestion time!

a)      Borrow Coors Field.  Prop up San Francisco so that it’s at altitude.

b)      Borrow Busch Stadium.  Make San Francisco 100 degrees all the time.

c)       Get ridiculously good hitter off of waivers.  Ridiculously good hitter who’s also ridiculously expensive, so nobody else will claim him.  Winning the lottery would also help.  ‘Cause we’re kind of poor right now, according to Sabes et al.

d)      Have Ryan Vogelsong pitch every day.  Then we don’t have to score that many runs.  Any runs.  Ryan VogelALLOWSNORUNS.

e)      Score more runs.  Why am I not a GM, guys?  I have the most brilliant ideas.

They did win 15-0 last night.  They may or may not actually need my suggestions.  They’re kicking off a home series against the Rockies tomorrow night (smiley face – the Rockies, people) and things may very well continue being rosy.  With Brian Sabean’s Brainchild Marco Scutaro in the lineup?  Uh-huh.  This may very well continue being rosy.

Also, I am making frappuccino cupcakes right now so I’ll have more patience with the Giants foibles.  Frappuccino cupcakes make everything better.

Diamond Girl

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Closer-By-Committee is Like Dinner-By-Committee

Whew, that felt like an actual baseball game!  It doesn’t feel like we’ve had one of those in a while, in both a positive and negative way.  Going back to the last game of the Mets series, the finals have been:  1-9, 16-4, 11-6, 8-3 and 2-8.  Lots and lots of crooked numbers.  That’s why yesterday’s game was kind of a welcome surprise, because although Buster Posey pretty much blew it open and never looked back in the first with a three-run homer, it was still a final of 4-2.  And can I just say again, How hot is Buster Posey?  It’s a little bit ridiculous at this point.  Ridiculous in the completely elated sense of the word.  Ridiculously wonderful.

Barry Zito also had a huge game, in a completely different way.  He’s been struggling lately and I think a lot of people (myself included, mostly) had a bad feeling coming into that start.  He proved us all wrong by throwing out a quality start, 6 2/3 innings, allowing two runs.  He put himself back into the win column and in the middle of August, that’s pretty huge for Zito, who’s never finished with a winning record as a Giant, if memory serves me right.

The last person who super-über came through is my very favorite Jeremy Affeldt who has to have put himself in the closer conversation big time, if he wasn’t there already.  He has only three saves this year but quietly, he’s looked very, very good.  With Casilla struggling on the field and battling a blister issue off the field, the closer-by-committee is the word of the moment.  (This seems to be Bruce Bochy’s favorite thing ever.  Not sure why.  It’s a little like picking-what-we-should-have-for-dinner by committee.  And I don’t know about you guys, but in my family, that doesn’t really ever at all work.)  Romo’s been mostly fantabulous as well, but he can be fantabulous in the 8th, right?  Javier Lopez can work his magic at other handpicked moments.  Having a closer goes a long way, in my opinion.  Just like executive dinner-making decisions go a long way.  Pasta caprese every night.  Also, Jeremy Affeldt every save situation.


We have two more games in St. Louis now because of this devilry called a four game series, so get used to the extremely hot weather from afar.  Ryan Vogelsong is taking the mound and Buster Posey is taking the everything-else.  It’s going to be good.

Diamond Girl

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Hello from Red Sox Nation!

Seriously, guys.  Everyone here is a Red Sox fan.  Everyone.  And if they’re not a Red Sox fan, they still hate the Yankees.  It’s a little bit eerie, actually.  As I landed in Boston yesterday, a woman behind me was filling in her kids on the Sox game and said something about Cody Ross.  I was this close to turning around and being all, “2010 World Series, baby!” when I realized that I was in Boston now and they were not the least bit interested in the 2010 World Series.  I picked up my black-and-white checkered tote and zipped my lips.

I missed last night’s game because being a West Coast fan on the East Coast is horrible and I couldn’t stay awake, but I hear it was quite depressing anyway.  I would be lying if I said I was all sad about missing it.  Interleague Play has not treated us terribly well so far this year and I’m more nervous than I should be, heading into the Bay Bridge Matchup.  Series loss to the Rangers, series loss to the Mariners and now a series loss to the Angels.  When this Giants team is good, it’s really, really good.  But when it’s bad?  It’s really, really bad.  Not that there were’t good things about last night’s game and the past few series’ in general – Vogelsong did pretty much the best he could have, three runs over seven innings – but otherwise, they just seem off, for lack of a better word.  Everyone’s healthy, but not everyone’s good.

Also, the Angels of Anaheim are doing better than they should be.  It helps that the Rangers are 9-1 in their last 10, but the Angels are also 7-3 and exactly five games back.  Too close for comfort?  Yes.

The Giants meanwhile, are 4-6 in their last 10, but that’s exactly the same as the Dodgers, so nothing is too disastrous after all.  San Francisco is four games back from first place and heading into a series against the A’s who, while they might be hot right now, are sure to cool off sometime.  And starting tomorrow is sure to be “sometime”.

Am I not the best inspirational speaker in the history of the Giants blogosphere?  (Admittedly short history, but still.)

Go Red So– aah.  No.  This city is not getting to me.

Diamond Girl

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You Know What I Wanted to Title This Post

In other news, I am embarrassed to admit that I am rather partial to the fish tank at the Miami Marlins new stadium.  Although knowing my fish, who is the most antisocial creature I have ever come across in my life, I can’t imagine the fishies are all that good company at the ballgame.

Also worth noting:  yesterday’s starter for the Brewers, Marco Estrada, has been placed on the Disabled List today, following an injury against the Giants in the first inning when he hurt his leg, running out a 2-run double.  I don’t have any stats to back this up but he must be, oh, the five millionth player to head to the DL after facing the Giants.  A lot of people have discussed the Giants being cursed this year — something about handing over their souls to win the 2010 World Series — but if we’re really talking curses?  Talk to the myriad of guys San Francisco has injured, in some way or other.  I am sure they would be happy to spill, through their full body casts or whatever.

Said with no glee whatsoever.  Injures are terrible, whether or not it’s the opposing team or even a player I detest.  But it is a trend worth raising an eyebrow and poking one’s voodoo dolls about, perhaps.

Vogelstrong or, as I like to call him, Baby Lemur, is on the mound tonight.  I think I have a good feeling about this.  (To be removed from post promptly after game if the Giants lose.  Feel free to screen-grab for posterity in the meantime.)

If you get past the fact that there is no resemblance, isn’t there totally a resemblance?

Diamond Girl

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You Know What?

I think maybe I can tolerate a two game series.


That is Gregor Blanco hitting a tape-measure shot in last night’s game against the Rockies, which San Francisco promptly won by a final of 3-2.  It kind of rocked.  I sipped my orange tea (which is so good I cannot even put it into words) and wrote the second-to-last chapter in Novel Project That Has A Name But I Can’t Put It Here, Just Because.  Second-to-last chapters are no fun at all, so it was rather good timing by Vogey, what with his three-hitter, and all the other people who saw fit to finally awaken from their baseball slumber and squeeze out a win.

Remember the Tale of the Sleeping Offense?  For a while there, it was the Tale of the Sleeping Offense and Defense and Probably Pitching, too.  But no longer.  It’s halftime, Giants fans, and our second half is about to begin.


Granted, this is not football (no siree, not football at all otherwise I would obviously not be blogging about it because, guys, I hate football) and the closest to halftime in this li’l analogy would be the All Star Break and it is not the All Star Break yet.  Because, I mean, if it were, Interleague Play would be over.  And Interleague Play is not over.  We still have to suffer through that.  So perhaps I should be saving Clint Eastwood for when that’s all over.  Or maybe just use him both times, because you can never have too much Clint Eastwood inspiration, right?  Right.  I completely agree.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Apparently, it’s Greg-ore, not Greg-er.  As in Blanco, that is.  My earth is shattered due to this news, but I am slowly rebuilding it.  Donations appreciated.

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