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HeyLets Talk Spots to Watch a Game

I’m already getting jittery for tonight’s game.  I will probably make myself a vanilla Italian soda and curl up in my living room with the television and cross my fingers and hope for a magical unicorn to come and save the day for the Giants.  But for those of you who are not as anti-social about baseball as I am, I thought today would be a good day to get into the best spots to watch games.  My favorites:

Right around the stadium, there are the usual suspects: The Public House, which is nestled pretty much inside the park, but also accessible from outside.  It’s packed to the brim during games, but the energy is as intense as it is inside, so it’s pretty crazy and a lot of fun.  Down the street, there’s the always wonderful hole-in-the-wall, Red’s Java House, which is right on the pier and although I’ve never been, I’ve heard only good things about21st Amendment.  If you like Italian food (and who doesn’t?) Zero Zerois a wonderful and convenient spot and if you like to club and watch games, Bottom of the Hill at – you guessed it! – the bottom of Potrero Hill is a bit out of the way, but completely worth it.  They make a mean black bean hummus, too.  In the East Bay, there’s a lovely 50s style diner called Oscar’s and not only do they play Giants games, but they have a banner as tall as me (which isn’t saying much, but still) for the championship team of 2010 and they wear Giants gear while they fry the french fries before your eyes, need I really say more?

There you have it, America!

As for the North and South Bay, I’m completely clueless so you guys will have to help me with that one.  Comments, people, comments!  If nothing else, it will get your head off of what is to come tonight and after a morning of tweeting #ReplaceSongLyricsWithBarryZito, we all need it.

One last note… for recommendations for all sorts of spectacular and weird things to do around the Bay Area, follow the hashtag on Twitter #HeyLets.  It’s an app that’s going to launch any time now and in the meantime, there’s lots to see on Twitter.  If you want to know about all my weird proclivities for Portuguese music and pumpkin lattes – who are we kidding, you already know about that – that’s where to see ‘em.

Rally Zito.  I am amped and feeling pre-tty optimistic at the moment.  In other news, Italian food sounds really good.

Diamond Girl

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