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Zito-Gollum + Meditation Day at the Ballpark + My Suggested Ballpark Menu

I didn’t think they were going to clinch last night and sadly, I was right.  I think the men in orange and black have trouble with expectations.  They were expected to win last night, so they lost, of course.  I also think last night’s game was influenced by the FOX people.  They may not have been in town yet, but you know, the evil spirit of Chris Rose may be far-reaching.  The crew also might have had voodoo dolls of Matt Cain, or something.  This is, of course perfectly planned for them. 


You know what else is perfect?  The comparison of Zito to Gollum.  Greatest article I’ve ever read… http://www.csnbayarea.com/10/02/10/SNC-Daily-Rundown-10-2-10/landing.html?blockID=323239&feedID=6900.  It’s by Brad Weimer of Comcast Sportsnet and I keep reading it over.  Perfect observations.  LOTR and SF Giants fans unite.


barry zito.jpg

The yard is loud, these days, by all accounts.  Which is why I think this is just the time for me to pitch my new promotional day idea:  Meditation Day.  This might not catch on for other MLB teams, but I think it would work really well here in San Francisco.  It would be a game where cheering is strictly prohibited and talking too, for the most part.  There would be no PA and little or no scoreboard stuff, so that there would be minimal distraction from the subject at hand.  It would offer the opportunity to center oneself and remember what baseball games are really about: the game.  Pumped crowds are fun for the first few innings, but not so much fun after God-knows-how-many beers in the late innings and in the parking lot afterwards.  I think a meditative crowd at an important game would be fascinating to see.  Some would argue that the team would have trouble playing without the vocal support of the crowd, but I think the silent, mental support would be very powerful.  Security would escort you out if you start cheering.  What do y’all think?


The other thing I want to talk about is, you know, food.  At the game.  These next few games may get pretty tense and if we get into the playoffs, that will for sure be tense.  And what do we all do when games get tense?  We buy more french fries.  Not me, actually.  I’ve sworn off all ballpark food, except a warm hot dog when I can’t feel my toes anymore.  But I could lose my life savings if I bought all my food there and it’s also not, you know, tremendously healthy.  So here’s what I usually bring to a game:



-Broccoli (cooked and drained)






You can say that I should just let go and eat whatever’s there, but if you’ve never munched piece after piece of celery at a ballgame, you seriously need to go do it.  It rules.  Never mind if you feel like a donkey.

eating celery.jpg

Okay.  I’m going to go patronize the satan-worshipers.  FOX it is, today.  Clincher?  Maybe.  Torture?  For sure.


Honestly, I think it could be the clincher.  As I tweeted earlier, “A day may come when Zito will fail at his goal… but it is not this day!  The words of Aragorn transcend time and universes.”

Diamond Girl

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His Orange Shoes, My Orange Shoes

One of my favorite things in life: an excuse to go shoe shopping.  So this thing with Brian Wilson’s orange (now orange and Sharpie black) cleats was too good to pass by.

So I went looking and eventually (it’s harder than you’d think to find some nice orange shoes) found these Italian made orange sandals and fell in love with them.  My pink nail polish clashed with it pretty badly though, so I found this orange nail polish called “tangerine” and the result has been immortalized on camera. 




Now why is there no constitutional amendment that grants people- yes, baseball players are people too- freedom of fashion?  Sign the petition here asking MLB to revoke the fine.  If it’s true that there is no rule, then the fine is incorrect.  And if there is one?  There shouldn’t be.  Unless the cleats have flashing Christmas lights on them, or something.  Every uniform should have a little room for personal flair and the shoes seem like a good place to do it, in a baseball uniform.

Incidentally, I think Brian’s shoes look better post-Sharpie era:

Orange Cleats.JPG

But no, I’m not Sharpie-ing mine.

Here is my promise to you:  if the Giants go to the post-season, I’ll streak my orange toenails with black.  And if they go to the World Series?  I’m getting an orange extension for my hair.  Or maybe a mohawk like Brian?  Kidding.

Diamond Girl


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