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Lopsided Eyebrows and Wide, Wide Smiles

Interleague Play has kicked off in earnest, with the Rangers and the Giants facing off in San Francisco this weekend.  It’s been an interesting series, to say the least, with Texas taking Game 1 by a final of 5-0 and San Francisco winning today, 5-2.  Last night also marked the Rangers first win ever at AT&T Park, in their twelfth game here.  Personally, I credit that to our vastly peculiar weather (did you see the Rangers huddled up in jackets in their dugout, looking completely shell-shocked?), but it also could have been a voodoo curse or the fact that even Jon Daniels’ magnificence takes a while to kick in and the Rangers, aside from the World Series, haven’t played here all that recently.   Maybe a voodoo curse is the most likely theory, after all.

Anyway, I am loving the matchup… AL vs. NL always is strange and fun (and no, the All Star game does not count) and that crazy game up in Seattle was another example of that.  The Mariners, bless their most-hipster-city-in-the-nation hearts, no-hit the Dodgers, using a total of six pitchers.  In San Francisco, there was nothing that wacky but that leadoff homer from Kinsler had my eyebrows a little lopsided and the fact that the Giants were shut out for the first time this year was also, probably, somewhat telling.

The other weird thing is just that, with a few exceptions, there seems to be much more goodwill to go around, during Interleague Play.  Maybe it’s that we won’t play these people again, barring the World Series, but the fans and broadcasters both seem much more willing to compliment the opposing team.  Seriously, there’s been so much Ranger admiration flying in Giantsland that it is kind of making me suspicious.  I mean, I love ‘em too.  Just not sure why Giants people seem so doting.

About that no-hitter, though, doesn’t that seem like lots of fun?  I mean, I’m sure for the starting pitcher who didn’t get to finish it due to injury, it wasn’t all that fun at all, but in general, no-hitters feel like a bit of a solitary achievement, even though the offense and defense are absolutely involved.  I think as a fan, seeing the whole bullpen come together to pull that off would be quite marvelous.  I can’t get into the heads of the (hipster) Mariners fan, so I can’t be sure, but that was my thought.

Overall, I think the Giants seem to be coming into their own, in a peculiar way.  The loss of Melky Cabrera for this series is a painful one, but Pablo’s return is so smile-worth it is not even funny.  The pitching is really as stellar as it’s supposed to be and the offense is beginning to step up.

They’re now 4 back from the first-place Dodgers (scoreboard watching?  Heck yes.), who played again in Seattle tonight and won.  The rubbermatch is tomorrow.  Let’s have a resounding, “Go Mariners!” can we?!

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Can the Josh Hamilton drug jokes please die?  Hamilton is a grown man and he did what he did.  From what I’ve read, he takes the jokes and the criticism alike in stride, but that doesn’t mean we should all do it.  The people in front of me at the Coliseum the other day had a running stream of them and during this Giants series, it’s been the same way.  What’s so very funny about recovering from drug addiction is foreign to me, not to mention, the whole taking-the-high-road thing.  Hamilton is a really, truly brilliant athlete and ballplayer and probably the best hitter in the in the game this year.  I would be more than happy to talk about that.

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Top 10 Movies to Watch When You Get Thrown a Curveball

Three adjectives to describe today in Giants-land:  depressing, depressing and (wait for it) depressing.  Not only did it start off with memories of last night’s unpleasant game, but then came the news that Pablo Sandoval needs surgery to remove the fractured hamate bone in his right hand and will be out for four to six weeks.  This announced, of course, a year to the day after Pablo had that surgery on his left hand.  Eerie baseball god stuff at its best.  Then there was another unpleasant loss, clinching a sweep by the Marlins in San Francisco and it’s been drizzling in a decidedly non-baseball-ish way all day.

I was not kidding when I said depressing, depressing and depressing.  May is not off to a good stuff over here.  Understatement of the year?  Perhaps.  But you know how I am, a semi-eternal optimist, so I’ve decided that rather than rehashing all of this horribleness any further, I am going to go a different route.  What route, you might ask?  The Top 10 Movies to Watch When You Get Thrown a Curveball, aka when you are depressed, route.  Not strictly baseball themed, but who knows, the players might get just the inspirational kick they need if they were to watch some of these.  And if you watch a few, I seriously can guarantee a good mood.  So!

10.  Annie Hall.  Just when you thought you had problems… this move will put things, er, in perspective.  You will feel positively normal and very lucky to be you when it finishes.

9.  The Pink Panther Strikes Again.  In the vein of laugh-out-loud movies, this rates right at the top of my list.

8.  The Lord of the Rings.  Not a comedy, but in terms of raising valorous feelings in you?  This is just about the best.

7.  Some Like It Hot.  Because black-and-white movies just have that quality to them.  And Marilyn movies, too.  Marilyn movies are a surefire to way to boost your mood.

6.  Holiday Inn.  Another black-and-white one, this time with Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby dancing and singing and bringing good cheer and peace on earth to everyone who watches.

5.  Robin Hood.  Um, speaking of inspiring valorous feelings?  If the Giants watched this, I would put money on a month of no losses.

4.  Confessions of a Shopaholic.  This is the newest one on the list and while from the outside, it looks like a romantic comedy, inside it’s much better than that.  It’s a hardcore comedy and an absolutely hilarious one at that.  Again, will make you feel positively normal by the end.

3.  Redwall (TV series).  This is the only TV series on the list and I’m featuring it because it is just that good. Brave mice defending their abbey against evil rats, while using crazy British slang and brandishing mini-swords?  Yes, please.  Childhood favorite, guys.

2.  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  Isn’t this everyone’s go-to film when they’re depressed?  Yeah.  I thought so.

1.  A Day at the Races.  Marx Brothers.  Need I say more?   (Watch the whole seven minutes.  “Worth it” does not even begin to cut it.)

So there you have it.  My motley rundown of the best non-depressing movies.  Tomorrow, if things are still not going our way, I’ll do a motley rundown of all the best depressing movies.  See?  Something to look forward to!  No need to feel down!

Diamond Girl

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Well, That Was Better Than It Could Have Been…

…but also, probably, worse than it could have been.  In Dream Diamond Girl world where blueberry muffins grow on trees and my computer never freezes up.  Ah, Dream Diamond Girl world… okay.  Back to the point.  The Giants finished up the (what feels like endless) roadtrip today in Cinci with a 9th inning comeback – hugs, Angel Pagan – and now have a winning record, at 10-9.  Can you believe we’re 19 games into the season?  And if so, can you believe the Giants have only been on the road for less than a week?  It feels like ages, people.

I want to break it all down, because when there are no off-days, I feel perpetually rushed. 

See, I’m pretty bipolar about off-days.  On the one hand, as I’ve bemoaned before, I loathe them.  No baseball?  Shoot me, please.  On the other hand, the chance to sit back and have a mini-offseason to think things over is rather useful.  On that note…

I case you can’t see that, because my camera does night like text, that reads “Dear Bud Selig, The Giants like off-days, too.  Love, SF Diamond Girl.”

Just throwing that out there.

Anyhow.  The Giants have a pretty strong case of very good stuff and very bad stuff, but not necessarily a lot in the middle.  The Sandoval hit streak gets more amazing and weird and wonderful every day and, as it turns out, Pagan has a bit of a hit streak going as well.  The hitting with RISP numbers are still dismal and the bullpen is facing difficulties as well.  The team hasn’t quite clicked out there, save for a few times, and the minor injuries certainly build up to create trouble.  Freddy Sanchez had a setback in rehab and one series away from May, that raises some pretty serious questions.  (And I’m not talking the “Are you related to Jonathan???” kind of serious questions.”

Mostly, though, I am feeling optimistic.  No, really.  I am.  Three-and-a-half out from the Dodgers and the season is progressing.  Basically aside from Timmy’s struggles, the Giants haven’t had any huge surprises, performance-wise.  They’ve been dismal with RISP for a good long while now and as long as the pitching holds up, they are perfectly good.

And if the pitching doesn’t hold up, well, the NFL draft was today and the season isn’t that far off.  The Niners might compete and stuff, especially if they hire me as GM.  Don’t be too depressed, Giants fans.

Diamond Girl

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“Who Are You Wearing This Afternoon, Pablo?”

(The title being the question they would ask Pablo if he attended super-cool things like the Indie Spirit Awards or whatever.)

I don’t have an amazing radar for this, like the people who write for gossip sites, but I think Pablo Sandoval is wearing Burberry in this photo from the MLB Fan Cave today.  (This. Is. Not. A. Gossip. Site. Don’t. Even. Think. About. Saying. That.).  I am still not much for the Cave, but I am absolutely adoring the shirt.  Grinning from ear to ear, adoring.

The scarf is Burberry womenswear, but so very similarly patterned to the shirt, that I just had to feature it.  I know my birthday happened a couple weeks and all, but you are aware that my half-birthday is sort of soon, generous readers, right?  The scarf is just £250Totally reasonable, if you ask me.

In other news, I am still jealous of the Giants being in New York, but it’s Brandon Belt’s birthday and all, so I’m trying to foster peace on earth and goodwill to all.  Trying being the key word there.  Let’s just say it’s kind of a work in progress.

Diamond Girl

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My Garden Gnome Phobia Explained

I have to tell you, I don’t usually consider myself to be a shallow person (except when you dangle D&G sunglasses under my nose, but that’s a different story) but there’s been one rather shallow thing that has been bothering me all spring.  See, I should be worried about Brian Wilson’s kinda-sorta injury.  Or Freddy Sanchez non-existent progress.  But what am I worrying about instead?  A giveaway.  That the Giants are doing this year.  In my defense, they post about it c-o-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y on their Facebook page.  This kind of thing leads to nervous breakdowns, people.  I see stuff about the antagonistic giveaway every time I log in to go stalk someone who I might maybe know from something.

Which giveaway am I talking about, you might ask?

The insert-player-name-here gnome giveaway, I would answer (through strongly clenched teeth).

You might still ask what I am talking about, if you live under a rock/do not like the Giants page on Facebook.  So for that minority of the population, I will provide explanatory photos.  Here you go, People Who Live Under a Rock:

Pablo Sandoval on the left, Brian Wilson on the right.  In case you find them unrecognizable, like I do.

They’re giving away the Pablo Sandoval one in September and the Wilson one in May, if my memory serves me correctly.  Which is may or may not.  The point is, I do not like this one bit.  I saw Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (commonly known as simply Amélie) at a young and impressionable age and what really stuck with me from it was the whole garden gnome thing.  It even has a Wikipedia article.  It might have been a sweet element in the film, I honestly don’t remember.  But it struck me as incredibly, unshakably creepy.  I have never gotten over that.

Don’t you think the Giants should be doing a little more research to be sure that their mega-fans don’t have phobias of things they plan to give away?  And also that it falls below 100% on the Creep-O Meter?

For those of you who want to know why this made such an impression on me, the scene about the garden gnomes is on YouTube.  I’m too scared to watch it, so if a weird laughing cat appears in the middle or something, blame YouTube, not me.

Diamond Girl


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