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Wanted: A “No Comment” Blimp

It’s that time of year again!  What time of year, you ask?  That very special time, I say, when a million odd Giants fans opinions are worth as much as one Barry Zito opinion.  I’m talking about the Willie Mac Award, of course.  The recipient of the award will be announced tonight (spoiler alert: it’s Buster) and the fan vote tallies to one vote, vs. all the players who get a vote apiece.  I’m of the opinion that they should just not let the fans vote at all if they’re going to be so stingy about.  Why one vote?  Why not three, in honor of – you guessed it – the magic number?

All kidding aside, I’m kind of jittery going into this series against the Padres.  (It’s the Padres.  Who am I kidding?)  Jittery in a good way.  Jittery in a they-don’t-even-have-Jed-anymore way.  I’m going to need to stockpile more blood orange San Pellegrino for the *coughjinxcough* potential big moment this weekend.  Can you believe we’re that close to a champagne party?  Didn’t the season just start?

Not to dampen the mood, but it was also announced today that Melky has become ineligible to win the batting title.  He wasn’t exactly eligible to begin with, but through some loopholes he was and… now he’s not again.  Confusing, I know.  The story is that Melky requested not to be eligible because of his image issues or whatever (I think his image issues run a little deeper, but he knows better than I do) and MLB granted the request.  (Bud Selig was all, “We have a second wildcard.  My life is compete.  Do what you want, interns.”)

The MLB web team is evidently too busy making their Twitter account private and then public and then private again and then public again to update the batting average list.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.  Melky took performance-enhancing drugs.  It should be a simple answer, probably: he’s not eligible.  But I don’t necessarily feel that way.  There are so many tainted records and awards in the history of baseball that this move feels fairly arbitrary.  It doesn’t change my opinion of Melky either way.  I don’t think he’s the only one doing it, so I don’t have a particular amount of distaste for him.  I understand why he’d want to be out of the running for the title, but the whole situation is just icky.  I’m not sure what would have been the best path to take with this, but I do know that whoever does end up landing the batting title is going to be fielding a whole lotta questions.  If I were him, I’d start stocking up on the “No comment” t-shirts/blimps right about now.

Must go prepare for Orange Friday.  Catch you all later.

Diamond Girls

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The Lowdown On Posey/Sabean/Cousins/The Waterfall of Negative Energy

As you probably know, Brian Sabean went on KNBR yesterday and made some scathing and unpleasant (understatement of the year? Perhaps) remarks about the whole Buster Posey/Scott Cousins situation.  You can listen to the podcast here.

The two opinions seem to be a) it was a calculated move to rile his team and b) he was angry and just out of line.  If it was A, fine.  I don’t think riling is the greatest course of action when the person in question has a whole security team due to death threats.  But fine.  And if it was B?  He’s been a General Manager for 14 long years.  Surely he knows how to control his temper to the press.

Either way, his statements could have left us all thinking, he’s angry and bold… and classy!  Frankly, they left me thinking, that’s totally classless.  As I’ve said before, when you’re employed by Major League Baseball you have a responsibility to speak to the media as a spokesperson for them at all times.  If you want to rile your team, shut the door and pull down the curtains and speak your mind.  When you’re on the radio, a few clichés are just fine.  I sure hope the rumors are right and the Dodgers manager (because he will always be that, in my mind) makes Sabes apologize.

I also, honestly, object to Brian calling the injury “horrific”.  The definition of that word is “grossly offensive to decency or morality; causing horror; “subjected to outrageous cruelty”; “a hideous pattern of injustice”;”.  There are truly horrific injuries (keeping this within baseball…. Bryan Stow, anybody?) and Posey has a broken ankle.  Believe me, I am a fan of this team and it breaks my heart.  This is Posey’s life and career and livelihood.  This is beyond enormous  and career defining to him and I understand that.  I just think we should keep in perspective that he has a broken ankle and a world class medical staff tending to him.  I just don’t think it cuts it as “horrific”.

Mostly, I’m sad that we have to debate this.  Posey had a terrible injury and instead of the public’s focus being on positive change (making a rule to prevent this from happening again) and trying to make the team succeed anyway, it’s all on this PR nightmare.

So since I can’t stand negative energy, I’m going to leave it at that and not blame the team for their management.  The Rockies are in town, there was a win last night, the Giants are in first place, it’s Orange Friday and there is much to be done.  Hugs all around (that includes Cousins!), okay?

Diamond Girl


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Are the Giants a World Series Team or Why Mark Reynolds Should Join Strikeouts for Troops

(This post written during the 3-D TV ads on MLB.com.  Trying to watch highlights from yesterday’s game.  And watching a Gcast interview where they say: “Jonathan Torres talks about upcoming games against the Cubs and the Braves.”  Was not aware his name is Jonathan.  I am, once again, confused.)

The energy is electric (like F. Sanchez’s hair is every day- take a look below) and there are a lot of reasons for that.  It’s Friday the 13th.  It’s Orange Friday.  The Padres are in town.  It’s on NBC tonight and Fox tomorrow.  Jonathan Sanchez is trying to live up to his prediction to the press.  And I am cheering “Beat SD” every few minutes.

f sanchez.jpg

I think we really can sweep the Padres and I think the Giants are going to the play-offs.  I think they’ve totally got it in them to win the division or worst-case scenario, the wild-card.  My question is this: are they a World Series team?  And if they are: are they a World Series winning team?  And that is where my doubt lies.  I don’t necessarily think the AL is literally tougher, but I don’t know… Giants v. Yankees?  Giants v. Rangers?  MadBum v. Jeter?  I don’t necessarily see us coming out on top.




And I want you to guess why Mark Reynolds should join Strikeouts for Troops.  (Hint: He broke the record for number of strikeouts in one season and stands to break his own record this year.  Maybe Zito should approach him about a few hundred every time he strikes out?)

Diamond Girl


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