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The Hypothetical Game of Tigers vs. Giants

Let’s do a little hypothetical game here called, “Tigers vs. Giants”.  Now, this never happens, except in times like last year’s Interleague Play, but that’s no matter because I’m not talking about a game game between the two.  I’m talking about the rosters, lined up next to each other and Dave Dombrokswi and Brian Sabean, nose to nose.

First off, I’m a Giants fan, not a Tigers fan.  (Well, duh.)  So I am slanted to believe that the Giants are the absolute best team ever and all that.  But like many San Fran’ers at the moment, I think, I’m a little frustrated and not completely believing that despite myself.  Make that mucho frustrated, Los Gigantes.

The two big MLB deals that went down yesterday were interesting juxtapositions, in that sense.   In case you missed ‘em or just like my fabulous recaps:

The Tigers signed first baseman Prince Fielder to a nine year deal, worth $214 million dollars.  Close your mouth.  I know that’s a big deal, but it doesn’t suit your face shape.

The Giants, meanwhile, reportedly reached a two-year deal with our resident oddball (one of many, that is) Tim Lincecum, worth $40.5 million, which sets him as the highest paid Giant ever, per year’s salary.  The Giants could very well still lock up Lincecum for many more years, before he becomes a free agent, but for now, it’s two years.

The deals are obviously different, in that Prince was a free agent and Timmy was not, Prince is a hitter and Timmy is not.  (No, really, he’s not.  Have you seen the clips of him trying to hit?)  But all the talk about the Fielder deal- from both the supporters of t and the people who think Dombrowski is more than a little nuts- has raised some interesting questions.

Some people say this kind of move by the Tigers is a statement that the organization is in it to win it and has a strong commitment to the team and the fans.  Just about everyone says this makes the Tigers a whole lot better. 

I don’t believe that teams should make moves to mollify fans or make it seem like they’re committed- sometimes the best commitment management can make is to sit back and let things evolve.  But there is still something there, in the Giants management, that reads distinctly like, “We have no plan,” to me, myself and I.  And no plan = no good. 

I know that a big part of the Timmy deal is that he doesn’t want a long-term contract and there’s nothing we can all do about that.  (Except make him cupcakes.  That might work, actually.)  But maybe, just maybe, that has something to do with the dragon that cannot spit fire that is the San Francisco Giants right now.  Not to say the Giants should sign a hitter for $214 million.  I don’t think they should, in fact.  But if they’re not going to do that they might, er, explore other options?

And I’m not talking about breaking Orlando Cabrera out of retirement here.

In the end, it’s not really Tigers vs. Giants.  More one philosophy vs. no perceived philosophy.  You can guess who wins. 

Dear January 24th in Giants history: you may now go disappear.  Thanks.  xoxo.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Not to be all downer on you today, but Posada retirement?  Sniff-sniff.  That is all.

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My Supermodel Dreams Just Went Poof

You know, I’m not a Phillies fan- understatement of the year and it’s only January 2nd – but things like this make me ever-so-slightly question that.

The Giants aren’t really, er, a heroic team, I guess and I can’t lie, I am rather starved for heroics at the moment.  (Remember when Edgar did things like hitting grandslams in key games against the Rockies?  Those were the days, people.)  Which is basically to say that if Rubén Amaro Jr. ever loses his mind for 24 hours and feels the desire to trade Halladay for a couple of low-A prospects, I would not be at all adverse to the idea.

Also, any thought I had of going down to Brazil to visit or transform into a supermodel?




In one gust of thick blue smoke.

My hair- heck, any of me- is not what we would call “anaconda friendly”.

Goodbye, dreams of my childhood.  Unfortunately, Roy Halladay is not there to rescue me most of the time so I think I will have to avoid your land.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  I’m starting to get totally into the Spring Training mood.  Which is good except… Spring Training is still a good long way off.  Cinnamon coffee, where are you comfort me when I need you?

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I Just Left This Phone Message for Jon Daniels

Please leave a message after the beep.  (Beep.)

Uh, Mr. Daniels?  It’s me, Diamond Girl.  I’m back.  You may remember me from our you-are-the-Dreamy-Team-GM-no-forget-you-aren’t-okay-you-are-again days.  Yeah.  Those. 

Anyway, today I’m calling to talk to you about something else entirely.  First of all, when you saw my name on the caller ID, why didn’t you pick up?

Second of all (and this one is less important but still), is Nolan Ryan real rich or is Nolan Ryan real rich?  If you or Nolan find that a rude question or whatever, no need to answer, but 51 million is just, well, a lot of money.  Or maybe it isn’t and my perception is warped because the Giants are so seriously (and mysteriously) low-income at the moment.  It’s probably that.

Still, I can’t lie, Jon.  I mean, Mr. Daniels.  I am a little skeptical of Yu.  I mean, Yu and you.  His ERA (an average of 1.72 over the past five years) made me stop and stare- yep, à la Justin Timberlake- but then I get all suspicious and have to say (puts on ESPN commentator voice here), Can he succeed in the US?  Can the Rangers gain the upper hand in the AL West or is it the Angels for-eh-vah and always?

Basically, I just wanted to check in.  In Rangers Management We Trust and all that so if you are feeling good about this, then I can too.  But if you have reservations?  I am always here to talk things out.  My psychology degree is indefinitely pending, but I’m pretty good all the same.  And hey, it might be helpful to both of us.  Seeing as I could use a little talking out about Yu too.

Call me back, m’kay?  And have a Merry/Happy Whatever-Holiday.  I collect Christmas tree ornaments, by the way.  In case you need gift ideas for moi.  Just throwing it out there.



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A Book Recommendation for Mat Latos and an Address for Your Get Well Soon Cards

“Baseball works in funny ways. The only way I could honestly put it is, we could be like the Giants and go and change our whole lineup, put guys with ‘San Francisco Giants’ across their jerseys. We didn’t.”

In San Francisco Giants lore, Mat Latos will forever live on as That Guy who said the above quote near the end of the 2010 season.  To say he garnered criticism would be a massive understatement.  Livid hate would be more spot on.

And then there was me, giving far too much benefit of the doubt to him and repeating, “Legitimate point said by the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time,” so many times that my mind started filling it in, a la auto-correct.  Just kidding.  Sort of.

Point being, he then turned around that offseason and auctioned off three balls on which he wrote, “I Hate SF!”

I stopped defending him after that.

I still maintain he had a point originally, but the level of classlessness basically totally overshadows that.

I can’t say I was heartbroken to hear he was traded to the Reds today, although it does rob us the satisfaction of seeing our boys in orange and black take him into McCovey Cove every other week.  (Every other week because the Giants play the Padres so. much.)

I do have one recommendation for him, though, before he departs the NL West:

In fact, I don’t know what kind of libraries they have in Cinci, but ‘round here the library has a whole big section on manners and etiquette.  Might find that useful, Mat.  Just might.

In other news, yes, this is totally me pretending to live in England and be 58 and crazy into football.  Get Well Soon cards can be directed to Diamond Girl/AT&T Park/Cot in Center Field/San Francisco, California.

Diamond Girl

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Jeremy’s On the Chopping Block?

He quite possibly has the second-worst-facial-hair in the Giants bullpen and there was some measureable amount of eyebrow raising and tsking at Sabes when San Francisco picked up his $5 million contract option for 2012 at the beginning of this offseason.

And yet despite all of that (that facial hair being the biggest thing I had to get past), he’s one of my favorite guys wearing the orange and black right now.

That’s right, I’m talking about Jeremy Affeldt.

Aside from the fact that he’s hilarious and a huge Not For Sale Campaign guy, I also believe in him as a pitcher.  When he isn’t slicing his hand open over frozen hamburger patties, that is.  He’s far from perfect, but I personally like having him and his curve out in the bullpen.

But the rumor from Ken Rosenthal is now that he’s on the chopping block.

Er, trading block, that is.

However you feel about Jeremy, doesn’t this seem like toying with our emotions?  Whether positive or negative?

Maybe the front office was planning this all along- it was a nefarious scheme to (yay!) get hitting- or maybe they are just perfectly, completely indecisive and only now decided that they didn’t want Affeldt after all.  Either way, I am not happy about it one bit.  I think Jeremy should be here to stay for the coming season.

Then again, maybe it’s just a rumor that some other GM has put out there to try and actually do something totally different and everyone is working on their own nefarious schemes.  Ah!  That’s it, I bet!  I know all about that sort of thing from the very realistic Moneyball movie. 

I feel a lot better now.

And if it’s really a decoy, then I hope the reality of the Giants-trying-to-trade-a-bullpen-guy is that they’re trying to trade Wilson.  Closers are… yeah, you know what I’m going to say.  Overrated.  Moneyball talk again.

Diamond Girl

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