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This Makes Me Feel Vulnerable and Todd-Wellemeyer-Era-Esque

Okay, panic control time.  For both those who are panicking jubuliantly (dirty look) and those who are really panicking (that’s me).  Whether or not you are a Zito fan, doesn’t it feel disturbing for one of last year’s  starting five to be hurt?  It makes me feel vulnerable and Todd-Wellemeyer-era-esque.  I would also like to add that though I am not a superstitious person, when the majority of last offseason was spent saying “Zito is a #5 starter who never gets hurt, how bad can it be?” I felt a little like clapping a hand of the speaker’s mouth and saying, “Shhhh, anyone can get hurt.” 

The ironic thing is that the call-up of Vogelsong didn’t necessitate any roster moves, because the Giants had 39 men on their 40 man roster.  Not only do the Giants have a lot of fans this year, they have quite a lot of players.  Some (that’s me) might say too many.  I was floored to learn we were under the quota.  My feeling about the team, the past few days?

I don’t like it in here.  It’s terribly crowded.


I’m scared that Bochy and Sabean are going to turn mad (turn mad?) unless they do a little spring cleaning.  There are some serious diamonds and some diamonds in the rough in this organization but there’s also a fair share of fool’s gold.

Basically, I think the front office needs to be bloody, bold and resolute (having a quotes field day, here).  This doesn’t need to happen right now- it’s early-, but at some point they are going to need to get rid of some people and designate the roles of other’s.  Variables = great.  Crowded = destructive.  And right now it’s just plain crowded.  I like Ishi and Nate, but they are both Major League caliber players who just have no place on this club in the foreseeable future.  I get that they’re good to have as options/pinch hitters/alternate starters/injury fill-ins.  But in the meantime?  If they’re going to stick around, they need a role that is understood and can be fulfilled.  And is DeRosa really that super-utility man who plays every night in a different position?  I can’t tell.  Maybe it’s because of his wrist flarin’ up or maybe there’s just no room.  I think when Belt’s surprisingly made the team out of the desert he messed with the whole 2011 plan.

I’m a bit of a neat freak but the way I clean is less focused on things being clean and more on things being organized.  Likewise, Giants.  Likewise.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  This week in MLB hair.  I mean, afros are coming back this season.  But usually a little more, ahem, tamed?  And if Zito’s at all superstitious, is it too much to hope for that he would lose the James Franco ‘stache?

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In Which Zito Channels a Disgruntled 50-Something Business Man

Wait.  Seriously?

zito mustache.jpg

(Photo from the Twitter account of @mdoeff.  Much thanks for capturing this pure Zito moment.) 

I feel like I say this a lot (okay, I know I say it a lot) but that is atrocious. 

It ages him a million years.  He looks like a disgruntled 50-something business man who’s never really been the boss and probably never will be.  The mustache would best be paired with a sort of outdated suit and slightly battered briefcase.  Everyone always says Zito seems young so maybe the aging thing is on purpose.  Lindsay/Britney/Miley Syndrome.

It was really nice to get to watch the game today.  This may be unpopular, but Gameday makes me incredibly sleepy within about ten minutes.  Not to mention distracted.  I always forget to check it and then I look and too many things have happened with people I’ve never even heard of.   All spring I’ve been busy on the weekends and not able to listen to the games on the radio, so it was nice to be able to really follow a game, play by play.  Lots of interesting stuff out there. 

And you know how everyone’s saying the season is starting next week?  I don’t buy it.  It has been raining here for weeks and it is showing no signs of stopping.  No way can baseball happen here.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Has anyone else noticed that Minor League baseball players have the best names ever?  Funny that Major Leaguers never do.  The guys with the good names must not make it.


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