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How to Make the MLB Dream Job a Real Dream for Chosen Person and Fans Alike


I’m going to be a li’l cynical about the MLB Dream Job right now.  You have been forewarned.  Read on at your own risk.  Fans say that MLB is going to announce the winner/person who got the job soon so I’m going to give my two cents on it.

mlb dream job.PNG

The description:  “which will cast one lucky fan to eat, sleep and live baseball for an entire season”.  Don’t we all live that dream job?  Real baseball fans do eat, sleep and live baseball for an entire season.  This is just getting paid for it.

And I’m a little confused by the whole concept.  I think it would make way more sense to cast 30 fans- one for each team- and since moving 30 people to New York is not really feasible they would each stay in their respective cities, getting a press pass or season tickets to their team’s games.  The MLB fan base is so diverse and I just don’t know how one fan could possibly write about 30 teams and appeal to even a fraction of the consumers. 

Nobody respects the national writers.  They respect the local writers.  Same in this case.  It would be an official fan blogger for each team.  With occasional MLB Network appearances via Skype or something.

The talent pool is rich, though.  I looked up “mlb dream job” on YouTube and while I only looked through a few video submissions, I saw a huge range of personalities and appeals and lots and lots of talent.  My personal favorite:

dream job.PNG

Isn’t he adorable?  In all of one minute and 59 seconds I am convinced he’s funny, engaging, comfortable in front of a camera and not self-conscious.  He deserves this one.  His song sounded a little Sing for the Moment to me and then I saw he tagged it Dream On, Aerosmith.  Duh, I guess.  He’s singing, not rapping.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  I am a very spoiled girl.  That is all.  Have a lovely evening.

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