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MLB Draft Day 1 Notes (aka, bestdayever notes)

Seriously, that was the title of my note in my notes app – because seriously, who writes notes without a notes app anymore? – because I love draft week so much that it is somewhat irrational, as I have previously explained.

First, a few notes on the show itself.  The Bud Selig portions kind of grated on my nerves.  If he had addressed some of my concerns, such as why the heck are there two game series’?  Or, why the heck isn’t there Intergalactic Play?  Or, Why do the Giants nev-ah have off days?  Or, Are you secretly the mastermind behind the TSA?  ‘Cause I already know you are.  Yeah.  He didn’t address any of that.  I had my best frowny face on whenever he took the podium, which was kinda sorta extremely often.

The first player who caught my attention was Kevin Gausman who went to the Orioles, 4th overall.  He’s a right-handed pitcher out of LSU and… he eats four powdered doughnuts between each inning when he’s pitching.  Not terribly strong in the math department, but if he were to pitch a complete game, wouldn’t that be, um, 36 powdered doughnuts?  I will not question.  He was drafted 4th overall.  He obviously knows what he’s doing.  But might I suggest he move from doughnuts to brownies?  Brownies are far more delicious, in my humble opinion.

In all of the draft previews I looked at, Albert Almora stood out to me as my absolutely favorite.  He’s 18 years old, an outfielder with a swing that is near identical to Ryan Braun (need I really say more?) and I had this irrational hope that he’d still be around when the Giants picked at #20 overall.  No such luck.  Apparently Theo and Jed and I all have the same taste in players, because he went to the Cubbies, sixth overall.   I hereby renew my prediction that Chicago will win a World Series in under five years.

The A’s went ahead and picked a high-school kid for the first time since the Bronze Age and he’s a shortstop named Addison Russell.  Most embarrassing song on his iTunes?  Mean, by Taylor Swift.  Billy Beane: I do not mean to question your wisdom, but… I totally do.  (I kid, I kid.  He looks pretty spectacular, in reality.)

According to tradition, a shout-out also has to go out to Stephen Piscotty who went 36th to the Cards as a compensation pick for Pujols.  He’s an engineering major from Stanford the only guy in the whole entire draft who was wearing a suit in his headshot.  Future fashion icon right there, guys.  And you heard it here first.

Courtney Hawkins, who went 13th to the White Sox, won the Best Draft Moment, hands down, with a backflip on live TV.  I sincerely can’t wait until he makes it to the Major Leagues because I have an inkling he will be loads of fun to watch.  I was terrified as he backflipped, but in retrospect?  Brilliance.  If baseball falls through, he can just become a full time internet sensation.

Joe Torre kicked off the compensation round and his “now on the clock” is infinitesimally better than Selig’s.  If I can’t be the new commish, can he, please?  He’s a veritable teddy bear, now that he’s not managing the Yanks or Dodgers anymore.  I have rapidly growing adoration for him.

If you’ve gotten to this point because all you really want to read about is the Giants pick, then you’ve finally gotten to the right place.  They took a right-handed pitcher out of Mississippi State named Chris Stratton.  I haven’t been able to get a terrible amount of info about him, so for now I’ll just welcome him to the Giants and say that, really, SF is not as beastly cold and foggy as they.  We have, like, one sunny day a year and it’s glorious!

I leave you with this MLB Network jewel…

Harold Reynolds:  If you look at his statistics, he’s just not quite there yet.  [on newly drafted player]

Other Analyst Whose Name I Don’t Know:  Well, obviously, clubs don’t draft based on stats.

Harold Reynolds:  *stony stare* 

Me:  Er, what do they draft based on then, Einstein?

Diamond Girl

p.s.  *cough* What is an “upside guy”? *cough*

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Why IAmSoExcitedICanBarelyWrite

If you asked me to pinpoint the moment that things started to turn around, I’m not sure I would be able to.  But turn around they have.  After a lovely 2-0 win against the Cubbies yesterday (one more game in that series today, if the rain holds off, which seems doubtful), the Giants sit at 30-24, only 3 games out of the first place Dodgers.

Nothing huge has changed, maybe, but a lot of little things have.  The pitching is just better enough that it’s really, really good and the defense has cleaned its act up, too.  The hitting isn’t blowing up the charts or anything, but it’s tidy.  It is all enough to get wins.  (Against the Cubbies, who are cake, but that’s beside the point.)

Zito has gone a long way towards proving his wonderfulness is not a fluke and everyone else is doing a pretty good job convincing me that the Rest of This Season Which I Block Out Of My Memory was indeed a fluke.

This Monday is kicking off rather nicely, isn’t it?

More importantly (who am I kidding… most importantly):  todayisMLBdraftdayohmygodyesitisexcusemewhileIgodie.  Not really going to go die, don’t worry.  If I died I would miss the draft.  But I am so excited I can barely form a coherent blog post.  Well, my blog posts are never really coherent.  But this one might be less than usual, even, because my fingers are dancing a celebratory dance all their own.  I am doing nothing from 4:00pm onwards, except reaching my hand in and out of the saltwater taffy bowl.  Saltwater taffy and the draft are my personal tradition and a total match made in heaven.

Now I’ll just go get the rest of my jazz done, if nobody objects, so I will be free to vegetate this late afternoon.  Catch y’all later.

Diamond Girl

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I Am Irrationally Excited…

…about the draft tonight. And all the gossip. I even watched a painfully boring, but still kind of interesting video about the top 50 prospects and I have popcorn waiting to be popped in expectance of the show at 4 PT. MLB says this is the deepest draft ever and Jon Daniels/Kip Fagg seem to imply the opposite. I can’t decide who I believe. Probably the Rangers. Neither the Giants nor the Rangers are picking anytime near the beginning, but I do have a Pirates soft spot, so first overall should be fun (but shame on you, people who leak who’s going to be picked. It takes away all the suspense!). You know what won’t be fun?

The coming weeks in Giants rotation news.

I’m scared. I really am.

With every beautiful Vogelsong start that makes me warm and fuzzy I am reminded that Zito and his pesky foot are getting a little closer to being better and that at some point (sooner rather than later?) Sabes et al. are going to have some choices to make. They say they are going to “get creative”. I say, if that includes glue and feathers then Zito should definitely get the call. If it includes pitching? I vote for Vogey.

Or maybe the A’s are in need of starting pitching and the Giants will eat the cash, get rid of him and I can still see him sometimes. Is that selfish? Don’t answer that question. Really, I don’t think it would be smart (or viable) for Giants to get rid of him. It’s called “insurance”, my friends, (not to mention piles of cash) and with our injury luck that rotation doesn’t feel safe. So I’ll just have to sit tight and wait until they decide to put their creativity on display (in a case? On a table? Mounted on the wall? Anyone’s guess.).

The bats aren’t exactly on fire, but they’re doing a decent job and the team seems dead set on looking only forward, which I am loving. The Nationals, who are in last place, nine games out, are coming to town tomorrow and Arizona is ever-so-vaguely skidding so now seems like a good time heat up.

Even though here in the Bay Area we are all walking around under a ceiling of fog in winter coats. That has got to make it a little harder to play baseball.

Diamond Girl

p.s. I don’t mean to be a fawning fan girl. I really don’t. But aren’t Brandon Crawford and his fiancé the cutest couple ever?

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