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In Which I Become a FOX Defendant

 I never thought I would do this, but here I am.  I am about to lump myself with FOX.  Why?  Because, well, (deep breath) I also thought Kansas City was in Kansas.  There.  I said it.

I admit that sometimes I am irrational, but I don’t think this was an example of that.  I mean, it would make sense for KC to be in Kansas, right?  Several Google searches later, it appears that there is a KC in Kansas and it mirrors the other one, in Missouri which is the home to the Royals.  So me and FOX weren’t entirely incorrect.  (Just mostly.  You know.)  Is your head spinning yet?  Because mine most certainly is.

This is all to say that as many faults as FOX has, this one is understandable to me.

And why is everyone ripping their x-ray camera, too?  I kind of dig it, actually.  It gives the whole thing a new perspective and makes the somewhat (somewhat?) boring broadcast a little more fun.  For instance, with that ball that Beltre said hit him… it totally proved him right. 

Anyhow, last night was a lot more fun that Wednesday, I will tell you that.  The Rangers seemed to break out of their Oh-My-God-We-Are-In-The-World Series funk, in the way I remember the Giants doing it in Game 1 last year, following that crazy first inning (remember Timmy’s error?  And how we all thought that was it?  Ha.).  And it was glorious to watch.  It wasn’t beautiful, it wasn’t a show of crazy offensive strength, it wasn’t spectacular in any way.  It was more, to me, the team showing how they can win even when they are not at their very best and that, my friends, is glorious.

Watch out, Cardinals, the Texas Rangers are here with a vengeance.  (Can you say “here with a vengeance” or does it need to be “back with a vengeance?)

Now I need to go eat apple sauce and click my heels together and say, kansascityisnotinkansaskansascityisnotinkansaskansascityisnotinkansas a million times.  If you’ll excuse me…

Diamond Girl

p.s.  It is worth noting, you know, that the game only started to go the Rangers way when I remembered to put on my antlers in the late innings.  And Nolan Ryan’s tan trench coat was wonderful.  That too.

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The Only Place That They Make Dr Pepper According to its Original Formula Is Playing the Place That Actually Invented It In the World Series.

For any of my readers who are still undecided as to who to root for when the World Series kicks off tomorrow, I’ve created a handy list.  Mark your preferences as you go and at the end, tally it up and know your team!

One thing to the two states seem to agree on?  Square dancing.  They both have it as their official state dance.

The Lone Star State vs. The Home of the Blues

The only place in the world that they make Dr Pepper according to its original formula vs. the place they actually invented it

Monarch Butterflies vs. Honey Bees

Friendship vs. The Welfare of the People

The first suspension bridge in the history of the US vs. the tallest recorded person in medical history

A cattle population of nearly 16 million vs. the largest beer producing plant in the nation

A name that means “Friends/Allies” vs. one that means “Town of Large Canoes”

The invention of domed stadiums vs. the invention of the ice cream cone

Mockingbird vs. Bluebird

The place they made the largest oatmeal cake in the world vs. the place where they consume more barbeque sauce per capita than anywhere else

The world’s largest parking lot vs. Laura Ingalls Wilder

A place you can be legally married by introducing someone as your husband or wife three times vs. a place where bathtubs with four legs resembling animal paws are illegal

And no, neither of those last two are corroborated.  I somehow doubt their validity in fact.  But hey, if they help you choose allegiances, what does it matter?

Diamond Girl

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