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Disappointed, Angry and More Than a Little Bit Crushed

This has been a pretty crushing day.  In case you live under a rock (which I would understand – those things sound cozy), I’m sure everyone’s heard that Melky Cabrera was suspended 50 games for testing positive for a banned substance.  He’s out for the rest of the 2012 regular season, although he would be eligible a few games into the playoffs, were the Giants to get to that point.

He did not claim he drank his daughter’s cough syrup , a la Guillermo Mota.  He did not claim his sample was tainted or FedEx messed up, like our favorite liar-through-this teeth, Ryan Braun.  He did claim anything at all (unless there was an appeal that did not go public, like Braun’s would have, had it not been leaked).  He issued this statement today:

“My positive test was the result of my use of a substance I should not have used. I accept my suspension under the Joint Drug Program and I will try to move on with my life. I am deeply sorry for my mistake and I apologize to my teammates, to the San Francisco Giants organization and to the fans for letting them down.”   

Ouch.  This one hurts.  This one really, really hurts.  Honestly, I’m disappointed and I’m angry and I’m more than a little bit crushed.  Melky was, of course, a fan favorite but beyond that, he was having a monster year and was one of the most important parts of the club, hands down.  This is a needle in our balloon of playoff hopes, no two ways about it, and it’s also not something I, for one, saw coming.  It hurts.

I have mixed feelings about the whole thing, because I am kind of a cynic and watched too much cycling growing up (and cycling today is basically Doping 101), so I tend to think the use of PEDs is more widespread than we think.  The way the clubs distance themselves from the players after a positive test leaves me with a bad feeling, because are these players really operating on their own?  The signs point to it.  They definitely do.  But I’m still not completely convinced.  While I feel angry at the players, I also feel some level of sympathy.  There is a tremendous, tremendous amount of pressure on them to perform and if there are people higher up, – an organization, coach, trainer etc. – propagating this and not owning up, then that makes me even angrier.

The New York Times took an interesting angle, interviewing the Rangers’ Matt Harrison who got beat up by Melky in the All Star Game.  “‘Anytime you hear about something like that, with someone that’s had success against you, it’s disappointing,’ Harrison said Wednesday by his locker in the Rangers’ clubhouse at Yankee Stadium. ‘You know that they got a little advantage over you because of something they took. But at the same time, it’s over with now. You move on. That’s something he has to deal with. It’s not my issue.’”  The sport can be tainted quickly and it has been, in the past.  I think Major League Baseball likes to portray it like it’s not an issue any more, but it is and this an unpleasant reminder of that.

But anyway!  The season is obviously not over and whether or not the front office had an inkling of this when they made the Hunter Pence trade, we do have Hunter Pence.  That counts for something.  And by something, I do not just mean copious numbers of acrostics on my blog.  There’s a lot of baseball left to play and a lot that could still happen.

Still, Jonathan Sanchez looks awfully appealing right now.

Actually, no.  He doesn’t.  Not even now.

Diamond Girl


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Intergalactic Play Proposal

Dear Major League Baseball,

Emily here.  You know, the one who talks too much about your big boss Bud Selig and comments on baseball-related footwear.  That’s me.

Anyhow, the Giants are kicking off Interleague Play in San Francisco tonight against the Oakland A’s and, well, I am none too happy about it.  Interleague Play and I just don’t get along.  But seeing as it seems to be yourfavoritethinginthehistoryoftheworld (weird, but that is not the point), I have decided that if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.  Original epiphany, no?

But I am not just joining.  I am raising you one.  I hereby propose Intergalactic Play!

Them wookies throw wicked curveballs.

Not to mention, they obviously already feel totally at home at AT&T Park.

And in terms of expanding baseball farther so we can all get more money and BMWs and Hawaii vacations and things, talk about an untapped market.  All they have to entertain them is pod racing.  And I’ve only seen, oh, the ten minutes they put into The Phantom Menace but it was a serious snore, even just in that quantity.  After five hundred Star-Wars-elongated lifetimes of that?  I bet they are ready for some baseball.  (On an a somewhat unrelated note, I have always suspected that people in Star Wars land live so long because it takes George Lucas so damn long to make a new movie.  But that’s just a suspicion on my part.)

What do y’all think?  If you’re interested, message me on Pinterest or whatever.

In the meantime, I will just go to my happy place and imagine Watto as a GM.  Because he would be the best GM ever, hands down.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  May is Official Star Wars Month.  I have an excuse to do things like this.

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Sigmund and Aesop Would Have a Field Day With Us

Aesop would have a field day with us Giants fans.  (That is my bit of wisdom for the day.  You are very welcome.  If you are a little puzzled – understandable – then read on.)

Giants fans spent the better part of the last several years, with the exception of a few World Series drunk months, calling for the Giants management to play the young guys.  Heck, play the semi-kinda-sorta-not-even-really-all-that-young guys.  We all know how Bochy loves his veterans and Sabean has a bit of a penchant for them as well.  In 2010, lightening hit a bottle and those veterans were brilliant, brilliant enough to win the team a championship.  But as 2011 showed, perhaps, it was just that:  lightening in a bottle.  Which means it can’t be repeated.  So the calling for the young guys started again.

Then partially by necessity (injuries) and maybe partially by design, it happened.  2012 has seen a whole crop of young guys decorating the Major League roster.  Observe:

Those are the birthdates of the 25 man roster right now, excluding the pitchers – because nobody has really been calling for young pitchers lately.  With a few notable exceptions, they are young, young, young.  They are also, to put it rather bluntly, losing games.  They are winning some as well and Gregor Blanco, for instance, is performing quite nicely at the moment, but a lot of them are just simply not performing.

Bruce Bochy has made a few variations of the comment “this is a part of young player’s development” and while that feels a little ridiculous at face value, it is also intriguing, I think.  The Giants could go out and get some older players off of waivers or through mini-trades, around the deadline, but even if they won with those guys, would it be worth it, exactly?  Maybe they need, at this point, to be finding younger players and building a core.  They already have a pitching core and an excellent one at that, but otherwise, they just don’t have one.  Not to be completely ornery, but if that is what they do, I am happy to wait through a few losing seasons.

Mostly, I think as fans we have to take a moment of respect for the fact they are playing the young guys, they really are.  Maybe not the young guys we want them to play, but it’s happening.  Sure, Edgar Renteria looks awfully appealing at this very second, but… I kid, I kid.

Moral of the Story:  We want what we can’t have.

Come to think of it, Sigmund (Viggo Mortensen as Sigmund, that is) might also have a field day with us.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Currently learning to speak with an Aussie accent, by the way.  Because Billy Beane loves his Aussies, it seems, and will totally hire me if he thinks I am one.  Good career move, mais non?  I mean, good career move and g’day mate and all that.

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10 Reasons I Hate the Terrible Twos

I am not talking the nastiness that children take on at that age.  I am talking the terrible twos as in the hideousness we call a two game series, because we have two of them coming up in San Francisco.  Why, why, why?  Before I head off to watch a Little League game and miss the beginning of this one, I offer you 10 Reasons I Hate the Terrible Twos:

10.  The series can tie.  I’m not a terribly completive person… okay fine.  I kindasorta am.  The thought of tying a series is somewhat nauseating to me.

9.   Just when I start to get used to a team being in town (because it does take me a little while) and figure out all the new guys in the lineup, boom.  They’re on a plane to Tahiti.  Or Kansas.  Or something.

8.  If Carlos Beltran misses one game due to a “barking knee” – whatever the heck that means or boy, am I glad we did not sign the guy with the barking knee because I like to sleep and I live within fifteen miles of San Francisco so I might, you know, hear it at night – that means he may only play one game here.  Granted, slightly circumstantial reason, but still.

7.  It’s not the baseball way, guys.  Shall I play the nostalgia card?  Oh yes, I shall.

6.  The factual inaccuracies on my blog skyrocket.  Observe:  I blog about Game 3 and hit “Publish” before I have time to remember, right, there is no game 3.  Readers snicker at me and promptly stop being readers of this blog.   I go to my lawyers because I want to sue MLB for all of this, but my lawyers tell me my case is weak.  Crushed, I go get a job at a fast food restaurant and spend the rest of my life opening frozen French fry packages.  All because of two game series.

5.  A fairy dies every time there is a two game series.  Seriously.  (Not seriously seriously.  Just seriously.)

4.  On the contrary, an angel gets its wings every time MLB contemplates a two game series, but decides against it.  Incentives, incentives.

3.  No, really, it’s not the baseball way.  Nostalgia is an important tool.  Martin Lindstrom agrees with me.  Or maybe I agree with Martin Lindstrom.  I mean, which came first: the egg or the chicken?

2.  We don’t get to really know how we match up against them September-hot Rockies and them defending World Champs.  Granted, at the end of the two game set, I may be thankful for that.  But since we try to be optimistic over here, I am just going to assume the opposite.  ‘K?  ‘K.

1.  My fish gives me the suspicious eyebrow every time I update him on the Giants and there’s a two game series in the future.  I might be projecting or something, seeing as fish don’t really have eyebrows, but I still think MLB should take this under consideration.


Diamond Girl

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This Is a Roller Coaster.

The Scariest Roller Coaster in the World.  Which, according to YouTube is this one, right here.

I think it’s this one, right here.

The End.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Seriously, this blog post is short because I am celebrating a birthday over here, the birthday of the Adorable Little Brother.  Admittedly, the only reason I remember his birthday is that it’s the day before Barry Zito’s but I feel bad about that, so I’m trying to be nice to him right now.  Catch y’all later.  (Just kidding, people.  Don’t go calling the Evil Sister Exterminating Squad just yet.  My brother plays guitar better than Barry Zito and pitches better than him in 96% of his Giants career, too.  I think I’ll keep the little guy.)


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