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Why IAmSoExcitedICanBarelyWrite

If you asked me to pinpoint the moment that things started to turn around, I’m not sure I would be able to.  But turn around they have.  After a lovely 2-0 win against the Cubbies yesterday (one more game in that series today, if the rain holds off, which seems doubtful), the Giants sit at 30-24, only 3 games out of the first place Dodgers.

Nothing huge has changed, maybe, but a lot of little things have.  The pitching is just better enough that it’s really, really good and the defense has cleaned its act up, too.  The hitting isn’t blowing up the charts or anything, but it’s tidy.  It is all enough to get wins.  (Against the Cubbies, who are cake, but that’s beside the point.)

Zito has gone a long way towards proving his wonderfulness is not a fluke and everyone else is doing a pretty good job convincing me that the Rest of This Season Which I Block Out Of My Memory was indeed a fluke.

This Monday is kicking off rather nicely, isn’t it?

More importantly (who am I kidding… most importantly):  todayisMLBdraftdayohmygodyesitisexcusemewhileIgodie.  Not really going to go die, don’t worry.  If I died I would miss the draft.  But I am so excited I can barely form a coherent blog post.  Well, my blog posts are never really coherent.  But this one might be less than usual, even, because my fingers are dancing a celebratory dance all their own.  I am doing nothing from 4:00pm onwards, except reaching my hand in and out of the saltwater taffy bowl.  Saltwater taffy and the draft are my personal tradition and a total match made in heaven.

Now I’ll just go get the rest of my jazz done, if nobody objects, so I will be free to vegetate this late afternoon.  Catch y’all later.

Diamond Girl

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Why I Am Now Fabricating Giant-Related Disasters

It is now time to exhale and laugh a little at ourselves for the mass hysteria that has ruled the roost for the past few days.  Well, maybe not completely exhale just yet.  We are only one game removed from all of that, but what a game it was.  A 2-1 victory in Los Angles, dealing Clayton Kershaw his first at-home loss in over a year and playing respectable defense at last, too.  There was a bit of clutch hitting and a lot of good pitching.  Overall, very encouraging and very calming.  Leastways, I felt calmed.

We did not leave unscathed, of course, seeing as Pagan got some sort of a nasty cramp in the eighth, but that was just to be expected, right?  No pain, no gain, as my brother reports they preach in Little League.  (And you wonder why I didn’t play Little League, guys.  Positive mantras and I tend to, er, clash.)  Hopefully, this wasn’t that big a pain, though.  Bochy says Pagan will be back in a day or two and he was planning to give him a rest today, anyhow.

This feels weird to write, really.  There are no horrors to describe or disastrous turns to narrate.  I swear, I am this close to inventing a storyline about Ryan Vogelsong’s freak injury as he was combing his hair with a silver comb given to him by a suspicious-looking witch in a cottage in the middle of the forest.   The witch was probably jealous, you know, about his amazing good looks and pitching and stuff so she gave him aforementioned poisoned comb.

I mean, do you see the spike in the hair there?  I know it’s mostly gel, but a comb has got to involved somewhere too.

See?  Now I feel like a Giants blogger again.  It’s Disaster Inside and all that.

In all seriousness, though, I am stoked for tonight’s game.  I think this is going to continue going swimmingly (hopefullyhopefully) and soon I will become accustomed to It’s Magic Inside and all that.  In the purely non-Magic-Johnson sense of the phrase.

Diamond Girl

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Can We Have Their Defense, Please?

Now I get that it’s the Astros farm system and everything so they don’t get cool new road jerseys with black piping (hideous) like my Giants but… that defense.  I am jealous.

Heck, I am probably jealous of their offense and pitching too, even though I know nothing about either.  See, the Giants have (hopefully) hit the low point on the season, with a 9-1 loss in Los Angeles last night, hours after Mota was busted for PEDs.  Not only did the bullpen crumble, but the defense seriously did as well.  The offense, as seen above, scored one run.  Enough said.

Bruce Bochy said, “It looks like we skipped Spring Training,” and I have to agree.  Isn’t this is what Extended Spring Training is for?  Can whole teams go to Extended Spring Training?  If not, they might try consulting with baseball experts/reading baseball blogs with good advice (cough, cough)/sleeping and drinking warm tea/getting help from magical medicine men.  That’s not a euphemism for ‘roids, I’m talking real, honest-to-goodness medicine me, old-school.  Alternately, they could chain themselves to AT&T Park in protest of some obscure cause and call it a season.

I kid, I kid… sort of.

This is painful to watch, no two ways about it.  Hence I only sort of kid.  It is going to be a difficult road up, seeing as the farm system has already been cleared out in a lot of ways and there is, of course, nothing to do about the people who have been lost to injury.  I am sure different lineups will be tossed around and thrown out onto the field, but mostly, this group is either going to figure it out or they won’t.  Personally, I am pretty optimistic.  Bad luck can’t last forever, right?  This may be the lowest point of the season, but that’s means things can only get better.  Probably, at least.  I myself am going to cross my fingers and advise against dreaming LA water, because that stuff is terrible.  On a slightly unrelated note.

Beat LA.  Or rather, Play Baseball Against LA.

Diamond Girl

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Dodgers Fans Think Giants Fans Do Voodoo and Other Facts of Life

I love internet trends.  This, you know.  (If you don’t believe me, feel free to count how many Yu Darvish puns I’ve made on my Twitter account in the past three months.  Really, Yu totally should.)  So when I started seeing all these “What I Do” photos circulating the blogosphere?  I jumped on the bandwagon.  There are some pretty hilarious ones for Sith Lords, Social Media Managers and Tech Support peeps, among others.  And then there’s mine for Giants fans.  I’m kind of biased and all, but I think it’s pretty funny.

Rest assured, society, I do not have a back tattoo of a scary looking cardinal (although I do have nightmares about them) and Dodger fans, I will not confirm or deny the whole voodoo thing.  I mean, wasn’t your team the one that paid a guru a million and one dollars to give you good vibes via webcam from Russia?  Let’s just say we’re even now.

Diamond Girl


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Why I Am Stoked About the Dodgers

I am stoked about the Dodgers!  Which is weird, seeing as me + Dodgers = extremely bad match.

But this news that Torre may be making an attempt at buying the Dodgers?   That is more than enough to be stoked about.  Fantastic news, my friends.

I mean, it means we won’t get to see him every five seconds doing interviews during postseason rain delays as a rep for MLB (which was completely fun) but it does mean that we may have a very villainous, loathe-worthy Dodger owner in the foreseeable future!

Loathing McCourt doesn’t feel right, because even hardcore Dodger fans mostly loathe him.  Not an arguing piece.


Absolutely dripping with Dodger blue terribleness.

In addition to which, it would make the rivalry more fun again and all that because we’d actually (hopefully) have a driven organization to compete against.  Assuming we are actually competing.  Which, with Baer the Evil Usurper in charge, is vaguely doubtful.

Speaking of which… has the offseason gotten eerily quiet lately or has the offseason gotten eerily quiet lately?  Sabean has either pricked his finger on a spindle and fallen asleep for 100 years (that is, until Spring Training) or Baer has a knife to his back and is all, “Do not make any moves, my young Padawan!”

Yes, I think Baer totally speaks Star Wars talk.

And no, I do not know if Sabes is actually younger than Baer, so the “young Padawan” thing is probably a little weird.

Yes, I could just Google it and be Creepy Stalker Diamond Girl and find both their birthdates, but you wouldn’t want to make me do that and keep me from the delicious coffee ice cream I am about to eat, now would you?

I thought not.

Diamond Girl


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