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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Fan Fest. And My Chocolate Mousse.

With Giants Fan Fest just a month away, now seems like a good time to discuss it.  I did the Fan Fest thing for the first time last year and it was, um, flawed.  To say the least.  In my opinion.   I looked on the internet and saw only glowing reviews of it, so I’m really curious… do you like your team’s Fan Fest?  Are you planning to go this year?  And without further ado, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in my opinion.

The Good


Going into the press box and seeing the labels for all the different news sources and the view from there was lots of fun.


Going on the field…


…and seeing the view of the stands from the field

The Bad

Which has much more text and fewer pictures = much less fun.

Sort of hectic and unpleasant and for all anyone was doing to speed it along, the lines were very long and slow.  I get that there were a lot of people who appreciate and enjoy that you can just go in for free and see whatever you want to see, but that honestly wasn’t fun for me or my Fan-Fest-going-partners.  I think if it were more guided and concise, it would be more fun for all.  Timed tickets, anyone?  It’s not like I have cash flowing out of my ears or anything, but I would absolutely be willing to pay something if the event was better streamlined.   Especially if the parking stayed free. 

money coming out of ears.jpg 

Some visual aid on the cash coming out of ears thing.  Doesn’t that guy look exactly like me?  Twins separated and birth, I think.  And I was delayed for 40 odd years.

Even on a smaller scale, it was just hard to find where anything was or what, exactly, was going on.  The workers seemed as genuinely confused as I was.  And the way the KNBR booth- which could have been a top attraction- was set up, made it hard to have a good time watching.  The Chronicle Live set was way more fun and had TVs set up playing the show so you could see the result of what was going on set.  At the KNBR booth, you couldn’t hear a thing and there were no radios. 


But there was a Tim Lincecum spotting, so how bad could it have been?

The Ugly

I’m not blaming the Giants for this, but the field was like going to the beach.  Wet and sandy.  And kind of muddy, too.  Not prime conditions for my embellished boots.  Or my brother’s sneakers, for that matter.  Just not prime conditions to walk on. It was a little bit ugly.




For all that, I will probably end up going back this year.  It’s been a long offseason and I don’t think I’ll be able to pass up a chance to smell some baseball.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  You knew I wouldn’t end this post without referencing National Whipped Cream Day.  I made chocolate mousse with whipped cream.  It was really good.  But not real whipped cream, I guess, because whipped cream isn’t whipped cream at all unless it’s been whipped with whips.  Willy Wonka is the authority on this one.

whipped cream1.PNGwhipped cream2.PNG


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Why I am in the Radnich Camp, Celebrity Sightings, Dave Flemming’s Coat & Why Mat Latos was Right

I went to the Giants vs. Diamondbacks game last night and also watched FP Santangelo and Rich Aurilia doing Chronicle Live, the Giants pre-game show.  You know how everyone has been saying the energy level at the stadium is really high?  I didn’t notice that as much inside as outside, on Willie Mays Plaza.  It was electric out there.  That might have had to do with the lights and mics and cords everywhere, but I prefer to think that it had to do with the crowd’s mood.  Mid-way through, a man in a suit started weaving through the crowd.  As he walked past me, I had an Omigod, is that…?  moment.  It was Gary Radnich, about to go on air with Chron Live.  Being the chicken that I am, I needed a little egging on, but I eventually asked him to sign my ball and he was very friendly and his unmistakable voice is even more unmistakable in person.  He told me that he can only stand Ralph Barbieri once a month, which I basically get, and posed for pictures and was totally nice to everyone.  I am firmly in the Gary Radnich camp from now on.  If you don’t like his show, switch your dial to 102.1 KDFC.  It’s what all the radios in my house were set to, until I changed them to KNBR 680.  Needless to say, there was some resistance to that.


FP, the groom, with his best men.  That’s what their suits looked like.

Other celebrity sightings of the day are…

-          Dave Flemming, in the dugout wearing this beautiful, black coat.  He is the best dressed broadcaster, for sure.  I seriously nearly fainted when I saw him, just 20 feet away or so.  I listen to him every day.  I love him.  And his coat.

-          John Shea, in the press-box.  On computer.  Looking riveted.

-          Sean Astin.  Who I, sadly, did not actually sight.  But he was there.  That almost counts as a sighting, right?  I am not waiting for your answer on that one.

-          The Public House Patio.  That place is legendary.  It counts as a celebrity.  This was the first time I saw it.  Have not been on it yet, but that’s my next goal.

My brother also got a ball from Ramon Ramirez and I got a Darren Ford autograph.  Those don’t count as sightings though, because they weren’t incidental.

It was also save #47 for Wilson.  ::Cue House of Pain::


This really deserves its own blog post but I want to talk about it in a timely way: Mat Latos’ controversial quote to the press.  “Baseball works in funny ways.  The only way I could honestly put it is, we could be like the Giants and go and change our whole lineup, put guys with ‘San Francisco Giants‘ across their jerseys.  We didn’t.  “We added two guys (Miguel Tejada and Ryan Ludwick).  We’ve been the same team all year.  We haven’t just gone and grabbed guys from other teams.”  You can hate me forever for saying this, but I basically agree.  It’s actually okay with me.  That’s how baseball works and it doesn’t make me angry, but it does make me a little bit sad.  The line-up is so different from opening day that it feels a little strange when Cody Ross hits a homerun.  Should I really be cheering for this guy?  For me, there’s no chemistry with the new guys (Cody Ross, Jose Guillen, Mike Fontenot, Pat Burrell are who I consider the new guys).  Everyone says the chemistry in the clubhouse is good, which is obviously what matters but I honestly have a hard time believing that.  I imagine some days it would feel like, Who are these guys, anyway?

I don’t think Latos was having sour grapes.  I think he was speaking his mind to the press, which may or may not have been the best thing to do right now, but I do agree with him.  What do ya’ll think?  And who’s going to listen to Uncle Gary tomorrow?

Diamond Girl


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On Catching a Foul Ball, Loving KNBR and ORANGE CLEATS

I saw Giants win beat the Marlin’s on June 27th and saw Wilson get his 30th save.  The game itself was very exciting especially since it’s only the second time I’ve been there to see them win live this year.  The last time was the 9-0 win in LA, but that was all the way back in April, so this was a nice change.  For the record, I called it that Cain would go 7 innings, Romo would pitch the 8th and Wilson would close it.  Because that’s what I was hoping for and that is exactly what happened.  Thank you, Bruce Bochy.

One of my top 100 goals in life was accomplished:  Catching a foul ball.  Although, technically, I did not catch it.  It bounced to me.  It was hit by Huff during batting practice and it’s all scuffed up, so you can tell it was played.  Can you see my smile, stretching through cyberland?  I thought so. 

My Foul Ball.JPG 

My foul ball

I also won a KNBR t-shirt at the adorable KNBR booth.  My house is now officially KNBRed.  I have a t-shirt and post-its and my brother has a mousepad.  And a wicked imitation of all the different broadcasters home run and strike three calls.Emily with KNBR t-shirt.JPG

Me with my t-shirt at the booth

But everything about the game was lost in the… (drum roll) orange cleats saga!  It seems a little like déjà vu all over again from the Twitter controversy with Wilson.  He seems to land in controversy no matter what he does.  Although orange cleats are not exactly subtle.  You all know I am a big Wilson fan, so I am on his side in this and think the Sharpie thing is mildly hilarious.  $1000 fine, not so much.  I think it’s all been blown a little out of proportion, as seen by my all caps in the title of this post.  Tell him not to wear the cleats and he would probably not wear them.  A fine without a warning and all the press attention?  Disagree.  I think I’m going to be investing in some orange shoes myself in the next few days to show some solidarity.  Will, of course, post pictures if I do.

Speaking of orange…Orange and black moon.JPG

No, I did not edit this photo.  The moon was orange at the game.  Which was amazing, because with the black sky it looked… orange and black!  It was in honor of the Giants, for sure.

Happy 20 years, Kruk and Kuip!

Diamond Girl

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