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The Cubbies are Cake. For the Time Being.

Is it just me or is ev-ree-one getting injured this season?  The latest two to go down are Tulo and, of course, Matt Kemp who appears to have an unhealthy number of hamstrings.  I mean, the number of hamstrings is not really the issue.  It’s more his talent for injuring all of them that is rather eerie.  Point is, while this is all basically good news for the Giants, seeing as it significantly weakens the division for the time being, I don’t wish injuries on anyone.  And honestly, for me, it makes it less fun when the best guys are not out there for the opposing teams.  Yes, I just admitted to enjoying watching Matt Kemp play against the Giants.  Feel free to shoot me now.

To avoid further sticking my foot in my mouth, I think for now I’ll just link back to this Massive Assortment of Get Well Soon cards post and leave it at that.

Before I go, though, Cubbies tonight.  This is cake, guys.

Not of the chocolate kind, sadly.  We’re talking more the Theo-Epstein-and-Jed-Hoyer-have-not-worked-their-magic-yet kind.  I am on record somewhere (that I can’t find, so maybe that doesn’t really count as record but no matter) saying they’ll win the World Series in five years or fewer, so let’s enjoying beating them while we can, shall we?

Diamond Girl

p.s.  This made me much happier than it should have.  Jimmy Fallon sporting – and rocking – the orange and black.  Also, my haircut looks better washed.  This has been surprisingly lovely Friday.  Yeah.

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Miracles Do Happen!

I could probably do a three-part serial about all the things I hate about baseball movies, but I will just suffice to say: they are not my thing (you can read what I’ve said on the subject previously here).  At all. At all.  To be fair to them, I haven’t seen that many.  There was Field of Dreams, Sandlot, Eight Men Out and a few others that I have blissfully forgotten about.  Then there was Moneyball.  You know how I felt about that.  (In case you don’t I’ll just say: atrocity.)

The one exception was Rookie of the Year which was admittedly funny, but then I saw it more times than I care to recall (thanks, Little Brother) let’s just say that one’s pretty much ruined.

Which was why I was so intensely skeptical when I read about the film Fever Pitch.  Hey, it looked good but there was just no way in any stratosphere that I could like it.

I toyed with the idea of seeing it, but then delayed as long as I possibly could.  Watched way too many Tim Burton films (I’ve seen, oh, five in the past month or so?) and forgot about it.

But I am something of a Fallon-ite so at last, this past weekend, I got it out of the movie store with shaking fingers.  Let’s pause here to clarify two things.  First- yes, I am the only living person who actually goes to a movie store.  But seriously, you should too because those places are fabulous and occasionally have workers who are as partial to Redwall as you, which is a big plus.  Keep them in business with me, folks.  Other thing is that no, my fingers were not literally shaking.  But I’m trying to dramatize this, so bear with me, please.

And guess what?

 I liked it. 

Yes, I actually really liked it!

You can close your gaping mouth now.  I know, I’m as surprised as you are.  But that’s not a flattering pose anyway.  There were little things that annoyed me, but overall, I totally dug it.  It poked fun at the usual baseball film mold just enough and it was funny and adorable and Fallon was completely fantastic.  Although I completely agreed with Ben (the male lead) when he was heartbroken over missing a big game and sided with him against Lindsey (the female lead).  I’ve been there.  You need someone to comfort you, not get mad at you for not making omelettes with them in their movie-set kitchen.  Seriously, people-dating-baseball-fans.  Take note.

Anyhow, I was very happy, of course, because this goes to show that there is, perhaps, hope for me.    And I got a good movie in the bargain.

I will leave you with this parting quote:

Lindsey: So you don’t have a cell phone, a pager, a BlackBerry nothing? What if some sudden crisis occurs like your father has a heart attack or something?
Ben: My father died two years ago.
Lindsey: Oh, I’m sorry.
Ben: No, actually I just found out this morning so it’s been a rough 24 hours. You know, maybe I should get a cell phone!

See?  A good baseball movie.  Miracles do happen.

Diamond Girl

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