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Why Brian Wilson’s Jokes Last Night Were Really, Really Not Funny. And Why Diamond Girl is Sickened.

Brian Wilson used to be my favorite Giant.  Life of Brian is still my favorite show to watch clips of online (Joey makes way too many appearances for me not to like it!).  Brian has always been weird, no question.  But he used to be endearing and his jokes were off-the-wall but funny. 

life of brian.jpg

His jokes last night on George Lopez were not just in poor taste, they were in really, really poor taste.  The whole Thailand thing?  Nobody laughed.  I’m okay with jokes that are a little offensive or controversial, but that was just not at all funny.  Joking about prostitution in Thailand is just not at all funny.  And the way he did it was very obnoxious.

His teammate, Jeremy Affeldt, as some of you may know, is very involved with the Not for Sale campaign which is an organization of modern-day abolitionists.  You can read what they have to say about Thailand here: http://www.notforsalecampaign.org/projects/thailand/.

I’ve tried to give Wilson a break this offseason, as I’m sure being thrust into this spotlight is difficult, but watching George Lopez and Wilson last night I came to the realization that I am just not a fan of him anymore and the way he is conducting himself honestly sickens me.  He is, of course, first and foremost a baseball player but his off-field antics have made it hard for me to even remember his on-field performance.  He is one of the greatest closers in baseball today, but right now I am having a hard time appreciating that.

I’m very curious how other Giants fans (and all baseball fans, for the matter) feel about Wilson right now and who enjoyed the show last night.

And I would just like to add the hideous fashion faux-pas (grey before his time?  Mimicking Tavi here?)  made him all the less endearing to me.

tavi.jpgbrian wilson.jpg

Hashtag: #epicfail

Diamond Girl


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Why I No Longer Fear the Beard(s) + New Facial Hair Styles for the ‘Pen

Who honestly thought we would win last night?  This has nothing to do with my personal like or dislike of Matt Cain- in fact, I only dislike him because of the obvious fact that he combs his hair when it’s dry, huge no-no for curly haired folks.  This has to do with the fact that it would be way too easy to win in three.  Or in four.  I think this one’s going five games.  The 2010 Giants don’t do things the easy way and we should all know that by now.  I’m guilty, too.  I thought they’d win last night.  I always hold the lingering hope they’ll change their ways, but who changes their ways in the postseason?  (The correct answer is: no one.  A+ for all of you, who answered right.)

But what I really want to talk about is why I no longer Fear the Beard(s).  To be quite honest, I never Feared them and always thought they were basically ugly but they worked, so how could I complain?  And since Brian Wilson will probably never be a male model (who knows, high fashion is attracted to interesting or odd faces) it’s more important for him to pitch well.  Same with the rest of the bullpen.  But I think they took it too far.  Game 1 of the postseason, the bullpen was not needed.  Game 2, it was.  And it failed, majorly.  I think the bullpen is doomed for the postseason.  I’m not saying this because they had one day where they were whacked out, because that obviously doesn’t denote failure forever, I’m saying it because I think the beards have done their job.  In the past tense.  And it’s time to do something new.  Like dye their eyebrows orange.  That was just an example, not a suggestion.

Brian Wilson beard.JPG

Can we call it “The Brian Wilson Beard”, like “The Mona Lisa Smile”?

Moreover, the beards are really not well suited to their wearers.  I did a little research on what face shapes a few of the bullpen guys have as well as beard shapes and here’s what I came up with.

Brian Wilson- Oval

An oval face is very forgiving, beard-wise, but Wilson’s complexion is not.  The darkness of color, instead of being menacing, ends up looking strange.  It washes out his face, particularly his skin and eyes.  In addition, his beard is at the “not-sure” point.  Not short enough to be “I forgot my razor” and not quite long enough to be “I have a beard”.  If nothing else, the color should go.

oval face.jpg

Oval face.

Sergio Romo- Round

Romo’s round face is overwhelmed by volume on the sides.  It’s important to draw the focus to the center with spiky hair and volume and length near the inside of the beard rather than on the corners of the jaw.

round face.jpg

Round face.

Jeremy Affeldt- Heart shaped

Affeldt has a heart-shaped face, which is rarer among men and therefore more tricky.  His goatee emphasizes his chin, which is already prominent (spoken- okay, written- by a heart-shaped face girl) and he, in contrast to Romo, needs to draw the emphasis outwards in a fuller beard.

heart shaped face.jpg

Heart shaped  

What do y’all think?  Do you Fear the Beard(s)?  Think it’s time to shave them off?  Ideas for a new tradition?

X’s and O’s,

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Since we’re, you know, talking about facial hair.  And sports.  Not that I’m recommending this mustache for the ‘pen, or anything.

cigar guy.jpg

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