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Jed Hoyer Went Home to the West Coast

Chicago treated us awfully well.  (And San Diego scored 10 runs today, so although they lost, the Jed-Hoyer-ditching-the-Cubbies-for-a-West-Coast-vacay theory still seems increasingly likely.)   He was probably all, “I miss you, I’m going back home to the West Coast!” and the Padres were all, “Yay!  Come!  We’ll make you cupcakes!”

I’m a good hipster.  That was the first thing I thought of when I wrote that.

So he did (go back home to the West Coast, that is).  He also snuck some magic potion in Xavier Nady and quite probably Matt Cain, too.  In case you’re wondering, that’s not a doping reference.  It was a reference to the greatest series of comic books that have ever been created, Asterix and Obelix.  They’re French comics, but they’ve almost all been translated into English and if you haven’t read them, you seriously need to go do it now.

Alternately, read all the statistics about the records the Giants and Dodgers would have to have to end in a tie for first place.  It’s a little mindblowing.  In a good way.  A very, very good way.  Additionally, the A’s have the same record as the Yankees now and Bud Selig is more in love with the second wildcard than ever.  Needless to say, he and I are going to have a little talk.

But I admit it: this second wildcard is a lot of fun, even if it’s kind of morally abhorrent or whatever.

Anyway, have a lovely Labor Day, peoples!  The Diamondbacks will be in town tomorrow and over in Oakland, Billy Beane is in a fabulous mood.  (But he still looks nothing like Brad Pitt.)

Diamond Girl


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Xavier Nady and I Could Not Agree More

So first Xavier Nady cleared the bases with a three-run double and led the Giants to a victory against Chicago the very day he was brought up and then he said this:  “I grew up more liking SF. Probably went to A’s games more because they were cheaper tickets.”  (Quote courtesy of the Chronicle’s John Shea.)  I don’t know what “they were cheaper tickets” means, but no matter what, he’s basically my new favorite person because that is the story of my life.  Although his first name still makes me choke a little when I say it out loud, I am rooting for him to have the greatest September in recent memory.

Another person who is going to have a fabulous September is Tim Lincecum, at least according to himself.


He totally reads my blog, because I said as much yesterday.  And it’s not an obvious point or anything, so coincidence is out of the question.  I’m flattered and all but a little footnote thanking me for my original thoughts might have been nice.  Additionally, while he’s taking advice from me, he could work on the hair and the unfortunate fashion sense but, really, if he wants to just pitch fantastically, that’s also okay, I can live with that too.

By the way, while I was writing that, I kind of had an epiphany.  My hair is shorter than Tim Lincecum’s.  That may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is to me.  Give me a moment to let it sink in.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  The Padres are 9-1 in their last ten.  Maybe Jed Hoyer took pity on them and snuck back to San Diego to be their good luck charm for a while.  It was really a situation of killing two birds with one stone because by leaving the Cubbies, he gave the Giants a golden chance.  Isn’t Jed just the best?

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McKayla Maroney Is Impressed

So am I.  Padres minus Jed Hoyer are a sad scene, but that game was still all kinds of awesome.  I baked 25 million brownies/cookies/madeleines before 10 am this morning, but now I’ve napped and eaten some of aforementioned desserts and I’m ready for this game tonight.  I have a good feeling about it.  That good feeling has nothing (okay, maybe just a little) to do with the brownies.  Which were also all kinds of awesome, if I do say so myself.

Diamond Girl

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The Cubbies are Cake. For the Time Being.

Is it just me or is ev-ree-one getting injured this season?  The latest two to go down are Tulo and, of course, Matt Kemp who appears to have an unhealthy number of hamstrings.  I mean, the number of hamstrings is not really the issue.  It’s more his talent for injuring all of them that is rather eerie.  Point is, while this is all basically good news for the Giants, seeing as it significantly weakens the division for the time being, I don’t wish injuries on anyone.  And honestly, for me, it makes it less fun when the best guys are not out there for the opposing teams.  Yes, I just admitted to enjoying watching Matt Kemp play against the Giants.  Feel free to shoot me now.

To avoid further sticking my foot in my mouth, I think for now I’ll just link back to this Massive Assortment of Get Well Soon cards post and leave it at that.

Before I go, though, Cubbies tonight.  This is cake, guys.

Not of the chocolate kind, sadly.  We’re talking more the Theo-Epstein-and-Jed-Hoyer-have-not-worked-their-magic-yet kind.  I am on record somewhere (that I can’t find, so maybe that doesn’t really count as record but no matter) saying they’ll win the World Series in five years or fewer, so let’s enjoying beating them while we can, shall we?

Diamond Girl

p.s.  This made me much happier than it should have.  Jimmy Fallon sporting – and rocking – the orange and black.  Also, my haircut looks better washed.  This has been surprisingly lovely Friday.  Yeah.

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The 2011/2012 Offseason, or In Which the Marlins Grab Players and Everyone Else Blinks and Watches

I am in a much bouncier mood than I’ve been in a long time.  Because there are no boxing tweets in my Twitter timeline!  There are actually tweets about baseball!  There is actually baseball news!

Well, some baseball news.  Mostly it’s beat writers musing on the pointlessness of bringing so many media members to Dallas to mill around in the lobby.  In fact, my favorite Winter Meetings quote ever which completely sums it up was from Rangers beat writer, T.R. Sullivan last year, “Talked with Red Sox manager Terry Francona 1-on-1 in the lobby today and he told me exclusively, ‘Hey TR, good to see you.’”  Isn’t Sullivan awesome?

But still, something is better than nothing.  And we have something, for sure.

Heath Bell is in Florida.  So is Jose Reyes.  So might be C.J. Wilson, Cody Ross, heck, Brandon Belt!  Yeah, Brandon might be going to the fab new Marlins stadium.  I mean, probably not, but them Marlins do seem to be getting just about everyone, so who knows?

We might as well rename this: The 2011/2012 Offseason, or In Which the Marlins Grab Players and Everyone Else Blinks and Watches.

Fun, right?  The Giants are not expected to be big buyers this year (then again, are they ever?) and the Rangers are busy mixing cocktails or whatever because hosting this shebang is a full-time job, so they probably won’t do much either.

That means I am free to sit back and enjoy the show and speculate as to what it’s like when Jon Daniels and Jed Hoyer run into each other in the back hallway. 

Right now I’m thinking it’s all:

Jed:  Hey, you hear I’m with the Cubs now?

Jon: *grunts*

Jed: Pretty spiffy, what we’re doing over there.  Even SF Diamond Girl predicted we’d go to the World Series in ‘13 or ’14.

(At this point fantasy ends abruptly.)

Okay, that last part probably didn’t happen.  But this is my blog, à la my dream in Inception, so I can just make it go however I like.  Which definitely means references to yours truly.

I think I need to do another GM roundtable in honor of these meetings now.  Can you tell how smiley I am, even through cyberspace?  This is quite possibly my favorite time of year, baseball-wise, which means altogether.  Yes, I am a wee bit odd.  Yes, I am aware.  Yes, I appreciate you telling me, even so.

Work it out, Jed and Jon.  You guys will be meeting at a roundtable tomorrow and I want no bickering.

Diamond Girl


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