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What James Bond Has to Say About All This



Diamond Girl

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How Many Movie References Can I Squeeze Into One Post? Or a Letter to Aubrey Huff

While I was feeding my fish this morning, I started thinking about Aubrey Huff.  And as the day progressed (and the rain came down, down, down), I couldn’t shake it.

Oh, Aubrey.

(He’s two faced, no doubt.  Like Harvey Dent except, yeah, way, way less creepy.)

Suffice to say: we’ve seen two different Huffs and have no idea who we’ll see in 2012.  Can he be trusted?

(I was all ready to hire James Bond to find out for me, but there are so many of them.  Connery or Brosnan?!)

Then again, if we knew, it wouldn’t be baseball, right?  So I just need to sit tight and bite my nails and think of some incentives for Aubrey.  Because as Freakenomics so aptly states, incentives are the key to everything and anything on Planet Earth.

Actually, let’s start with a threat, not an incentive:

Forget what I said about Melky bringing balance to the Force.  That’s going to fall to you.  If you don’t deliver, Darth Vader will take over and that would be… bad.   Or something.

The weight of the world (Giants) is on your shoulders.  No pressure.

Or maybe just, clean up yo act, kid.  That might work too.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  I don’t usually do “happy dances”, but when the news came out that Pat the Bat is all but retired, I totally did one.  Sorry, Burrell-ites.  Sort of.

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