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It’s Okay, I Hate August Too

I really do.  I mean, what is there to like about August?

Not the too-short too-tight clothing

Not the summer fruit that is not so fresh anymore

Not the fact that summer is getting old fast

Not the dog days of baseball

See what I mean?  It’s totally understandable that the Giants would dislike that month.  But what is there to like about September?

The fresh fall fashion

The chilly breezes and brightly colored leaves

The pumpkin lattes

The stretch-run baseball

A lot.  In a nutshell.  And the Giants started off this lovely month with a bang, with a 6-2 victory over them Diamondbacks, narrowing the gap to the division lead and overall providing a serious morale boost.

Last night felt an awful lot like they were finally breaking out of something and I am massively, massively stoked (Beltran can hit!  No, really!  He can!).  I’m also happy about the ways Keppinger has found to contribute.  I wasn’t a huge fan of him, at first, but he’s really made himself beyond useful.  And he’s a misfit and a castoff and all that, so he fits in well.

Tonight is the matchup of the aces, Lincecum vs. Kennedy which is sort of scaring me, to be honest.  Remember when I said that I bake when I’m nervous?  Let’s just say in the last 24 hours I have made a) a massive batch of brownies b) 25 chocolate chip cookies c) fifteen jam filled cookies. 

It was all for a bake sale, but it certainly helped with the whole nerves thing.  I’ve also been drawing version of this adorable Miss Dior Cherie ad in my notebook.  As long as my hands are busy, I can live through this- yep, I’m going to say it- torture.  Join with me.  We can do this.

::breathes in, breathes out::

Diamond Girl

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