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Let’s Do a Baseball Themed Fashion Shoot, Shall We?

If you think this blog has turned into one mega shopping spree since the season ended, then you’re absolutely right.

Case in point?  I went to H&M yesterday, to help someone else buy a dress, and, of course, got completely distracted.  First, it was this strange shirt with a completely unreadable/unmemorable slogan on the front that I fell in love with for whatever reason and then it was this awesome, puffy scarf and then…

There was this jacket.  This perfect, amazing jacket.  It sort of made me feel Becky Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic.  It was just deliciously retro, the kind of thing that looks like it’s actually vintage, but is also, er, new and shiny, which is to say it was completely fabulous.

Icing on the cake?  It was orange.  Bright, shining orange.

I bought it.  Straightaway.    And then took a million photos of myself in it and posted it on my blog because, It’s so baseball related!

Yeah.  That.  So baseball related.  I swear to stop posting about my shopping escapades for a while (bets on how long I last) and actually regale you with baseball talk.  I have a lot of to say, because I have an interest in the sport, still, in between my clicks on the “Purchase Now” button.   Amazing, I know.  Hey, we all have our offseason guilty pleasure, right?

Mine is in a fashion photo shoot above.  Bear with me, people.  And enjoy the million meals This Thing We Call Daylight Savings That Should Actually Be Called Let’s Mess With the Time necessitates.   I am craving broccoli now like nobody’s business, so I should probably go try and find some before I watch more World Series clips or buy more clothes.

Have I failed to mention that I am shopping a lot right now?

Diamond Girl


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