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That meant, “Hit by pitch?  No, hit by ground rule double,” in English.  See?  I don’t only speak Baseball.  I speak some English too.

My sister is visiting California from France and I, of course, had a baseball game on the agenda.  Last night’s game, versus the Reds to be precise.  And in the first inning everything I had told her about the Giants (aka, they don’t hit) was proved wrong.  I also tried out being a bleacher creature, because we were given tickets to sit in the centerfield bleachers.  Different experience, for sure.

Then came the top of the third when Joey Votto hit a ground-rule double to center.  Yep, center.  Where we were.  And my sister got hit by the ball.  Yep, first baseball game, she gets hit by the ball.  You can watch it here, and she is circled below.

Lillian getting hit.JPG

Her first baseball game this year, her third overall.  She gets hit.  Seriously, statisticians, what is the likelihood?

Diamond Girl

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