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This Is the Only Place I Can Really Talk

Not in a depressed, I-am-all-alone sort of way.  Just in a I-officially-lost-my-voice-about-half-an-hour-ago-and-can-only-croak-at-people-now sort of way.  So excuse me if I run on a bit here, because I figure the million-odd words that I would have said in the past thirty minutes are all mashed into this post.

I do like to talk, you know.  (Understatement of the year?  Yes.)

Anyhow!  These past week (it’s almost a week!) since the last out of the World Series has been odd.  I’ve been wearing my coziest jeans and drowning what is left of my brain in chicken soup, but I can’t fully acclimate myself to the offseason because, well, there’s baseball, still.  No small amount of it.  No small amount of Giants in it, either.

First there’s, of course, the Arizona Fall League and there’s the whole Taiwan-MLB All Stars series.  Only two, but enough to blow up my baseball news feed with scores and stats and play-by-plays.  I’m telling you, it weirds me out.

As I have said before, Gameday basically lulls me to sleep in (sometimes less than) 10 minutes, so I am relying on my baseball buddies to keep me updated on all the gossip as to Gary Brown’s virus- or was it that he was just bad?  THE DRAMA.- and Joe Panik’s… panicky ways.  Or something.

As to the Taiwan series, as much as I love Selig and his internationalism, I am having a hard time getting into it.  The All Star Game is one thing, with people from different teams on one, but a whole series?

Wish me and my tortured voice luck, please.  Or some more chicken soup broth.  Oh, yes, that sounds good.  If you’ll excuse me…

Diamond Girl

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