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Meet the Freaky Franchise

Tim Lincecum has been called The Freak and The Franchise.  In this ad for ESPN, he calls himself The Freaky Franchise.  I have to disagree with him.  I think the Giants organization is the Freaky Franchise around here.

The only thing you can say after a game like Wednesday’s is:  fluke.  Sure, we got creamed, 13-1 (letting in 6 homers, which we haven’t done since the 90s), but we had also just come off a spectacular 12th inning win against the NL West leaders.  It happens.  What I actually want to talk about is the weirdness we’ve been seeing all season from the Giants.  And I’m going to single out Brian Wilson.

Let me preface this all by saying I am a serious B-Weezite.  (I know what B-Weez is, to start with.)  He’s my favorite Giant, hands down and I cheer every time they put him in the ‘pen.  But there has been some serious weirdness from him this year.

How about two days in a row, with two outs, bottom 9, he faces the same person with the winning run on base?  Granted, the fact that it’s the same batter is not his fault (I think the Astro’s were trying to psych him out) but he did put the winning runner on.  And then letting in the two insurance runs against SD in the 12th?  (Secretly, that made me a little happy because it made Velez, my second favorite Giant, a hero, but that’s beside the point.)  The weirdest thing about this all is that Wilson has pitched over 100 pitches in the past week or so and not blown a save.  Now is that making things hard for yourself or what?  Wilson is walking a fine line here, but he hasn’t fallen on the wrong side yet.  And when it matters, he gets the job done.

I honestly have no explanation.  I just had to put it out there.  Thoughts, anyone?  Comment and let me know.

In the meantime, show some orange and black pride in Oakland this weekend, if you’re in the area.  We’re having a Bay Bridge series.  I’ll be rooting for Zito tonight, as he takes the mound of his old home, and thanking my lucky stars he won’t be in an orange jersey.  Orange is just not his color.  (Have you heard about the thing with the orange retro jerseys on Friday night home games?  More on that another time.) 

I love you, Brian Wilson.  Work it out, for the sake of my poor, over-stressed, over-Gianted heart.  Thank you.

Diamond Girl


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