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Pressure Points That Relieve Headaches For World Series Winning Teams To Play Better At Home

Freak Season2.PNG

I got my contest prize yesterday, which is this beautiful photo book, “Freak Season”.  It has some fascinating little moments and I definitely recommend it to people who are Tim Lincecum fans (though no one is as big as me.  I am the ultimate Tim Lincecum fan.)  Yesterday was a good day.  Today?  Not so much.


Reasons today was depressing:


·         The Giants were on Fox.

I try not to be one of those endless complainers about national media but the broadcasters today made me want to pluck my eyeballs out with forks.  Not literally.


·         The Giants lost.

Dismally.  In the fog.


·         Pat Burrell attempted to run.

I never thought I would feel badly for him, but today I ever so slightly did.  It was painful to watch him run.  And what is with his eyebrows?  If someone doesn’t want to do anything with their eyebrows, I won’t pick on them.  But his look done.  Just bizarrely.


·         Tim Lincecum attempted to pitch.

And failed.


·         Tim Hudson pitched.

And succeeded brilliantly.  I have a little Big 3 nostalgia for him, but not when he’s blowing my Giants away.  Without even huffing and puffing.  Profoundly effortless, on his part.


·         The offense attempted to hit.

And failed.


·         Neftali Feliz was placed on the disabled list.

With right shoulder inflammation.  The club said that it’s sort of precautionary, since he’s so young.  My fingers are solidly crossed that that is true.


·         MLB has a new ad featuring Brian Wilson’s beard that is seriously nauseating.  

May I just say that epic is not always a compliment?  As in, epic can be an adverb, paired with words such as, “ridiculous”, “hideous” and/or “plain stupid”.  On KNBR the other day, they had the topic “Who’s your favorite Giant?” and I was floored by the lack of Brian Wilson responses.  I thought I was the odd one out in being sick of the act.  I don’t  think so.  He needs some serious image consultation.


There was some comic relief, though.  Like the girl with the “Marry Me, Ryan Braun” sign.  I don’t feel like I’m on high enough ground to pick on her, but at least my sign was a non-committal statement and it sure didn’t have my phone number.  My ground is at least a few inches higher, right?


marry me ryan braun.PNG

And I guess it’s sort of good news that the Giants are going on a 10 game roadtrip after tomorrow, because they seem better on the road, though their record is just about even.  I mean, I would be too, if there were crazy people with smeared eye-black and orange chest paint yelling strange cheers at 100 decibels.  Which is why I want Meditation Day at the ballpark and I would be a bad baseball player because I would choke when delivering the “the fans were so loud, it was amazing” line.  Although maybe they mean amazing in a bad way…?  Because otherwise I don’t get it.  I wonder if they are given a handbook after they win the World Series about pressure points that relieve headaches.  That could be useful.  For the players and the fans, actually.  I’m going to try acupressure next time I’m there.


Diamond Girl

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In Which I Am Recognized as the ULTIMATE Tim Lincecum Fan

Totally great thing that happened tonight?

tim lincecum contest.PNG

So Chronicle Live (a show on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area) had a copy to give away of the “Freak Season” which is a new “intimate photo book” about The Franchise.  The rules were just to post a picture showing that you are the ULTIMATE Tim Lincecum fan on their Facebook page.

Tim Lincecum Cake 2.jpg

“I am the ultimate Tim Lincecum fan because he makes Ks look like a piece of cake!”

That’s my Timmy cake.  And even though he vaguely resembles a Coraline character, I won.  Way pumped to see the book and way proud of that cake too.  Let’s just say it wasn’t the easiest thing to make.  And I’m not much of a black licorice person so the multitude of it was traumatic.  (And triggered some thoughts on how weird it is that it says, “Black Red Vines” on the package.  Oxymoron, people.  Oxymoron.)

Anyway.  I’ll let y’all know after I read the book.  In the meantime, feast your eyes on that photo.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Can I please teach Brian Wilson ESL?  The first phrase I would introduce him to would be: “Please save this game.  Without incident.”  He doesn’t seem to comprehend those words, right now.


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