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Ryan Braun = Question Mark (+Organic Oreos and Stuff)

Well.  So.  Ryan Braun.  These past few months have been a bit a roller coaster, in terms of my love for Braun.  Take a look:

And the newest addition to the bunch:

Yeah.  I am officially turning into a baseball schizophrenic, I think.  When the original positive test was reported, I was as surprised as I ever am by a positive test and that means not very surprised at all.  I’m a cynic like that, I s’pose.  But his stance on it was intriguing all the same.  There is a certain element of ‘fessing up or staying quiet and he didn’t do either.  So I sat tight and ate organic Oreos and scrolled through my Twitter feed non-obsessively, 24 hours a day.  Then when it was finally overturned and he was declared innocent yesterday, I stopped mid-oreo cookie (I eat them by breaking off the top and then eating the rest whole, in case you’re wondering) and felt decidedly suspicious.  It seems to be in everyone’s best interest, in many ways, for him to be innocent I was once again rather cynical.

But then there was MLB’s nasty statement (agree or disagree, people, it was pretty nasty) and Braun’s presser this morning.  And I’m leaning decidedly on the, He is innocent side now.

He’s awfully convincing, isn’t he?  And the process seems shady enough that while he may or may not really be innocent, there isn’t enough solid info on the other side to call him guilty.  We’ll have to see where it goes from here, but for now I am leaving that question mark at the end of my sign.  Knowing the sharp-toothed media, we’ll probably discover more about this in the coming days/weeks/months, which I’m curious to see, but I hope we can all just settle down a bit and watch baseball too.

On a lighter note, the terrible hair that was Braun’s during the 2011 postseason appears to have gone bye-bye.  This is good news indeed!

I didn’t really get the jacket, though. Why so many pockets and buttons?  Less is more, Ryan.  Less is more.

Diamond Girl

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Let’s Do a Baseball Themed Fashion Shoot, Shall We?

If you think this blog has turned into one mega shopping spree since the season ended, then you’re absolutely right.

Case in point?  I went to H&M yesterday, to help someone else buy a dress, and, of course, got completely distracted.  First, it was this strange shirt with a completely unreadable/unmemorable slogan on the front that I fell in love with for whatever reason and then it was this awesome, puffy scarf and then…

There was this jacket.  This perfect, amazing jacket.  It sort of made me feel Becky Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic.  It was just deliciously retro, the kind of thing that looks like it’s actually vintage, but is also, er, new and shiny, which is to say it was completely fabulous.

Icing on the cake?  It was orange.  Bright, shining orange.

I bought it.  Straightaway.    And then took a million photos of myself in it and posted it on my blog because, It’s so baseball related!

Yeah.  That.  So baseball related.  I swear to stop posting about my shopping escapades for a while (bets on how long I last) and actually regale you with baseball talk.  I have a lot of to say, because I have an interest in the sport, still, in between my clicks on the “Purchase Now” button.   Amazing, I know.  Hey, we all have our offseason guilty pleasure, right?

Mine is in a fashion photo shoot above.  Bear with me, people.  And enjoy the million meals This Thing We Call Daylight Savings That Should Actually Be Called Let’s Mess With the Time necessitates.   I am craving broccoli now like nobody’s business, so I should probably go try and find some before I watch more World Series clips or buy more clothes.

Have I failed to mention that I am shopping a lot right now?

Diamond Girl


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I Come to a Slightly Obvious Realization and the Verdict on Hobo-Chic Is In

Why did I not blog this weekend?

a)      I knew there was some possibility I would alienate my Giants fan readers with my Brauny doting and Nyjer Morgan apologist-ness. 

b)      Well, I was sort of sleeping most of time.

c)       I was watching girls-night movies like 10 Things I Hate About You and Winter’s Bone (you figure out which one of those doesn’t make sense in the sentence).

d)      Because we had a lovely 13 hour power outage.  During which I decided I was going to open a rival company because PG&E goes out way too much and they have terrible costumer service to boot but then realized I don’t really exactly know what they do, so I might need to do some research before I pursue this line of work.


This series reminded me why I do really love it when the Giants face the Brewers.  They were tight, well-matched games with players I love on both sides and Ryan absolutely tore it up in the two games he played (he sat on Friday) but San Francisco still took the series.

It made me wish they played more often- this is the last of two series they played this year – and I actually started to create a pitch to convince Major League Baseball that Milwaukee is totally in the west and that’s the realignment we need.  But after a while I decided that was not a purposeful way of spending my time so I just sat back and enjoyed the ballgame.

The Giants looked good.  Like, really good.  And I came to a realization that I am a fan of good teams.  Now that weirded me out.  We all know the Giants were good last year and everything but that had the vague makings of a fluke.   Whatever happens this year, it’s July 24th and they’re making a serious run of this.  They are that team that opposing teams maybe aren’t so stoked about facing.  Before you give me the, Late to the party, sister, line, realize that I grew up with a notion that the Giants were kind of lame.  And for a good part of my pretty short life, they have been.  These days, they feel like something akin to a perennial pennant contender.

 The offense isn’t exactly rockin’ (what else is new?), but the pitching is and they are totally winning ballgames.

So if you don’t mind I’ll just check out a few more of these modern-day-version-of-something high school movies, sit back and marinate in Ryan Braun home runs and the fact that I am a fan of the defending World Champions.  This is all starting to freak me out to the point that I want to become a full time Pirates fan, but then I remember the Pirates are actually good and I end up somewhere on the other side of freaked out.

Catch y’all later.  I hope we meet the Crew again in the playoffs.  And I hope the dress code is strict for the whole White House thing today.  Sorry, Wilson.  I’m thinking more boho-chic than hobo-chic.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  I think Nyjer Morgan was really, truly, actually doing the Tony Plush sign.

p.p.s.  Nope, me and my “I Love U, Ryan Braun” sign were not there.  I Object to $26 standing room tickets with a capital O.

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The Fashion Police Are Coming, Brian Wilson!

Brian Wilson offends me for many reasons.  The whole Thailand thing is the primary one.  But his latest crime is against fashion (not to mention, well, our eyes).

We all know you can’t stick Dolce and Gabbana suits or Marchesa dresses on everyone and tell them to strut down the red carpet.  You have to consider the kind of event and the personal style of the celebrity.  That makes sense.  An eccentric closer at the ESPYs?  He’s going to wear something fun and different.  Maybe fashion forward. 

Actually, he wore this.

Top Fashion Offenses In The World

  • Uggs
  • Eyeblack as a fan
  • Ripped tights with short shorts
  • Sneakers without laces
  • Tracksuits for anything other than exercising.   Even while exercising, they should be avoided whenever possible
  • Jumpsuits (yes, J. Lo.  Even you.)
  • Wearing a costume as fashion

Lady Gaga is my prime example of that last one.  Love her or hate her, her outfits are costumes, not fashion and I hate it when people confuse those two. Brian’s is also a costume.  And I think that is the surest sign of trying too hard.  I mean, doesn’t Wilson take the term “trying too hard” to a whole new level?

The line is, of course, “if he’s doing well on the field, he can do whatever he wants”, but I don’t think that’s true.  The Fashion Police can still come after him, right?  Not to mention he’s been iffy on the field lately.  And if he embarrasses the organization that’s not okay either.

Moving on to… reality TV!  The first episode of The Franchise aired last night, but since I am blissfully living in an age long ago when people didn’t have cable TV, I didn’t see it.  There are conflicting accounts, some saying it was pull-eyes-out-with-forks boring, some that it was leisurely paced but good.  I am going to try and acquaint myself with illegal streaming sites and check it out.  In the meantime, if anyone has a (no-spam, people) link, do let me know.  I did see some stills and it looks pretty, if nothing else.  And non-obtrusive.  I’m obviously not in the situation, but it seems they’ve been fairly low profile and it’s airing at a pretty low-action part of the season and wrapping up before things get really heated.  I do wonder if they’ll do it again next year and if so a) who?  and b) can they choose a better name?

Real Live Baseball That Matters is starting back up in- where else?- San Diego tonight and I have the butterflies stomach.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder (is that even possible in this case?) and this feels like the deep breath before the plunge.

Okay, done quoting.  I’m going to go print out my badge.  Have a lovely late afternoon.

Diamond Girl

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MLB Fashion Watch: Carlos Beltran for TALLIA Orange and Tim Lincecum at the ‘Hawks Game

I was reading through Women’s Fashion Fall 2010 edition of The New York Times Style Magazine and flipping through endless bizarre Hermès ads (think: random horses in the background) when I came upon this one.


::Diamond Girl does double take::

Yep, that’s Carlos Beltran.  For the Fall/Winter 2010 TALLIA Orange campaign.   It’s a really pretty campaign and Beltran is an interesting choice.   Not necessarily the first person you’d think of, but a good choice, I think.


His natural coloring matches the clothing and the theme of the ads and he oozes “clothing with a less serious attitude” and whimsical and fun, which is how they describe the line.  The line is available at Macy’s so, guys, go out and buy it.

Now for the less pretty of MLB fashion.  Tim Lincecum at a Seahawks game.

Timmy jacket.PNG

I like how he’s developed a signature style element; the beanie.  And I like how he made an effort to color coordinate the hoodie with the jersey.  Really, I do.  But there is such a thing as over color coordinating.  And this is a walking and talking example.  A simple black or grey hoodie would have emphasized his team jersey, rather than distracting from it.  The general rule is one splash of bright color per outfit.  So if you have a bright skirt, you wear black leggings and a simple t-shirt.  And if he had gotten a hoodie in a different shade of grey it would have drawn in the beanie.  Win-win. 

I’m not just picking on him.  I have my own fashion problems.  I mean, it’s Day 26 in snowflake earrings.  26 days in the same pair of earrings is a giant, giant fashion faux-pas.


Diamond Girl

p.s.   Who saw the eclipse last night?  The weather was cooperative here and it was incredible.  A little creepy, though, when it was mostly eclipsed.  Because it seriously looked like it was going to turn over and grin at me.  Think Cheshire Cat.  Tim Burton rules.

cheshire cat.jpg

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