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Jose Who? Five Things I Love About Brandon Crawford

Last year, the only rookie everyone talked about was Buster Posey.  He, uh, panned out.  This year, it was all Brandon Belt.  And as much as I like and respect Belt- and the season is still young, he hasn’t screamed, Impact!  Who has?  The one I lovingly branded (pun intended) The Other Brandon.  I may be speaking too soon, but I think if anyone takes us all the way, it’ll be him.  When Tejada started to be an obvious problem at short, the name Jose Reyes kept popping up.

Jose who?

We have a shortstop.

From, Single A.  Who hit a triple that was as close to perfection as anyone comes on a baseball field?  Keep Jose, Mets.  It would be weird to see him wearing other colors anyway.  This coming from a rabid 2007 fan of yours.

And Matt Cain’s game wasn’t perfect, but it was a beauty.  Five hits, one run, complete game win.  ‘Nuff said.

Anyway, since I can’t get over Crawford, I have made a list of five things I love about him.  Besides his obvious baseball chops.  Read on.

5.  The Hair.

I think he works hard at it.  It pays off. 

The best part?  Curly hair doesn’t seem to equal curly brains, because…

4.  He’s Got Brains

You know how people always go ga-ga over actresses or models who graduated college?  Granted, many more baseball players graduate but for whatever reason his major is on his Wikipedia article and it’s physiological science.  I don’t quite know what that means but it sounds brainy.  Interesting.

3.  He Signs…

…autographs.  Because he remembers being in the position of wanting ‘em.  I don’t begrudge players who don’t like to sign, but I do give points to people who go out there and do it.

2.  FISU World Champion

Whenever I hear about an MLBer who’s had success in another league, I am intrigued.  I know Nate Schierholtz competed in Beijing and that’s always been one of my main associations with him.  Crawford was on the US team when it won FISU World Championship in Havana.  Which means he’s ready to be a champion again, right? 

1.  He’s Toolsy

Fine, just kidding.  I’ve been watching the draft for three days but that doesn’t mean I use that word.  He’s just a flat out ballplayer.  I don’t know of any other way to say it. 

I think good things are in the team’s future.  But speaking of shortstops?  I really hugely miss Edgar Renteria.  So these next few days may be emotionally difficult.  Bear with me, okay?

Diamond Girl

p.s.  If I’ve failed to mention that I want a name like Conor Gillaspie, I will say it now.  I want a name like Conor Gillaspie.

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Diamond Girl’s Great Guide to Health And Wellness For Ballplayers To Protect From Murderous Opposing Teams

Okay, let me tell you the difference between the Giants and other teams: We. Don’t. Crash. Ever.

If that sounded a little computer-y, you’re absolutely right. You know how much I love quoting The Social Network (watch from .54 seconds). But if you squint, it might sound like it’s about the 2010 Giants vs. the 2011 Giants. Last year? Nobody got hurt. But if one domino goes, the other dominos go (fine, done with the quoting) and this year we’ve just had the darndest luck.

In case you live under a rock/like to spend your Saturday’s sleeping (understandable) Brandon Belt was placed on the disabled list with a hairline fracture of the left wrist following the Giants 2-1 loss to the Rockies this afternoon and Conor Gillaspie (Best. Name. Ever.) was called up. I’d say I don’t know who else could possibly get hurt but then they would go and get hurt to remind me and we don’t want that to happen, do we?

Which is why I have created a great guide to health and wellness for all of the San Francisco Giants and their affiliates (hey, you can use it too. If you want.) Whether you are injured- yet- or not, this is a guide to being physically and mentally the best you that you can be! Oh. I said I was done with the quoting, didn’t I? Sorry. Anyway. Here we go:

Diamond Girl’s Great Guide to Health And Wellness For Ballplayers

Eat In, Rock Out

Make sure you’re loading up your diet with foods that strengthen your bones like spinach (in a salad, with red onions? Joy.) and milk (with Oreos. You are never too old for that).

Make sure that your walk-up music not only revs you up but puts you in a good state of mind to avoid the blows of murderous opposing teams. Some hypnotic Tibetan Bowl might do the trick. Or Enya, if you’re more mainstream.

Mellow Out, Breathe In

Yoga on the field may sound like a joke linked to Barry Zito’s name but it really loosens the tension in your body and when a group of Little Leaguers were led in mediation during warm-ups, they absolutely killed it during the game (the mediation leader may have been horrified, but it worked). True story. But if that sounds too close to the Dodgers guru for comfort, I get that.

Sleep In, Move Out

While people claim that sleeping too much is bad for you, I find that doubtful. Make your home a haven of wellness (move, if need be) and make sure your plane is decked out and nice to sleep on. And please try not to get in altercations with your teammates about putting the seat back, okay?

You are now on your way to being healthy and well! And when all else fails? Run. I mean it. The DL is a terribly crowded place and I promise not to compare you to Julia Roberts in The Runaway Bride afterwards.

Diamond Girl

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