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Night at the Coliseum- BoSox v. A’s & Casey v. Brian

Was that last out made in heaven or what?  It was so perfect.  Bases loaded, two outs, Wilson is closing Game 1 against the Dodgers.  Who comes up to bat?  Casey Blake.  If you don’t know the history between Wilson and Blake, read about it here.  What does Wilson do?  He strikes out Blake.  For once, this has nothing to do with the LA, SF thing.  It’s just something Blake shouldn’t have done and Wilson just doing the best possible thing he could have.  Like Rowand hitting a homer off of Padilla. 

Emily at ballgame.jpg

Yes, that’s where I was sitting.  At the Coliseum last night, Sheets v. Matsuzaka.  Three rows behind Big Papi’s head.  Dustin Pedroia’s head.  Daniel Nava’s head.  Tarii Francona’s head.  I got a ticket at the last minute from a friend of my parent’s who invited someone from our family.   My little brother, bless his orange and black heart, wouldn’t go because the Giants v. Dodgers game was on TV so I decided to and it was an amazing experience.  People say that sitting in the first level is fun, but not as good for seeing the game, but we could totally see from where we were.  It felt like a Little League game.  I could hear the coaches talking to the players, a few times.

This was my first time at the Coliseum (I went several years ago, but I don’t remember it very well- so basically my first time) and I don’t get why people don’t like it.  Granted, I was sitting in a pretty nice place, but the stadium fits the team.  A little quirky.  I really like the open dugouts and the huge foul territory, and the endless wall in center.

I’m not becoming an A’s fan any time soon but I’d like to see the Giants there.  Hmm… maybe next year.  Okay, enough talk about the A’s.  Here are my pictures (plus captions) from last night.


Outside the stadium.  There was a white stretch limo and I thought it was Brad Pitt.  Because he’s supposedly in Oakland filming Moneyball.  Then I saw pictures of him at a premiere in LA last night.  Forget I said anything.


The vista from our seats.


David Ortiz.  Just ‘cuz.


The adorable bullpens.  I want those at AT&T Park.


Jonathon Papelbon.  Not really a Papelbon fan, but again, just ‘cuz.


Twin cameras in the second deck.


Is that Heidi?  If you’re not a Unicorn Hour listener, then never mind.  If you are then… is it a weird coincidence that I saw her the day after all the talk on the UH?  I think so.

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