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Ladies and Gentleman, Opening Day.

Ladies and gentlemen, Opening Day:


(Via @CarmenKiew on Twitter.)

It wasn’t exactly the Opening Day we were all hoping for, but it was OPENING DAY so that pretty much made up for it, at least to me.  The Giants opened against Clayton Kershaw and those Los Angeles Dodgers and Kershaw was very Superman-y and pitched a shutout and also hit a homerun – the first of his career – to break the scoreless tie.

Oh, did I forget to mention that he helped build an orphanage in Zambia in the offseason?

Seriously, though, Kershaw is good stuff to watch and the rivalry is more fun when both teams are doing well and all that.  Which is to say, the Giants have to do well too.  But they have 161 more games to do that, so Mayans, back off.  And they’ll probably only face Kershaw a few more times, so that’s good news.

Baseball is back and just in time for April Fool’s Day, no less.  I’d don’t mean to be antagonistic, Bud Selig, seeing as this is a new season with a clean slate between us (right?) but that was sort of bad planning on your part.  Like, maybe if there were fewer Interleague Play games we could have started the season on a day other than Annual Prank Unsuspecting Emilys Day? 

Forget it.  Antagonistic it is.

Diamond Girl


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Statistics With Too Many Modifiers and Some Helpful Tips for Ryan Dempster

I am a Giants fan, so I am genetically programmed to like low-scoring games.  Especially when those low-scoring games feature Madison Bumgarner going eight innings, scoreless, and the offense squeezing out enough to just win it by a final of 2-1.  The Sergio-Romo-can’t-deal-with-Hanley-Ramirez-and-D-list-celebrities is a blip on the map.  This series in LA, which is a pretty huge one, couldn’t have gotten off to a better start.  Sure, a little more offense might have induced a little less nail-biting, but overall, the Giants pretty much did what they’ll have to do to win games down the stretch.  Additionally, they took first place in the National League West  – up half a game up from the Dodgers – and set a slightly suspect record.  Per @MLB:  For first time in liveball era, pair of LHPs (Bumgarner & Kershaw) reached double digits in K’s and issued 0 walks in same game.

Which is kind a cool statistic, despite the multitude of modifiers which make it roughly similar to me telling you that I made lemon cupcakes on the third Tuesday in August for the first time ever and expecting you to be really stoked.  Okay, maybe not exactly similar.  But roughly.  Definitely roughly.

Anyhows.  Lincecum is taking the mound tonight, so I’m kind in limbo about how to feel.  I’m just going to try to be mellow and peace out, because that’s what we do in the Bay Area when we’re stressed, right?  No?  Well, it’s worth a try.  The rivalry with the Dodgers is certainly a lot of fun this year, with both teams being in contention again, but I may not think it’s fun at all after tonight.  Right.  Optimism only.  Tonight is going to be fantastic, people!

Lastly, one more thing for GMs to consider before finalizing a deal!  Make sure the player has a current passport and he knows where it is and all that jazz.  Especially if you’re in the American League, but even if you’re not, because Bud Selig does love his Interleague Play, you know.  And if the thing that’s scared the guy away from getting a passport is the dreaded photo, never fear, USA Today has lots of useful tips for that!  Playing Jose Bautista and whoever else is on the Blue Jays, come hither.

Diamond Girl

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Why I Am Now Fabricating Giant-Related Disasters

It is now time to exhale and laugh a little at ourselves for the mass hysteria that has ruled the roost for the past few days.  Well, maybe not completely exhale just yet.  We are only one game removed from all of that, but what a game it was.  A 2-1 victory in Los Angles, dealing Clayton Kershaw his first at-home loss in over a year and playing respectable defense at last, too.  There was a bit of clutch hitting and a lot of good pitching.  Overall, very encouraging and very calming.  Leastways, I felt calmed.

We did not leave unscathed, of course, seeing as Pagan got some sort of a nasty cramp in the eighth, but that was just to be expected, right?  No pain, no gain, as my brother reports they preach in Little League.  (And you wonder why I didn’t play Little League, guys.  Positive mantras and I tend to, er, clash.)  Hopefully, this wasn’t that big a pain, though.  Bochy says Pagan will be back in a day or two and he was planning to give him a rest today, anyhow.

This feels weird to write, really.  There are no horrors to describe or disastrous turns to narrate.  I swear, I am this close to inventing a storyline about Ryan Vogelsong’s freak injury as he was combing his hair with a silver comb given to him by a suspicious-looking witch in a cottage in the middle of the forest.   The witch was probably jealous, you know, about his amazing good looks and pitching and stuff so she gave him aforementioned poisoned comb.

I mean, do you see the spike in the hair there?  I know it’s mostly gel, but a comb has got to involved somewhere too.

See?  Now I feel like a Giants blogger again.  It’s Disaster Inside and all that.

In all seriousness, though, I am stoked for tonight’s game.  I think this is going to continue going swimmingly (hopefullyhopefully) and soon I will become accustomed to It’s Magic Inside and all that.  In the purely non-Magic-Johnson sense of the phrase.

Diamond Girl

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The Perks of Being a Loser, Including Our Resident Smart Ballplayer Who Actually Reads Political Memoirs

For the record, I am not really calling the Giants losers after one game like that.  I am just so in love with the title of Emma Watson’s newest project, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” that I had to use it.

Don’t get me wrong.  I hate when the Giants lose and have no offense.  But it does have perks!  It all puts me into neurotic girl-fan mode and I, well, bake.  A lot.  The product of today’s loss?  The awesomest pecan rolls ever.  If I do say so myself.  My family does not mind the loss at all.  Except for The Brother, who does not like pecan rolls (how can you not like pecan rolls?  No idea.) and asks me ever so earnestly to please make chocolate cake next time.  I said yes.  So he’s probably rooting for another loss soon.

These are the pecan rolls in their beautiful uncooked state.

Am I trying to get all our minds off that game?  Yes, I am.  But it has to be discussed some time and there’s no time like the present.  Let’s do this!

Timmy faced Clayton by some loveliness of the schedule that pitted the aces against each other.  It was a great pitching game, with the Dodgers getting 3 hits and 1 run and the Giants getting 3 hits and, ahem, no runs.  Which tallies- if you’re not real good with math- for a 1-0 final score, LA winning.

As depressing as the train of 0’fers is, it really was a stellar pitcher they were facing and San Francisco took two out of three from the series.  I won’t repeat the stale saying that if you win but don’t sweep every series in the season you’d have a pretty great final win-loss record, but… if you win but don’t sweep every series in the season you’d have a pretty great final win-loss record.  It’s true.

And Chris Stewart got two hits, which makes me irrationally smiley.  He is our resident Smart Ballplayer here, who spends his copious amounts of downtime reading historical fiction and political memoirs and “whatever piques his interest”.  I wasn’t aware that anyone actually reads that stuff – remember when they call political memoirs “the black hole of publishing” in The Ghost?  So I was impressed with him.  And then that arm.  That arm.  I am in love with that arm.  I also saw him in Fresno in April and I’ve kind of had an affinity for him ever since.  He also has stated that his favorite football teams are the Dallas Cowboys.  Think that means he likes the Rangers too, but is afraid to say it?  I will have to explore this further.  So his hits were definitely a perk.  As much I like Eli, I am kind of hoping Chris wins the backup job when Buster comes back.  Just thinking about the distant future here.

So, see?  There are perks to losing a game here and there.  The Brewers are coming to town on Friday which I am alternately very excited/not excited at all about.  Ryan seems to be alive and kicking and healthy(ish), which is, of course, News That Makes Me Totally Stoked.

Now if only Pablo heal up nice and fast and Jeff Keppinger (I so needed Google to get the name right) would display some wonderful skills with the bat, my nerves would calm down not to mention we’d have way fewer dishes to do to, following my baking sprees.

Sorry, I refuse to say Happy Hump Day.  But Happy Wednesday!

Diamond Girl

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