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If You Look Up “Stoic” In The Dictionary, You’ll See a Picture of Madison. And Sequined Rangers Flip Flops, If You’re Lucky.

Here’s the breakdown of Madison Bumgarner’s season, so far (with a tip of the cap to the people at www.csnbayarea.com who figure out statistics).

13 Starts

2 wins, 8 losses

3.25 ERA

The Giants have had three runs or less in ten of those starts

Two runs or less, in nine of them

One run or less in six of them

In five of them? 


As a Giants fan, what part of that is surprising?   That he had actually had a whole fraction of a Major League season where he got some support.

And that he is unshakably stoic through the whole thing, à la Matt Cain.  He talks to the press every five days with a vaguely amused expression and his NorCarolina drawl and somehow makes you feel a little better about resigning yourself to the fact that he’s that starter on the team right now; the one who the first place team can’t just muster a few runs for.  Eventually, they’ll snap out of it.  If World Series winning/parade/celebrity-hood didn’t initiate you into Giantville, Madison, this should.

The real highlight of last night was, in my opinion, the return of Edgar.

Even in Cincinnati red (I think our colors suited him way better, for the record) he looked and acted and felt like a Giant.  He was injured a good chunk of the time and we all had plenty of complaints about him, but he was a World Series hero.  And his August 30th, 2009 grand slam against the Rockies is one I will never, ever forget.  It was the catalyst moment in that sorta-kinda playoff run and watching it again gives me goosebumps.  You can watch it here.

I feel like we’re overdue for a warm-weather (another sorta-kinda there) offensive outburst tonight.  Anyone with me on that?

Diamond Girl

p.s.   Would you buy clothes from this guy?  Would you buy anything from this guy?  (Even besides the the fact that I wouldn’t buy shirts that say “Designated Kisser” from anyone.)

If you’re looking for a fashionable, summery, feminine way and ever so mildly classy way to show your fandom, try these awesome  sequined Rangers flip flops from the official MLB shop.  I am in love.

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Why I Am Seriously Offended By the MLB Fan Cave

Okay, this is making me really sick, so I need to talk about it.

MLB announced the winners of their Dream Job contest a while ago (and know that everything I say about them is not personal to the actual winners.  I don’t know them.  I’m just speaking about the image this whole project has, in my opinion.), I guess, but I missed the news until today (and I never miss news.  Let’s just say there hasn’t been that much buzz around it).  So I guess it’s a “Fan Cave” (aka Man Cave) in New York where two 30 something guys sit and watch baseball games and you can walk by and stick your nose to the glass and watch them watch baseball games, if you so please.

fan cave1.png

And get this: Victoria’s Secret models visit them.

I consider myself a serious female MLB fan and that video of Chanel Iman at the “Cave”?  It screams “this is the role girls play in MLB”. 



Iman may really be a Yankees fan… but was there any Bronx Bombers analysis from her?  Or just her blowin’ a kiss? 

I mean, was the job ever even open to a women?  One would think they had this planned out, that they were going to call them the “cavemen” and everything.  Duh, not “cavewoman”.  And even if they were going to choose a man, why that demographic?  These guys are not in a growth field, to speak marketing strategy for a minute.  As far as I can tell, they aren’t even funny in the frat house sense of the word and they certainly don’t have any interesting opinions.  These are the guys who I move a few seats away from at the game, because they drink too many beers and spit sunflower seeds at me.  Later in the game, I correct them when they start talking stats (true story).

I honestly think MLB fans of either gender should be offended by this representation of us.

If this is the image MLB wants to produce for themselves, fine.  Go right ahead.  But it’s a giant mistake.  The world is moving forward and this project is profoundly un-vibrant not to mention offensive.

MLB seems late to the party that you gotta be trendy, interesting and current.  I hope they get clued in sooner rather than later or I am becoming a hockey fan.

Geez.  I’m kidding.

Diamond Girl


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