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It’s Okay, I Hate August Too

I really do.  I mean, what is there to like about August?

Not the too-short too-tight clothing

Not the summer fruit that is not so fresh anymore

Not the fact that summer is getting old fast

Not the dog days of baseball

See what I mean?  It’s totally understandable that the Giants would dislike that month.  But what is there to like about September?

The fresh fall fashion

The chilly breezes and brightly colored leaves

The pumpkin lattes

The stretch-run baseball

A lot.  In a nutshell.  And the Giants started off this lovely month with a bang, with a 6-2 victory over them Diamondbacks, narrowing the gap to the division lead and overall providing a serious morale boost.

Last night felt an awful lot like they were finally breaking out of something and I am massively, massively stoked (Beltran can hit!  No, really!  He can!).  I’m also happy about the ways Keppinger has found to contribute.  I wasn’t a huge fan of him, at first, but he’s really made himself beyond useful.  And he’s a misfit and a castoff and all that, so he fits in well.

Tonight is the matchup of the aces, Lincecum vs. Kennedy which is sort of scaring me, to be honest.  Remember when I said that I bake when I’m nervous?  Let’s just say in the last 24 hours I have made a) a massive batch of brownies b) 25 chocolate chip cookies c) fifteen jam filled cookies. 

It was all for a bake sale, but it certainly helped with the whole nerves thing.  I’ve also been drawing version of this adorable Miss Dior Cherie ad in my notebook.  As long as my hands are busy, I can live through this- yep, I’m going to say it- torture.  Join with me.  We can do this.

::breathes in, breathes out::

Diamond Girl

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Your Choice

Apparently, the Giants failed to notice the part of yesterday’s blog post  where, after I detailed how they could train wreck the rest of the season, I put a disclaimer.  In case you missed it too, it was: “Note: I am not endorsing this or recommending this.”

They are rather stubborn, this bunch, and they don’t hit ever, in the same way that Facebook doesn’t crash ever.  (Yep, I quote The Social Network when I’m depressed.)

Bochy named this as the Official Low Point of the Season, though frankly, I could think of some other ones, like the day when everyone got injured or the day when… well, you get the point.  This has been a season with a few ups and a whole lot of downs.

It’s not over, of course.  There are still a fair number of cold hard baseball games to be played and the Giants still have some great pitchers and, you know, Carlos Beltran.  None of that has changed.  They’re not brilliant, but in my opinion, they weren’t last year either.  There are the obvious differences like lack of Buster and Freddy, but stranger things have happened.

As much as a part of me wants them to just quietly slip off the map now, another part of me thinks that I’d sure as heck like a good show in the last month of the season, whether or not they end up in the playoffs.

I don’t think the team has changed that much.  I think it’s our perception.  The orange-tinted glasses have fallen off in a hurry and the Giants need to clean up the pieces.

I’m sure there are a lot of people who are just settling in for the wait until Opening Day, 2012, but that feels beside the point.  The season isn’t over until the last pitch is thrown, bottom line, as this team proved last year and until then we just need to ride with it as fans.

Or find an ocean paradise and sunbathe without a radio/TV/internet connection for a month and just forget Giants baseball exists.  Your choice.

Diamond Girl

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Me and Yoda Open Offer Baseball Predictions!

Give me a moment while I watch highlights of Lincecum’s pitching last night for the fifteenth time, will you?

Okay, done.

No, wait.  Now I need to go watch highlights of Lincecum’s hitting last night!  Takes “he can do it all” to a whole new level, doesn’t it? 

Last night felt like a party atmosphere to me.  I kept thinking it was Orange Friday, but I think it was actually just a mid-week release of orange energy.  Either way, there was no way the Giants couldn’t win.   And a 2-1 victory of the San Diego Padres made it all the sweeter.

And then there was Beltran.  Boy, was there Beltran.  In his first day back in the lineup he was 1-4, but that one was rather awesome.  He hit his first home run at AT&T Park (aka, where baseballs go to die) and altogether made up for the time he’s spent on the place that definitely warrants a scarier name than Disabled List.  I am liking Carlos again.  And feeling optimistic.  Again.

The Giants are back on their by-the-skin-of-their-teeth ways and while that’s a little hard while it’s happening, it’s fun to look back on.  And it’s not out of the realm of possibility to people to win divisions that way, now is it?

Houston is in town, now, which doesn’t bring back the loveliest of memories, but there’s no time like the present to start a winning streak.

And I just have to take a long moment to say, Milwaukee is really, really good.  Like, mind-blowingly good.  10.0 games ahead of St. Louis and showing no signs of slowing. 

Go far this year, they will, sense I.

Me and Yoda are doing predictions about baseball right now.  If you want us to do one for you, all you have to do is ask.  We’re both semi-eternal optimists so we’ll say nice things to you. 

For instance, we see Zito coming back right at the end of the season and d-o-m-i-n-a-t-e.  Isn’t Yoda the best?

Diamond Girl

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Stuff that Might Vaguely Resemble Optimism

*The Giants are only 2.5 games back.

*Only one player went on the DL today.  The honor went to Eli Whiteside.

*Only one player got hurt today.  That would be Pablo Sandoval.

*No, seriously.  The Giants are only 2.5 games back.

*Lincecum pitched a seriously awesome game last night.

*Belt is all rested for, um, tomorrow!  Or the next day.  Or whatever.

*Really!  I mean it!  The Giants are only 2.5 games back.

*Beltran might be doing better. 

*Wilson might- might, might- be doing better.

*You don’t believe me?  The Giants are actually only 2.5 games back.

*While our starter for tomorrow may be 7-11 on the year, theirs is 1-7.

*6-0 looks prettier than 6-2 or something.  If they’re going to lose, shutouts do look rather nice.

*Cold hard proof about aforementioned fact!

There is always a bright side, my friends.  With scoops of chocolate fudge ice cream in waffle cones.  And wins.  Lots of wins.  Okay.  I am officially going insane here.   Lots of wins is not exactly on the horizon.  But that is what we pay Sabes the big bucks for and there is definitely, uh, talent here, so wins are potentially, kinda-sorta, possibly possible!

Good night, world.

Diamond Girl


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The Injury Big Bad Wolf Has Officially Graduated Into the Injury Scaly Dragon

On the 19th of July, I tweeted, “I think the Injury Bug has officially graduated into the Injury Big bad wolf.”  That was the day Freddy Sanchez was placed on the 60 day DL.

But if it was the Injury Big Bad Wolf then, it’s now the Injury Scaly Dragon now.


Within weeks of coming over to San Francisco, Beltran may be headed to the Disabled List with a freaky wrist (can’t blame this on one the blowdryer, unfortunately) and with it the Big Bat hopes of the Bay Area.  Was Beltran totally tearing it up?  No.  Was Beltran kinda-sorta tearing it up?   Not even.  But if he’s on the DL, then there’s no possibility of him tearing it up. 

I’m complaining about all this because it’s the easiest thing to complain about with the Giants right about now.  They’re maddening.  On Saturday they showed signs of brilliance again in a 6-0 victory, including Aubrey actually hitting the ball and Chris Stewart hitting his first big league homerun (allowing myself one squee here:  squueee!) but they were back to dismal yesterday with a 9-2 loss.  Forget anything I may have said in the past about the Pirates needing a big bat.

The whole story of the hypnotist helping Bochy and the rest of the Giants staff quit chewing tobacco was really sweet.  Maybe she could fly out here and help the Giants players… play?  Just thinking aloud here, people.  I would suggest a knight in shining armor to come out and slay afore mentioned Scaly Dragon, but I don’t know any offhand.

In lighter news, AJ Burnett is clueless about hair and the Giants are going to be in Florida tomorrow to play the Marlins who are 22 games out of first place and on a 7 game losing streak.

Do not mention injuries against the Marlins.  I repeat, do not mention injuries against the Marlins.  I repeat… you get the point.

Diamond Girl


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