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(Yet) Another Open Letter to Bud Selig

Back when I had copious amounts of hair, of course.

Dear Bud Selig,

First of all, I would like to note that our conversations have been feeling a little one-sided lately.  That’s a nice way of saying, Why the heck have you stopped answering my letters?  I put them on lilac-scented paper and everything.  Still, no answers.  I don’t mind you knowing that I feel like you’re blocking me out and that’s pretty hurtful.  Just answer me, okay?  If you’ve forgotten how to mail letters like everyone else in the 21st century, just get your assistant to do it or whatever.

To the point:  I’ve always been annoyed by the process of releasing the next season’s schedule at this time of year.  Kind of random.  Kind of right in the middle of the pennant race.  Or the wild card race.  Or the second wildcard race.  Pennant race is such a passé phrase these days.

But even if you’re going to release them now, why make them so controversial?  Now you may not understand why I find this controversial, but then again, you adore Interleague Play and as you know, I don’t.  So yes, I do find it controversial.  Bordering on offensive.

I used to be able to bear all the Interleague Play kookiness because it ended swiftly, before any of the real stuff kicked off after the All Star Break.  No longer.  Wikipedia and probably you too rationalized it with some mathematical stuff about the Astros moving to the American League necessitating Interleague Play being everywhere all the time, but I don’t really buy it.  “This will force interleague play throughout the season,” it says.  Really?  Force?

I mean, if you must, make the whole first half of the season Interleague, but then stop it there.  Seriously.  And if you’re going to mess with nature – I mean, scheduling – then why not make an effort to make the final month of the season mostly games playing within the division.  Because that’s pretty exciting.  More exciting than the Cubbies and the Mariners facing off in the Saddest Event Since Eli Whiteside Face the Guy With the 10.30 ERA.

(Sure, the Cubbies are going to win the World Series in the next four years.  But probably not next year.  Even Theo Epstein’s magic has some limitations.)

Well, I’ve spouted off long enough.  We actually have some important, non-Interleague games to play, and the Rockies were eliminated from division title contention last night, which just solidified my standing invitation to Dan O’Dowd for tea at my place.  He still hasn’t taken me up on it yet, but maybe when the sting of the elimination wears off…?

Anyhow, get back to me ASAP.  Thanks.


Diamond Girl

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Jed Hoyer Went Home to the West Coast

Chicago treated us awfully well.  (And San Diego scored 10 runs today, so although they lost, the Jed-Hoyer-ditching-the-Cubbies-for-a-West-Coast-vacay theory still seems increasingly likely.)   He was probably all, “I miss you, I’m going back home to the West Coast!” and the Padres were all, “Yay!  Come!  We’ll make you cupcakes!”

I’m a good hipster.  That was the first thing I thought of when I wrote that.

So he did (go back home to the West Coast, that is).  He also snuck some magic potion in Xavier Nady and quite probably Matt Cain, too.  In case you’re wondering, that’s not a doping reference.  It was a reference to the greatest series of comic books that have ever been created, Asterix and Obelix.  They’re French comics, but they’ve almost all been translated into English and if you haven’t read them, you seriously need to go do it now.

Alternately, read all the statistics about the records the Giants and Dodgers would have to have to end in a tie for first place.  It’s a little mindblowing.  In a good way.  A very, very good way.  Additionally, the A’s have the same record as the Yankees now and Bud Selig is more in love with the second wildcard than ever.  Needless to say, he and I are going to have a little talk.

But I admit it: this second wildcard is a lot of fun, even if it’s kind of morally abhorrent or whatever.

Anyway, have a lovely Labor Day, peoples!  The Diamondbacks will be in town tomorrow and over in Oakland, Billy Beane is in a fabulous mood.  (But he still looks nothing like Brad Pitt.)

Diamond Girl


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The Rough Spot Strategies

Hello, hello!  Yep, that was me who said on Saturday that I thought “the Giants were coming into their own”.  Needless to say, by that I did not mean “were going to very nearly get no-hit by the Rangers bullpen”.  Yesterday’s game was just ugly.

I was excited about Alexi Ogando starting for the Rangers and figured if he shut down the Giants offense, I wouldn’t be too torn up about it, because he’s pretty much my favorite pitcher ever.  And he did do rather well, but then… he injured himself running out a bunt in the fourth before he’d reached his designated pitch count (65) and is now probably headed to the DL.  Also, Tim Lincecum now has the fourth-worst ERA in the National League and Aubrey Huff got the Giants first hit of the game, pinch-hitting in the sixth.

Ouch does not even begin to cut it.

The Giants have fallen to five games back from the Dodgers and the Rangers only narrowly lead the American League West by three games.  Additionally, Texas has won just one more game than San Francisco overall.  Did anyone see that one coming?  The plot has most certainly thickened.  (Also, who predicted that the White Sox would be super awesome this year?  If you say, “I did,” I do not believe you for a second.  Sorry, guys.)

The biggest story out of the weekend, I think, is Timmy, as mentioned above.  He is not looking good.  He is not even looking better.  There is the occasional encouraging sign here and there, but mostly, he is just not helping the Giants, period.  The numbers about their record without his starts is pretty mind-boggling, at least to me.  It’s June 11th and the season has not just started.  Very simply, every starter makes a big, big difference and the difference Lincecum is making is negative.  But as much as that’s all statically inarguable, I wonder how much good it does to repeat it over and over.

For the time being, the Giants have placed a lot of trust in Lincecum (not to mention the money) and the likelihood is, in my opinion, that to get to the playoffs and beyond, they would need him to help them out.  A lot of people are calling for them to skip him for one start and while that could help, I think there is something to be said for just hitting a rough spot.  Sometimes, the best way to get out of those is to simply keep moving.  Other options:

  1. Eating aforementioned player alive.
  2. Burning aforementioned player alive (could work with #1, theoretically).
  3. Tarring and feathering aforementioned player alive.
  4. Trading aforementioned player to the Kansas City Royals.  (Hihi, Jonathan Sanchez and Jonathan Sanchez’s walks.)

There will come a point when it’s not productive for anyone to keep sending Lincecum out, but I don’t think we’re there yet.  The Bud Selig G—I mean, the All Star Game isn’t even here yet.  Which reminds me, I gotta go vote.  I still have not worked up the motivation.  I mean, what would you choose if you could vote for the ASG or make apple cinnamon muffins?

I know.  I agree.  The apple cinnamon muffins.

Diamond Girl


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MLB Draft Day 1 Notes (aka, bestdayever notes)

Seriously, that was the title of my note in my notes app – because seriously, who writes notes without a notes app anymore? – because I love draft week so much that it is somewhat irrational, as I have previously explained.

First, a few notes on the show itself.  The Bud Selig portions kind of grated on my nerves.  If he had addressed some of my concerns, such as why the heck are there two game series’?  Or, why the heck isn’t there Intergalactic Play?  Or, Why do the Giants nev-ah have off days?  Or, Are you secretly the mastermind behind the TSA?  ‘Cause I already know you are.  Yeah.  He didn’t address any of that.  I had my best frowny face on whenever he took the podium, which was kinda sorta extremely often.

The first player who caught my attention was Kevin Gausman who went to the Orioles, 4th overall.  He’s a right-handed pitcher out of LSU and… he eats four powdered doughnuts between each inning when he’s pitching.  Not terribly strong in the math department, but if he were to pitch a complete game, wouldn’t that be, um, 36 powdered doughnuts?  I will not question.  He was drafted 4th overall.  He obviously knows what he’s doing.  But might I suggest he move from doughnuts to brownies?  Brownies are far more delicious, in my humble opinion.

In all of the draft previews I looked at, Albert Almora stood out to me as my absolutely favorite.  He’s 18 years old, an outfielder with a swing that is near identical to Ryan Braun (need I really say more?) and I had this irrational hope that he’d still be around when the Giants picked at #20 overall.  No such luck.  Apparently Theo and Jed and I all have the same taste in players, because he went to the Cubbies, sixth overall.   I hereby renew my prediction that Chicago will win a World Series in under five years.

The A’s went ahead and picked a high-school kid for the first time since the Bronze Age and he’s a shortstop named Addison Russell.  Most embarrassing song on his iTunes?  Mean, by Taylor Swift.  Billy Beane: I do not mean to question your wisdom, but… I totally do.  (I kid, I kid.  He looks pretty spectacular, in reality.)

According to tradition, a shout-out also has to go out to Stephen Piscotty who went 36th to the Cards as a compensation pick for Pujols.  He’s an engineering major from Stanford the only guy in the whole entire draft who was wearing a suit in his headshot.  Future fashion icon right there, guys.  And you heard it here first.

Courtney Hawkins, who went 13th to the White Sox, won the Best Draft Moment, hands down, with a backflip on live TV.  I sincerely can’t wait until he makes it to the Major Leagues because I have an inkling he will be loads of fun to watch.  I was terrified as he backflipped, but in retrospect?  Brilliance.  If baseball falls through, he can just become a full time internet sensation.

Joe Torre kicked off the compensation round and his “now on the clock” is infinitesimally better than Selig’s.  If I can’t be the new commish, can he, please?  He’s a veritable teddy bear, now that he’s not managing the Yanks or Dodgers anymore.  I have rapidly growing adoration for him.

If you’ve gotten to this point because all you really want to read about is the Giants pick, then you’ve finally gotten to the right place.  They took a right-handed pitcher out of Mississippi State named Chris Stratton.  I haven’t been able to get a terrible amount of info about him, so for now I’ll just welcome him to the Giants and say that, really, SF is not as beastly cold and foggy as they.  We have, like, one sunny day a year and it’s glorious!

I leave you with this MLB Network jewel…

Harold Reynolds:  If you look at his statistics, he’s just not quite there yet.  [on newly drafted player]

Other Analyst Whose Name I Don’t Know:  Well, obviously, clubs don’t draft based on stats.

Harold Reynolds:  *stony stare* 

Me:  Er, what do they draft based on then, Einstein?

Diamond Girl

p.s.  *cough* What is an “upside guy”? *cough*

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For Once, I Really Want to Thank Bud Selig

Did I rejoice too soon?  Nah.  I don’t think so.  Sure, last night contradicted all of the wonderful things I said about the Giants (you’re welcome, you guys, thanks for disproving me) yesterday, but I am still holding onto the ever-thinning thread of optimism.

Let’s make it Beat AZ, shall we?  Or, Save Tim Lincecum, maybe?  That works, too.  Save Us All also works.  We may need it.  Don’t even mention that it is only May 10th.  May 10th or September 30th, this is no fun.  I did not sign up for this.  (I signed up for Winnie the Pooh balloons and brownies, but that’s another story.  I gave up on that long ago.)

I’ve heard that Sabes and Bochy are meeting in Arizona to discuss potential roster moves but as Henry Schulman points out, they probably wouldn’t add a pitcher until after Bumgarner and Cain’s starts.  It is being reported that AAA’s own Shane Loux is meeting the team, although he may not be activated for a little while.  I’m a little wary of roster moves to be honest because… okay, it’s May 10th.  It’s not time for panic moves.  I have an overdeveloped sense of fear of the panic move.  If there’s a good, viable option, I stand behind that (of course).  But just because they’re tail-spinning at the moment doesn’t mean it is time to overhaul.  I am too lazy to calculate, but there are many, many days left until the trade deadline and the playoffs don’t start for months and months and, hey, there’s even an extra wildcard.

See?  Still hope.  And definitely no need for panic moves.

Diamond Girl


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