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I Knew Orange Juice was the Answer!

Major League Baseball fans and probably many other people are familiar with the beating of Bryan Stow on Opening Night of this year in Los Angeles.  Basically, some vicious people, “Dodgers fans” came at him, a Giants fan, from behind and beat him savagely.  The story is really beyond terrible.

This weekend, there was a shooting outside Candlestick Park in San Francisco after a Raiders/Niners game and it drew immediate comparisons to the Stow case, although there are some obvious and major differences.  You can read about it here.

What it all comes down to, though, is fan-on-fan violence.  I don’t think as a trend it’s necessarily growing (there have always been fights outside of games), but the attention on it certainly is.  I can’t quite pinpoint why, but I would guess it has to do with a growing diversity in sports fans (hey, people like me!) and that a lot of people really want to go to games without lots of rowdiness, let alone these fights or beatings.

Call me what you will for saying this, but to me going to a ballgame is like going to the movie theatre or a play or a concert.  At none of those events do I think selling alcohol really makes sense.   I remember being struck by reading a tweet from someone who was going to an important game with his favorite team and he said he wasn’t going to be drinking because he wanted to remember this one.  I choked when I read that.  Does that mean that some percentage of people routinely drink so much at sporting events that they don’t remember it?  Probably yes.

That makes me sad.  That makes me very, very sad.

Now I do know that there are plenty of people who just want to be able to get a beer and leave it at that.  And I understand that.  I guess I just have to ask, Would it be that much worse if you got a soda instead?

I mean, take it from the drunk driving perspective.  There have been times walking back to the parking lot with a crowd where I’ve questioned my sanity at getting on the road with these people.  I don’t know any stats on accidents after games, but I would guess there’s something there.  The bottom line is that drunk people = impaired people = potential for a whole host of problems.

It’s a culture, really, but I think at this point it’s a culture that is destructive and does not make sense.  On the Giants radio station, a good half of all the sponsorships are from beer companies.  So when they then give a line about drinking responsibly or getting a designated driver, I have to roll my eyes a little bit.

Which brings me to my main point… what if they really just stopped selling alcohol at baseball games or football games or any other sporting events?  What if Minute Maid Park was the norm instead of Coors Field?  I’m sure the stadiums would argue that right now they can control the issue with stopping the sale of beer after the seventh inning and whatever, but the fact is that isn’t working.  Whenever you outlaw something you unwittingly, perhaps, create a black market of people sneaking in their own, but I think they could deal with that too, if they wanted to.

I can hear a million voices that would disagree with what I’m saying but I just think the negatives far outweigh the positives in this situation.

Not to mention that I do not like that my shoes smell like cheap beer for days after I go to a game.

I knew orange juice was the answer to all the world’s problems!

Diamond Girl


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My Disappointment in AT&T Park Is The Size of a Range Rover

Sean Parker:  When you go fishing you can catch a lot of fish, or you can catch a big fish. You ever walk into a guy’s den and see a picture of him standing next to fourteen trout?

Christy: No, he’s holding a three-thousand-pound marlin.

Sean Parker: Yup!

Mark Zuckerberg: That’s a good analogy.

Eduardo Saverin: Okay, but we all know that marlins don’t really weigh three-thousand pounds, right?

Christy: Have you seen the big ones up close?

Eduardo Saverin: No I haven’t, but I really don’t think the guy’s holding a marlin the size of a Range Rover. That would be a really big fish and a very strong guy.

Christy: You think we might be getting away from the point?


There are a lot of jokes you can make about the Marlins, but this one is my favorite and it comes from my favorite scene in The Social Network.  That script is just incredible.  (More marlins and trout stuff here.)

So last night was, believe it or not, my first regular season Giants game this year and I was way excited.  But I’m going to be brutally honest with myself and y’all and say it wasn’t hugely fun.  Actually, it was hugely not fun.  Here’s why:

Imagine you’re at a party that gone too late into the night verging on too early in the morning.  It’s stale and sloppy and though it was a good time at the beginning, it isn’t any more.  Welcome to AT&T Park, 2011.  The kicker came in the 8th inning when a fight broke out across the aisle and several rows up from where we were sitting and one man pushed another who somersaulted, headfirst down seven rows and, unbelievably, landed on his feet.  The usher tried to break it up and took out the girlfriends, but security didn’t show for a good five minutes, until the inning break.  Five minutes.  They first took out the man who was hit and it took them another good five minutes to come back and take the man who had pushed him.  They left his friends who, for the rest of the game, were laughing hysterically and wildly miming the fall with their hands.  And the girlfriends kept going up and down and in and out and up and down and in and out.  Not only was it annoying and distracting, it didn’t feel entirely safe.  As we exited with one of the girls, she lit a cigarette, a few inches away from an usher.  No one made a peep.  AT&T Park is a no smoking facility, in case you were wondering.

In the wake of the Bryan Stow incident and with enormous sellout crowds this year, shouldn’t security be the foremost concern?  I’m not blaming the Giants for having rowdy fans.  But I’ve seen in the past at other stadiums an entire row being ejected, no questions asked, following a minor altercation.   I don’t know if the Giants think a bold security presence is not cool or they are genuinely understaffed or unprepared for these crowds, but either way it is totally unacceptable.  It makes me miss the Coliseum, which sounds crazy, but it’s true.  My baseball game attendance will be there, for a while.

The thing that really bothers me is that this didn’t feel isolated or just drunken.  It’s a vibe at the park and I don’t like it.  And the organization is also responsible for that, to some extent.

Then again, even when there were cat fights bubbling over and I couldn’t feel my toes anymore from the freezingness my mantra was, You could be in Texas, you could be in Texas, you could be in Texas.  My heart goes out to everyone tornado-effected.

Diamond Girl


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