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Top 10 Movies That Will Throw You a Curveball

I will take you out of your suspense: I am still depressed today.  Because not only are all the Giants problems still raging, but yesterday the Best Closer Ever Who I Adore By the Way (Mariano Rivera, that is) twisted his knee before a game and torn his ACL.  The outlook is not rosy.  It may be the end of his career.  As I’ve mentioned here before, the Core Four were some of my first loves in baseball so this just feels sad on many levels.  Yankees fan @JaneHeller1 on Twitter said, “Watching Mo cry has completely traumatized me,” and I have to echo that sentiment.  The weather has improved over here, but I am still glum.

On that note, we’re going to do the Top 10 Movies That Will Throw You a Curveball (aka, are seriously depressing).  Here we go:

10.  Corpse Bride.  This one, I was not expecting to be sad, actually.  I am a massive fan of Tim Burton (says so in my header, guys) so I was excited to see it and did ended up enjoying it but man, was it was sad.  Twilight, you got nothing on that love triangle.

9.  The Lord of the Rings.  This makes both lists, because it is just that awesome. 

8.  Gallipoli.  War movies are some of the saddest around, but also some of the best.  This is one of my favorite war movies and I was reaching for my tissue box by the end.  That end is heartbreaking.  Consider yourself warned.

7.  Titanic.  Not for the reasons you think.  Full disclosure:  I didn’t make it to the end, so I can’t fully judge, but this was depressing indeed.  Depressingly bad.  I have a strong distaste for James Cameron and although I do like Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, that movie was unequivocally and sadly terrible in my book.

6.  The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.  This is the only short on the list and it actually won Best Animated Short at the Academy Awards a couple months ago.  It’s absolutely beautiful and very sweetly sad.  The whole thing is available on YouTube, so do yourself a favor and watch it.

5.  Winter’s Bone.  A girl trying to protect her younger siblings from a community in Missouri that has been torn apart by the meth trade.  Indie thriller and sad, sad, sad.  But good, good, good, too.

4.  Melancholia.  This Lars Von Trier apocalyptic allegory for depression is amazingly and terribly beautiful and will leave you a little bit shell-shocked and more than a little bit gloomy.

3.  Bright Star.  Historical movie about the basically tragic life of John Keats.  Dying of consumption and writing wonderful poems, need I say more?

2.  Finding Neverland.  I cried.  The End.  (Incidentally, why is Kate Winslet in so many sad movies?)

1.  Never Let Me Go.  And this one gets the prize for Making Diamond Girl Cry Harder Than She Has Ever Cried About a Movie Before.  I’ve seen it three times now and it just gets sadder with time.  It’s really one of my favorite films ever, but be prepared to sob your heart out before you watch it.

May the fourth be with you, darlings!  The Giants are going to turn it all around tonight!  (Probably.)

Diamond Girl

p.s.  I promise to actually talk about baseball tomorrow.

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John Keats on Baseball

“The point of diving in a lake is not immediately to swim to the shore; it’s to be in the lake, to luxuriate in the sensation of water.”

-John Keats, Bright Star

This is the quote that always comes to mind for me when people talk about the postseason.  Keats, in the movie Bright Star, was talking about poetry, but I kind of think you can relate it to baseball, too.  (Then again, I can relate just about anything to baseball.) 

But really, even more than in other sports, in baseball, the point of the regular season, from my perspective as a fan, isn’t to get into the playoffs.  Or even if it is, the fun part is the marathon, the 162 games.  The main reason I like my team being in the playoffs is so that I can see them play for a little longer.  But in terms of baseball in general?  I think it’s all about the regular season.

In that sense, I am sad that this is the last month of 2011 baseball.  But I’m trying not to get too caught up in the whole will-they-or-won’t-they/do-they-still-have-a-chance with the Giants.

Yesterday was an absolutely lovely game.  Did they gain ground on the Diamondbacks?  Nope.  But that didn’t change the fact that it was a ball to watch and that the season was chugging right along.  This season has taken wacky to a whole new level, but I want to luxuriate in that, not in being seven games back.

Will I be sad if they don’t get into the playoffs?  Of course.  But they’ll have still played a nice whole season and I’ll love that.  I guess I don’t care tremendously about the postseason.  You can sue me, right about now, but that’s just it.  (Incidentally, hurrah for grating 1950s voices!)

I will now stop thinking way too deeply about baseball and stare at the Barry Zito rookie card I snagged last night.  To call me “smiley” right now would be an understatement.

Diamond Girl

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