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I Am Not So Sure I Love U, Ryan Braun

First, an admission (I feel like I’m starting my blog posts this way a lot, lately):  when the whole Ryan Braun thing first broke, I read an article in which one of the paragraphs started, “Braun is appealing.”  I, of course, nodded.  Braun is appealing.  I agree.

Then I realized that, well, that wasn’t really (at all) what they meant.

They didn’t mean he was appealing, in that he has fantastic hair and all that.  They meant that he was appealing the 50 game suspension he’s going to face for allegedly using PEDs during the playoffs.

That was sort of an “oops” moment on my end.

Now, of course, the new reports are saying that not only is he appealing, but the substance detected in the test was a banned substance, but not a performance enhancing drug at all.

The mystery, the mystery.

My feelings on HGH and other performance enhancing drugs are pretty black and white: if you do it and are caught, you should face consequences (MLB seems to agree with me on that).  But at the same time, I don’t think that those who are caught shouldn’t be endlessly brought out and picked on and humiliated for it by the media and us bloggers.

Because they could strip Brauny of his MVP and give it to Kemp, but you know what?  Kemp could very well have done something, too.  Not to be completely cynical, but many of them may have (probably did).   I don’t think we’re anywhere near eliminating the issue.

Still, it does make me particularly sad about Braun.  I hope some satisfactory explanation is given and we avoid the suspension deal, but at the same time, that may feel empty and cover-up like.  At the point, I feel like it’s basically a lose-lose.

Speaking of depressing posts.

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Diamond Girl

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I Will Keep Adding To This Photo…

…until the Brewers finish paying Ryan Braun in 2030.  Or sometime close to that.  (Original loving u, Ryan Braun, story is here, in case you missed it.)

September 2010

October 2011


November 2011

I think I would have gotten a manicure if I had known how many times I would repeat this picture.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Oh, yeah.  Congratulations to Ryan on his fabulous, awesome, wonderful MVP victory.  I am happy Pooh Be—that is, Diamond Girl today.

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Gone Fishing

Well, no.  Not fishing.

Diamond Girl


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7 Reasons Prince Should Stay in Milwaukee

Me and my big glass of orange juice and my soothing music are trying to get over the fact that a) I spent my morning at the loudest, most nausea inducing aquarium in the history of everything and b) that we are now in the first two days without a Major League baseball game since March.

Yeah, I’m experiencing some spasms and difficulty breathing.  Thanks for asking.

This is Withdrawal with a capital W at the beginning.

I’m also sad about the Brewers.

Because, of course, they were eliminated by the Cardinals last night and I will miss Brauny’s hair, but also because in the postgame presser, Prince basically said, “It’s been cool here in Milwaukee, but if I leave this offseason that’s cool too.”

What, Prince?!

I beg to differ.   It will not be the least bit cool if you leave this offeason.  Really.  A little part of me died when you said that.   I get that it’s business and all that and I would try not to begrudge it if you did, coughcough, leave, but… you just belong in Milwaukee.  7 Reasons Why:

7.  You look completely fab in Brewer Blue.

6.  Braun has (not-so-intelligently) locked himself up into a million years there, so if you leave, you guys will never bat back to back again.  And that is a heartbreaking thought.

5.  I promise chocolate cakes galore if you stay.  Are you really not tempted by that?

4.  Something good was just starting for the Crew.  Now is most definitely not the time to leave.

3.  Seriously, where else would you get to be on a team with a beer name? 

2.  I ask too many questions, so I’ll make this one a statement: Do. Not. Leave. Do. Not. Leave. *waves hypnotic object and gives crazy-doe-eyes to put him off*

1.   You are a quintessential Brewer.  Plain and simple.  And you know how I feel about quintessentials.  I hate it when they leave.  Humor me, m’kay?

Diamond Girl

p.s.  And while we’re at the whole me-giving-you-orders thing?  Please shave the Homeless Guy beard.  Thanks.


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Well, So, The Cardinals.

I have avoided talking about the Cards up until now because I had a somewhat irrational belief that if I just ignored them (and, yeah, clicked my heels together and said, “There’s no place like home!”) they would just vaporize into the mist of Eliminated Baseball Teams.

Not so, apparently.

The NLCS is all tied up, 2-2, between St. Louis (I will not call it St. Lulu.  I repeat, I will not call it St. Lulu.) and it’s altogether a lot tighter than I would have expected.  And it’s killing me.

It’s not that I hate St. Louis, because really, they’re a fun team and they beat out the Braves to the wildcard, which is enough to make me love just about anyone.  Rationally, if they beat the Crew, I would sigh and be done with it, after mourning for the disappearance of Axford’s mustache from my TV screen.  But as it is, I can’t stand them at all.

It goes back to ancient history, I think.  Not ancient in the sense of those awesome reliefs from the 8th century, B.C.  Just in the sense of coughcough2006coughcough.

Anyone else remember?  I’m sure you do.  The Mets epic downfall in the NLCS.  What some people called the greatest collapse in the history of everything (that is, Major League Baseball).  I remember that series vividly and the serious case of Baseball Fan Heartbreak that followed.  And then watching the Cardinals go on to the win the World Series?

Not fun.  Not fun at all. 

And that, my friends, is why I can’t bring myself to even marginally like the Cardinals even though I’m sure they’re a totally lovely group of guys.

Well, that and the fact that I am IN BEAST MODE!  Duh!

Diamond Girl

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