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If the Whole Borrowing-and-Transporting-Coors-Field Thing Falls Through…

I’m just going to link to this video and be done with it.  Because it never gets old.  (I would know.  I’ve watched it an undisclosed but definitely embarrassing number of times.)

Actually, I lied.  I have one more thing to say.  Joaquin Arias.  He has the highest batting average in the Majors in August and it’s… August 30th.  Yeah.  I would say “you can’t predict baseball”, except you’d all predict me saying that and it would kind of defeat the point.

Lastly, if the whole borrowing-and-transporting-Coors-Field thing falls through, we could always go for Minute Maid Park.  I mean, Hunter Pence seems to like it there.

Diamond Girl

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Fun In DC. Just Kidding, Not Fun At All.

DC has not treated us well.  It’s not that, big picture-wise, things are that bad.  The Giants are tied with the Dodgers for first place with a few days to go until the All Star Break and they’re currently on track for a 90-win season.  Brandon Crawford is edging in on .250 and The Pablo Sandoval of the Cute Nickname hit a single, a double and a pretty fab homer.  We have a million and one All Stars on our team, for Pete’s sake.  Things are looking up.

Well, no.  Not exactly.  Yesterday, Tim Lincecum got shelled and basically looked like a drowned animal out there and then Madison took the mound today and things were not a lot better.  See, I know that the ball flies well in hot weather but isn’t that supposed to apply to, um, both sides?  Perhaps in the nation’s capital all the rules change.  Because the Nationals are hotter than hot at this moment and holding onto the best record in the National League.  Get those conspiracy theories about the Nationals having the same name as the National League out of your system.  Done?  Okay.  Let’s move on.

Anyhows, this was a bad moment to head to DC.  The weather is dismal and the Nats are very, very good.  The Giants are showing signs of fading.  Before you snap at me, I don’t mean fading for good.  Just fading as in can-all-25-of-us-go-to-the-All-Star-Game-already kind of fading.  It’s like the last week of school.  Everyone wants to get to the good stuff.  Good stuff being the second half.  Because I have a rather fantastic feeling about the second half.

But first, all 25 of them need to go to the All Star Game.

And first first, there’s one more game in DC, which we can just skip over and pretend isn’t happening, and then a series at PNC Park.  Them Pirates currently lead the NL Central (and no, they do not have the same name as the league so, see, that was irrational) by half a game and are 7-3 in their last 10.  Read: pretty hot.  This is going to be fu-un.

Seriously, though, to those of you who are screaming that the Giants have to trade for a pitcher, ssshhh.  The pitching is just fine, en général (except when they face the, eh, aptly named Nationals) and as for Lincecum, we probably shouldn’t get rid of him just yet.  Or that might go down in history as the worst trade ever, right behind Melky for J-Sanch.  Oh burn, KC.  Oh burn.

Also!  Did you know that the Royals do not play in Kansas?  Yeah.  Fun fact of the day.  Also, Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory is the only factory in that world that mixes its chocolate by waterfall.  Just worth noting.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  I almost forgot… happy 4th, people!  I may or may not have said earlier today that I wanted to watch fireworks on TV, because I like the celebrations from around the world.  Because, duh, they celebrate American Independence Day around the word.  (May or may not have been thinking of New Year’s Eve.)

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Matt Cain is Human and Bud Selig and Scramble With Friends Agree on Lew Wolff

Today, I:

  •  Tried to play the word “Lew” in Scramble with Friends.  Apparently, that is not a word in Bud Selig’s phone contacts or in the game.  “You never call, you never write…”  It’s a pity, you know.

  • Speed-made applesauce muffins in just about thirteen minutes.  I haven’t eaten them yet, so the jury is still out as to whether or not the whole incredible rush thing was a good idea.  I will let you guys know tomorrow, of course.

  • Found out that Brandon Crawford can do something right.  We’re talking 2-run single at perfect moment right.  (In other news, he does not look like Zac Efron.)

  • Also discovered that Sergio Romo does not enjoy getting in on Everybody Be Awesome Day.  It’s okay.  I get it.  I’m like that too.  I mean, not really, but I’m trying to be nice here.

  • Came to the fortunate conclusion that other people have dismal defense as well.  coughcoughCardinalscoughcoughDefendingWorldChampionscoughcough

  • Confirmed that Matt Cain is indeed human.  I feel reassured by this, I can’t lie, but am perfectly fine with him going back to his god-like ways in future starts.

  • Lastly, realized that my blog would be completely incomprehensible to someone who is not following the Giants/did not follow this game today.  Another pity, you know.  The shrugging turkey from this fabulous scene in Holiday Inn comes to mind.

Diamond Girl

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This Is a Roller Coaster.

The Scariest Roller Coaster in the World.  Which, according to YouTube is this one, right here.

I think it’s this one, right here.

The End.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Seriously, this blog post is short because I am celebrating a birthday over here, the birthday of the Adorable Little Brother.  Admittedly, the only reason I remember his birthday is that it’s the day before Barry Zito’s but I feel bad about that, so I’m trying to be nice to him right now.  Catch y’all later.  (Just kidding, people.  Don’t go calling the Evil Sister Exterminating Squad just yet.  My brother plays guitar better than Barry Zito and pitches better than him in 96% of his Giants career, too.  I think I’ll keep the little guy.)


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Let’s Talk B-Craw, Shall We?

Brandon Crawford- aside from the whole looking-like-Zac-Efron-thing – is the kind of guy you want to like from minute uno.  His first Major League hit being a massive grand slam doesn’t hurt either.  So I like B-Craw and I am perfectly happy with seeing him at shortstop when I look into my semi-distant-future crystal ball.  But when I look into my not-so-distant-future crystal ball and see him?  Hm.  Not necessarily so happy.

But sources (who may or may not be the writer’s big-mouthed relative posing as a source) say that Sabean et al. are looking around for shortstop option cautiously but like Crawford as a candidate.

My “hm” just became a “hmmmm”.

It’s not like I’m pressing a knife to anyone’s back to sign a shortstop to a million and one year deal.  At some point, hopefully soon, Crawford will be ready for the bright lights and all that, I’m just not really willing to trust to that personally.

Would O-Cab be better?  Nah.  That is, no.  But there mightbeprobablyis someone out there who could fill the role nicely, because I’m just not read to put a whole lot of faith in Crawford.   While his defense is bee-yoo-tah-ful, he batted .204 last year and was somewhat dismal at more than a few points.

I have one eyebrow raised and my fingers crossed, behind my back.

(Fun fact about me: I once had a clam named Spock.  He lived for, oh, 24 hours?  Don’t call Animal Control, please.  We gave him a rocking name, if nothing else.)

Anyhow, maybe me and Sabean would get along after all.  We seem to have eerily similar feelings about them young players.

This is creeping me out.  No, Brian has not taken over my body and is now operating as me.  But I should probably go now and wash my hands anyway.

Diamond Girl

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