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Typical Pitching Stuff?

Synonyms for injuries, for your viewing pleasure:

abrasion, abuse, affliction, affront, agony, bad, bite, blemish, boo-boo, bruise, burn, chop, cramp, cut, damage, deformation, detriment, discomfiture, disservice, distress, evil, fracture, gash, grievance, hemorrhage, ill, impairment, indignity, injustice, insult, laceration, lesion, libel, loss, mischief, misery, mutilation, nick, ouch, outrage, pang, ruin, scar, scratch, shock, slander, sore, sprain, stab, sting, suffering, swelling, trauma, twinge, wound, wrong

Last night, Whiteside went down.  He doesn’t have a concussion but he does have a scraped lip and dizziness.  Yikes.  That is all.

The Giants did, however, win last night with a whole lot of sac flies and a brilliant performance from Matt Cain.  Runzler’s return was not exactly triumphant and Affeldt was far from brilliant, but the final score was 7-5, which means I can exhale for the first time in this series.

My mind was on Wilson a lot, though.  The rumor going around is that Brian thought he had blown his arm out and would need Tommy John surgery again.  And, I mean, he went to see Dr. Tommy Jo–, I mean Dr. Andrews in Florida.  From there on, the news has all been positive, with the team saying it’s just “typical pitching stuff” and such.  But it leaves a nagging worry with me that he thought he’d blown it out.  Really?  Typical pitching stuff?  I guess I wonder if this problem will magnify in the future.  No way of knowing and for now I just hope he gets healthy and remembers how to close games but it does all leave me with a little bit of a question mark in my mind.

On the bright side, (well, not for rabid Belt fans but for the team trainers then) Rowand and Nate are in tonight’s lineup and Kepp is available off the bench.  They all appear to be doing much better and there are no DL trips in sight.  Which means that maybe- just maybe- this is going to blow over.   Happy Tim Lincecum Day, everyone.  The Giants have the chance for a split.   The world is getting brighter!

Diamond Girl


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Why I Think AJ Preller is in Mongolia and Baby Giraffe Refers to a Viral Video of a Yawning Giraffe

I decided it was time to escape from the torture and I was missing my Texans terribly, so I snuck off to the O.Co Coliseum this morning and spent the day there.

It all started off very well, blow-out style, with the A’s walking in a run in the first and I was perfectly prepared to sit back and eat french fries that, yes, tasted a bit like gasoline. Then things got a li’l tense. Make that very tense. Eventually, the Rangers untied it in top of the 9th and after an iffy bottom, I went home with a heart rate slightly elevated and a 7-6 victory. They won and the Angels lost, which is the bottom line, but couldn’t they have just done it 10-0 or something, for this long-suffering San Fran’er?

I do have to the give the Rangers credit, though. They were the sweetest away team I’ve ever seen and I got an autograph from the former Best Hair in the MLB King, CJ Wilson (he might get that crown back, because now I’ve seen the hair up close) and their adorable pitching coach, Mike Maddux, the owner of a rather impressive mustache. Josh Hamilton also gave a bat away to a kid (the word is that he does that at every game) and signed for nearly 20 minutes, which is not exactly easy with the A’s dugouts. He was totally personable and nice to everyone. Love that guy.

The Maddux ‘Stache

I was secretly sneaking glances around, trying to spot AJ Preller (Rangers Senior Director, Player Personnel and former frat brother of Jon Daniels) but I figure he was probably on the Mongolian planes or something scouting around for awesome talent, not hanging in Oakland so I didn’t spot him. Better luck next time, when the appeal of throat singing has worn off, maybe.

Anyhow, I got home and saw a lot of things about a “Baby Giraffe”. At first I thought it was a viral video of a baby giraffe yawning or something (not irrational of me, there are loads) and then I realized that it actually had to do with one Brandon Belt. He, eh, hit two home runs. I don’t need to explain what that all means. Belt has been mismanaged this year no question, I think, but what’s done is done. I want to see way more out of him like that. The Giants are still very much in contention and if Brandon can help out with that, fabulous. I, for one, or maybe one million, am very glad he’s here. And glad to have a taken a series. (Taken a series! How foreign and fantastic that feels to type.)

And I finally got to test out a line I’ve waited a long time for. When the A’s mascot walked by, I was all, “Can somebody get this walking carpet out of my way?” Just, you know, channeling my inner Princess Leia.

Diamond Girl

p.s. When Alexi Ogando walked by, I nearly fainted. And when Mike Adams walked by? My mind screamed, “Giant killer!”. But my face just smiled politely, in case you were wondering.


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Some Unique First Hai– I Mean, First Half Awards

What did I take away from the 2011 All Star Game?

Justin and Jessica are having issues.  On-again-off-again is off right now.  So much for them eating tacos together, TMZ et al.  He was acting psycho.

(Note lame Fan Cave promos everywhere.)

Seriously, I was hoping he’d at least have a snappy outfit in the Bad Clothing Center of the Play aka the All Star Game, but no such luck.  His hat was nearly as terrible as that shirt.   Anyways, he’s now confirmed he’s a Dodger fan, so my Timberlake moment is over.  Flashing lights and all.


The game itself was kind of boring, except for Ogando and Gio pitching back to back.  That was fun.  But even when Wilson came in, the drama felt 100% manufactured.  I didn’t know who to root for, because I can’t decide how I feel about home field advantage and also because I actually liked more people on the AL squad, because the Giants don’t really play them so I have fewer negative memories of them hitting homers off us or whatever.  You know.  So I rooted for individuals and mostly just enjoyed all the players smiling at each other.  That’s so cute.

So I figure now that’s all over, I should do some mid-season awards.  Here we go:

First Half MLB Awards

Most Improved Hair: Michael Young

As previously discussed, the haircut goes a long way to making Michael look less like an evil blackmailer of Jon Daniels.  I’m liking him quite a lot right now.

Most Improved Facial Hair:  Barry Zito

I hated the ‘stache from moment 1.  The silver lining to Barry’s injury was that the superstitious baseball player that he is, he shaved it off.  And has come back lookin’ and pitchin’ better than ever.

Most Worsened Facial Hair:  Prince Fielder

This goes out to Wilson too:  beards like that make you look homeless.  Not to mention 10+ years older.  Bad idea all around.

Best GM: Theo Epstein

First everyone thought the Sox were going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Then everyone thought they were going to be a total bust.  I think we’re back to the greatest thing since sliced bread stage now.

Giant MVP: Nate Schierholtz

‘Nuff said, Giants fans.

Moment That Doug Melvin Outed Himself as a Shopaholic:  Ryan Braun’s Extension

I just can’t get it out of my head that they’re paying him through 2030.  Who knew that Doug and Rebecca Bloomwood are kindred spirits?

Best Brandon Moment: Tie between Brandon Crawford’s Homer in Debut and Brandon Belt’s Opening Day Call-Up

Our Brandons have made for some pretty great moments this year.

Worst Brandon Moment: Brandon Phillips Hit Which Resulted in Freddy Going Down

Other people’s Brandons?  Not so much.

So what are you awards and strongest memories from this 2011 first half?  Tell me, just because there’s been no real baseball for days and I am going through withdrawal.  Thanks.

Diamond Girl

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Diamond Girl’s Great Guide to Health And Wellness For Ballplayers To Protect From Murderous Opposing Teams

Okay, let me tell you the difference between the Giants and other teams: We. Don’t. Crash. Ever.

If that sounded a little computer-y, you’re absolutely right. You know how much I love quoting The Social Network (watch from .54 seconds). But if you squint, it might sound like it’s about the 2010 Giants vs. the 2011 Giants. Last year? Nobody got hurt. But if one domino goes, the other dominos go (fine, done with the quoting) and this year we’ve just had the darndest luck.

In case you live under a rock/like to spend your Saturday’s sleeping (understandable) Brandon Belt was placed on the disabled list with a hairline fracture of the left wrist following the Giants 2-1 loss to the Rockies this afternoon and Conor Gillaspie (Best. Name. Ever.) was called up. I’d say I don’t know who else could possibly get hurt but then they would go and get hurt to remind me and we don’t want that to happen, do we?

Which is why I have created a great guide to health and wellness for all of the San Francisco Giants and their affiliates (hey, you can use it too. If you want.) Whether you are injured- yet- or not, this is a guide to being physically and mentally the best you that you can be! Oh. I said I was done with the quoting, didn’t I? Sorry. Anyway. Here we go:

Diamond Girl’s Great Guide to Health And Wellness For Ballplayers

Eat In, Rock Out

Make sure you’re loading up your diet with foods that strengthen your bones like spinach (in a salad, with red onions? Joy.) and milk (with Oreos. You are never too old for that).

Make sure that your walk-up music not only revs you up but puts you in a good state of mind to avoid the blows of murderous opposing teams. Some hypnotic Tibetan Bowl might do the trick. Or Enya, if you’re more mainstream.

Mellow Out, Breathe In

Yoga on the field may sound like a joke linked to Barry Zito’s name but it really loosens the tension in your body and when a group of Little Leaguers were led in mediation during warm-ups, they absolutely killed it during the game (the mediation leader may have been horrified, but it worked). True story. But if that sounds too close to the Dodgers guru for comfort, I get that.

Sleep In, Move Out

While people claim that sleeping too much is bad for you, I find that doubtful. Make your home a haven of wellness (move, if need be) and make sure your plane is decked out and nice to sleep on. And please try not to get in altercations with your teammates about putting the seat back, okay?

You are now on your way to being healthy and well! And when all else fails? Run. I mean it. The DL is a terribly crowded place and I promise not to compare you to Julia Roberts in The Runaway Bride afterwards.

Diamond Girl

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This Changes Everything. Again. Plus Irrational Theories About Chuck Greenberg and Giants Trivia.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve missed blogging during this transition and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little skeptical of all the changes (then again, change is inevitable except from vending machines) so if you see some weirdness in the text/format/anything else you can think of, bear with me, will you?

I am not bearing with the Giants. Well, I sort of am. I’m sorely tempted to say that the world is ending, but that isn’t until May 21st, so I’m giving them at least until then.

Firstly, what is up with Ubaldo? I have people in my family who are huge Ubaldo fans and after reading an article about him where he talked about his mother’s cooking in SI, I was kind of converted. I know he’s our NL West rival and everything, but I’m really genuinely curious what’s wrong with him. I mean, he allowed three runs of seven innings today, so he was better, but he just doesn’t look like he’s in first half 2010 form. Any theories? I’ve heard everything from Where’s the closest psych ward? (unfair) to His mechanics are profoundly messed (probably an overreaction).

Anyhow. The important stuff from this game:

DeRosa. J-Sanch. Bochy. Burrell. And Belt. Perhaps. (Are there direct flights from Fresno to Denver? I’m checking my totally great Expedia app.)

DeRosa has been displaying a profound lack of ability to hit and though I’m sure that’s misleading and he’s an awesome baseball player (okay, I’m not sure. Not even close to sure.) is there really time for that? He has the Best Accent In Baseball. There’s tons of voiceover work out there. Where they don’t care if you have a creepy sounding wrist thing going on (wrist phobic person, here).

J-Sanch. Well, he hit. More doubles than Buster on the year. And this one is interrelated to Bochy because it’s the second day in a row that he left in a starter “too long”. Granted, they were different situations. But I’m inclined to take that as a lack of bullpen faith, which is understandable to a point. But then the point ends, you know?

Burrell. Sort of smacked himself into that outfield picture, huh? You probably know I’m not much of a Burrell fan, but he makes more sense as a starting player than late inning replacement, I think. Just like Vogelsong makes more sense in the bullpen, simply because Zito can’t. I don’t think either are lesser roles, really. Just different and some people can’t deal with or perform in one or the other.

And then Belt. Can we say, “This changes everything. Again.” right about now?

Because it does.

They aren’t winning.

And he just scored all of the Grizzlies five runs in a game.


Steve Jobs, wanna help?

Jon Daniels did a live chat today, by the way, and someone named Chuck kept asking questions. I have an (irrational? Yes.) theory that it was Chuck Greenberg who is bitter about being pushed out of the organization and is stalking JD and Nolan. Is that unfair as well as irrational? Don’t tell me. I already know the answers.

I need to get to bed early tonight in preparation for my rockin’ party tomorrow in honor of my One Year Blogging Anniversary. Read: desserts and a long blog post. Nobody really wants to party with me about a geeky baseball blog.

Diamond Girl

p.s. Trivia time! Does anyone know the Giants Low A Ball affiliate? City and team name? I just found out today.

The Augusta GreenJackets (Augusta, Georgia, that is). Who knew?

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