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The Bengie Trade

I was finishing up a post about baseball player’s lack fashion sense and then… this.  Bengie was traded to the Rangers.  I really try not to get emotional about baseball because it’s just a game, but I’m very sad to see Bengie go.  He’s given the Giants several good years and led Tim Lincecum to two Cy Young Awards.  Whatever happens with Lincecum in the future, I don’t think anyone would argue that Bengie did not have a lot to do with the Tim we saw in 2008 and 2009.  Bengie was a great Giant.

Additionally, I regard Bengie as the team captain of sorts and I wonder what the clubhouse reaction to this will be.  Even if Buster is physically ready, is he mentally ready to handle this pitching staff?  The other player in the deal is a minor league prospect, but for now we got a reliever out of this.  That part really kills me, because as maddening as it is to have a game ruined by our bullpen, you can’t blame our struggles on them.  Nor can you blame them on Bengie.  Business is business, and if Bengie needed to be traded, so be it, but I am not liking the deal at all.

More than anything, I want to wish Bengie the best of luck in Texas and I really hope to see him in a Giants uniform again someday.  Maybe he could coach someday…?

I try to be positive and overall I think the Giants have a chance at the postseason this year, but I really think this deal has a lot of holes.  What if in two months Buster is slumping even worse and the pitching is suffering from the loss as well?  I believe in Buster, but why not keep Bengie as at least a back-up catcher until his contract expires at the end of the year?

What are your thoughts on the Bengie trade?

For now, I’ll sit back and watch.  Extremely curious to see how they play on this road trip.  And maybe soon I’ll post about the fashion sense thing. 

Check this article out, as well.  It’s so true and important to remember every time the players go out on the field: they are trying their hardest and working to make it the best it can be.

Colorado.  We may need more good luck.  Hopefully MadBum will give us that.  (Yes, I’ve cracked.  I am calling him MadBum too.)

Diamond Girl

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