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Notes from 6-15-10 Giants v. Orioles Game…

Riding on a cloud and staying true to my promise that I would be happy forever if I got a Barry Zito autograph.  Well, maybe just half of forever until I get a Wilson autograph.  That’s still pretty happy.

I went to the game last night early and sang happy birthday to Tim Lincecum (love Giants fans, but they really can’t sing in tune…), got his autograph and got a Zito autograph and photo.  And watched Joe Martinez pitch 6 1/3, four runs and get the loss.  But more on that another time.  Now, the good things.

Here’s the picture with Zito. 


On to Lincecum.  He stole my pen.  The cap is sort of a sacred object, now, since he has the other half. 

Oh, and the woman who gave Barry a jewelry box?  That was weird.  He looked pretty puzzled, which was my basically reaction too.

Enough tid-bit talk.  I was, of course, thinking business while watching the game and so I took some pictures for a study I want to do here.  What is with the geeky photos on the scoreboard at the game? In my opinion, the Giants have a (perhaps inordinate) number of good looking guys (as you can probably see from the percentage of them on my Dreamy Team) so how hard could it be to get cute photos of them?  Take a look (photos from the game last night):











I mean, how hard could it be to catch a semi-candid, nice smile?  The Giants actually have a problem with photos all together, as demonstrated by the picture on Sergio Romo’s page: http://mlb.mlb.com/team/player.jsp?player_id=489265.  Sergio is cute, no mistake, but that is just not a great photo.Has anyone else noticed this?  Comment and let me know.  And also let me know your autograph experiences.  So want to hear more. 

And!  I’m now tweeting in additon to this blog.  Check it out at www.twitter.com/sfdiamondgirl. 

That’s it for now.  Except I’m thinking the next movie in the “New York, I Love You” series should be made by me… “Brian Wilson, I Love You”.  What a beautiful 5 out save, today.

Here we come, Canada!

Diamond Girl

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