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Buster Posey + Look-Alike

I have changed my background back from Pirates because it’s honestly hard not to be a Giants fan right now.  So today I’m talking Buster Posey

San Francisco has always been a bit of a crazy city… sometimes more than a bit.  But in the past few months the sanity level has plummeted.  The city has gone totally, totally crazy.  It has become entirely BUSTER crazed.  To the extent that for many fans, it seemed his streak mattered more than the Giants winning.

In a way, I get it.  We are fans who have watched a team lose 1-0 for season after season now, and someone who actually hits, is pretty exciting, but I think there are a lot of shifting pieces that are making the team succeed and Posey is just one of them.  Granted, a very impressive and big one, but just one.

I think it’s important to remember Huff, Torres, Wilson, Bumgarner and others who, at times, have been helping the Giants win.  It’s never one person who loses a game, even if that one person lets in the game winning homer and it’s never one person who wins a game, even if they hit the game-winning grand slam.

Again, Buster is amazing out there.  Fun and exciting to watch and his made his mark on Giants rookie history, even though he didn’t pass McCovey.  I just find it funny how he’s become the lucky charm of the Giants.  Not complaining.  And if the lucky charm takes us to a division title, then I will really not complain.

Watching Fox Saturday Baseball today, though, I noticed Buster’s look-alike.  Take a look:



chad billengsley1.jpg

I know Chad Billingsley is a (boos resound) Dodger, but seriously it was the funniest thing when Buster way playing first and Billingsley was the runner.  Twins separated at birth, maybe? 

As seen by my last post, I am sad to see Martinez go.  Big fan of his.  Even though I was at the 11-0 loss last year.  Don’t know  a whole lot about these two relievers we got but hopefully it’ll be good.  If nothing else, Sabean’s confidence should be contagious.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  The three man broadcast booth on KNBR on Satuday?  Made me desert Fox for a while.  Heaven.

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On Catching a Foul Ball, Loving KNBR and ORANGE CLEATS

I saw Giants win beat the Marlin’s on June 27th and saw Wilson get his 30th save.  The game itself was very exciting especially since it’s only the second time I’ve been there to see them win live this year.  The last time was the 9-0 win in LA, but that was all the way back in April, so this was a nice change.  For the record, I called it that Cain would go 7 innings, Romo would pitch the 8th and Wilson would close it.  Because that’s what I was hoping for and that is exactly what happened.  Thank you, Bruce Bochy.

One of my top 100 goals in life was accomplished:  Catching a foul ball.  Although, technically, I did not catch it.  It bounced to me.  It was hit by Huff during batting practice and it’s all scuffed up, so you can tell it was played.  Can you see my smile, stretching through cyberland?  I thought so. 

My Foul Ball.JPG 

My foul ball

I also won a KNBR t-shirt at the adorable KNBR booth.  My house is now officially KNBRed.  I have a t-shirt and post-its and my brother has a mousepad.  And a wicked imitation of all the different broadcasters home run and strike three calls.Emily with KNBR t-shirt.JPG

Me with my t-shirt at the booth

But everything about the game was lost in the… (drum roll) orange cleats saga!  It seems a little like déjà vu all over again from the Twitter controversy with Wilson.  He seems to land in controversy no matter what he does.  Although orange cleats are not exactly subtle.  You all know I am a big Wilson fan, so I am on his side in this and think the Sharpie thing is mildly hilarious.  $1000 fine, not so much.  I think it’s all been blown a little out of proportion, as seen by my all caps in the title of this post.  Tell him not to wear the cleats and he would probably not wear them.  A fine without a warning and all the press attention?  Disagree.  I think I’m going to be investing in some orange shoes myself in the next few days to show some solidarity.  Will, of course, post pictures if I do.

Speaking of orange…Orange and black moon.JPG

No, I did not edit this photo.  The moon was orange at the game.  Which was amazing, because with the black sky it looked… orange and black!  It was in honor of the Giants, for sure.

Happy 20 years, Kruk and Kuip!

Diamond Girl

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The MLBette Proposal

I went and ate ice cream to celebrate the All-Star Break (because, you know, I’ve been working so hard) and I got to thinking: the All-Star Game adds a lot to the MLB season.  As Aubrey Huff said recently, it may not be right to make something like the World Series depend on it (home field advantage) but it’s a fun thing and it creates tons of buzz, for sure.  And then I got an idea for something else that would create buzz and be fun.  And this letter to the commissioner was born. 




Dear Mr. Selig,


For a while now when I go to the ballpark, I’ve thought, Something is missing.  When I saw this picture from the Strikeouts for Troops holiday party last year, I thought, We’re missing cheerleaders!  So I got to thinking and here are my top 5 reasons we ought to have some MLBettes (just one idea for the name):


1.       Morale.  Cheerleaders add an upbeat, fun aura to the field.

2.       Jobs.  As of April 2010, we have a 9.5% unemployment rate in the US.  Let’s create some jobs, MLB!  Besides the actual cheerleaders, we’re creating jobs for the people who make their costumes, run their limos etc.  Doing something positive for our community is always something MLB has promoted and cheerleading totally plays into that.

3.       Charity work.  We need some of our own pretty faces (besides the players, of course) to support the charities, which there are sort of an abundance of in the American Pastime.  

4.       Ban the football cheers.  I’ve been wondering why we say “chaaarge!” at baseball games.  Hate to break it to you, but we don’t really, exactly “charge” in baseball.  We need some of our own cheers, tailored just for baseball!  (Please see below for some baseball cheers, courtesy of my little brother’s Little League team.)

5.       Girl jobs.  In this era of equality, some girl jobs on the field are definitely in order.  And what better girl tribute than sparkly MLB uniforms and pom-poms? 


If you’re not already convinced, I’d like to volunteer to be a one-woman squad for a few games- at no cost, my pleasure- and see what the reception is.  I will await your call.



Diamond Girl


Some cheers to get you started:


48’s his number!

Pablo is his na-ame!

He’s one of the reasons

We’re gonna win this ga-ame!


Hey super-man with a bat in your hand,

Knock it out! (clap, clap)  Knock it out! (clap clap)


We’re red, we’re hot

We’re R-E-D, we’re H-O-T,

we’re number one as you can see!

We’re good, we know it

We’re here, to show it

And what you see is what you get

and you ain’t seen no nothing yet!

Go, go Giants!  Go, go, go Giants!


(when someone gets a ball called on them)

G-DOUBLE O-D-E-Y-E  [emphasize EYE)

Good eye, good eye, good eye



(when someone gets a strike called on them)

You seen it, you saw it, now put your bat right on it!

You saw it, you seen it, now hit it like you mean it!


(when someone gets out)

That’s alright, that okay,

we can win it anyway!


Extra, extra read all about it!

Timmy’s gonna get a hit, no doubt about it!


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Why Aubrey Huff Was the Best Thing to Happen to the 2010 Giants

Purple plaid pants and all.  So far.  I can’t predict what will happen by the end of the season, but Huff is one of the biggest reasons I have faith in the Giants right now.  Zito too, but more on that another time.  Since joining Twitter, one of my favorite tweets was from the @SFGiants: “Aubrey Huff, ‘This is the most fun I’ve ever had in my career, I feel like a rookie again'” That really shows.  Looks can be deceiving but Aubrey seems genuinely happy to be playing in San Francisco and the feeling is mutual.  When he came to the Giants, he was coming off only a 15 homerun season but he is already at 13 this year, not even half way through the season.  When he hit a homerun in his first at-bat in a Giants uniform at Spring Training, it seemed we had hit gold.  Now I know we did.

Aubrey4 blog.JPG

Huff is also a welcome addition because he can play just about anything.  Why not try pitching him, Bochy?  Or catching him, to replace Bengie?  I bet he has a wicked throwdown.  All kidding aside, with so many complications and the overcrowded field, having a top hitter who can play anywhere in the outfield or first base is very good.

I’m still feeling a little bitter about the Bengie trade, but I think it’s important to tip our caps to the Giants organization for signing Huff. 

And did I mention that he can sing?  Current #1 on Diamond Girl’s playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XI92Vkc_mNs.

Diamond Girl

p.s.  Oh.  The post on baseball player’s lack of fashion sense.  It’ll be here soon.  Don’t worry, friends.


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