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Who Are These People and What Have They Done With the San Francisco Giants?

No, really.  This is so shocking it isn’t, you know?  They’ve been so dismally lame the past few games that of course they come out in the series finale and score eight runs.

Whiteside didn’t participate in this particular party, but otherwise everyone hit.  And we denied Arizona the sweep, which was good.  They’re still only one game back, now, but one game is better than a tie.  And an 8-1 final is better than just about anything.

I actually missed most of the game because I was standing in line at 3rd street and Mission, aka the offices of Comcast SportsNet.  It was post-game BBQ day and since I missed it last year, I felt I was my moral duty to go.  Not to mention I am absolutely and utterly in love with panoramic cameras and couldn’t miss the opportunity to see one.

And how did the panoramic repay my affection?  By catching me and The Sister looking cynical and dour while Ashkon did his whole rapping (“Let’s go Giants” over and over and over”) thing.  The Niner cheerleaders walking around made me retract anything I may have said (cough, cough) about cheerleaders and baseball because, really, more is less with makeup.  Otherwise, they threw a nice postgame party.  If Ashkon promises to get some new rap lyrics, I will back next year.

And hopefully the Giants will be back next year (and tomorrow?) hitting like that.  Even in half.  Four runs would be totally good with me.  See?  I’m not as high-maintenance as I seem.

Diamond Girl


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